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The Cook's Country Cookbook: Regional and Heirloom Favorites Tested and Reimagined for Today's Home CooksWell, I am obssessed with America’s Test Kitchen.  I couldn’t seem to find it on my TV here, but I now saw that you can watch their episodes online, same with Cook’s Country (what’s the deal, why do they have 2 shows that are almost exactly the same?).  I love how I can see the video and then just click to print the recipe.  SO much joy.  Sure, that show is sometimes WAY over my head, but I always learn a lot about the science of cooking, and I really like that.  I’m still taking it easy this week.  Currently I am mulling over if I’m ready to start piano lessons yet.  It is still be kind to Hilary week.  I’m leaning towards no. 

Drew is buried under a bunch of tests he has to take at ASU before starting class next week.  I think he’s realizing that in 11 years you might forget a few things.  Shocking.  Between him needing to study, after his insane band camp/new teacher schedule I’m really hoping to see him a bit more after these, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

We went to Conner’s open house last night and the teachers just said he’s doing wonderfully.  Had SO many nice things to say about him.  Who knew where that came from?  Anyway, really excited about the program there.  All the kids have to be gifted (whatever that means, it’s kind of a scary word for me) and test 2 grade levels above in math.  It’s nice for him to be in that type of atmosphere, I think.  So far the homework looks to be an hour or so a night.  Nothing too crazy!

Spencer is still a bit of a mystery.  I am excited to go to his open house next week.  I want so much for that little guy to flourish here.  I worked really hard to get Conner where we need him to be, and I just hope Spencer’s grounded just as well.

Paige had a play date today.  She called the other lady mom the whole time.  I couldn’t tell if she was shopping around, or just confused. 😀  I have decided to start potty training on Monday.  Heaven help me.

Oh, and I start like a big girl at my real job on Saturday, no more hand holding.  Frankly, running around, trying to get in all the experience was a little mind-numbing.  I won’t miss it.

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    thanks for inviting us over today! It was so nice to just chat with a girlfriend. And I’ll answer to mom, whoever the kiddo might be. It’s my favorite name :)

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