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9 LED 400 nM UV Ultra Violet Blacklight Flashlight 3AAA, 7301UV400First off, Drew went scorpion hunting last night.  He got, probably 25.  You go out with your black light and a hammer, and then when you see them (because they glow bright orange with the black light in the dark) you slam the hammer on their heads.
Humane, no?   He said it was actually a little cathartic.  Go him.  Luckily, they’re slow little critters, no chance of them running up to you and biting you.  He’s going to do it nightly until he’s not finding any and then maybe weekly.  I can’t take them in our house.  As for an exterminator, it sounds like you can’t really kill them, unless you kill THEM.  Like, spray the actual insect (are they an insect?).  We are going to work on the insects they live on, but they can live forever without a kill.  I hate them.  It’s hamma’ time…. ;D
In other news, Drew starts ASU today.  He’s also taking an institute class to get cheaper/closer parking.  I was hoping it was a marriage prep class, no luck.  It’s teachings of the living prophets.  It’s weird to think he’s going back to school, but whatever.  Band widow, masters widow… it’s still a widow. :)
Conner is doing gifted testing today at the Jr. High.  He’s really liking his classes.  We had curriculum night there last week and it was like a dream.  Just perfect for him, and I really like his teachers.  Really excited for him.  He also made it into the jazz band, so he’s gonna go early a couple of days a week, and I even found a mom to carpool with.  yay.
Every day when I pick Spencer up (from the bus, thank goodness) I ask him what he’s learned.  And he says, “Mom, I learned nothing new, do you mean what did the CLASS learn?”  I emailed his teacher today just to see if she’s seeing what he’s saying… we’ll see what she says.  We have her “curriculum night” (aka, back to school night) tonight.  Excited to learn a little bit more about her.  Thinking about keeping Spencer in swimming lessons every other Saturday or something, at least through September.  I think he needs something besides piano.
P is doing great.  The potty is still really new, sometimes she’ll “go” (and by “go” — I mean she’ll sit on it) every 5 minutes or so.  She only wet a couple of times yesterday AM with minimal prompts from me.  I’m pretty dang happy about it.
As for me, life keeps moving along.  I’m still trying to be nice to myself, but I have started walking 3 mornings a week, just for 20 minutes.  I do about 5 minutes of jogging in the middle of it.  It’s nice to get my heart up but I don’t want to overdo it yet.  We’ve also had an excessive heat warning for like the past 3 days… I’m happy to stay inside with little Miss Potty.
And life goes on, doesn’t it?

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    My neighbor uses pliers (what are they called? Needle nose pliers? Do you know what I’m talking about?) and squeezes the scorpion heads. He likes walking around the neighborhood with his blacklight and pliers. 😉

    We have been super lucky in that the entire time we’ve lived in AZ, in both houses, we’ve never had a scorpion. In our current house we attribute it to the fact that we have SO MANY lizards. It’s like our backyard is a lizard haven. Anyway, we were told that the lizards eat scorpions, so you want lizards. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but I’ll accept it and be happy at the no scorpion status.

  2. says

    YOu also want stray cats. They eat scorpions too. But your right the only way to get rid of them is to keep their numbers down. My husband would do the same thing every night but only a regular basis he would only kill about 5 or so. Luckily we never found when our house. It just depends on where you live…we lived in 2 houses in the same subdivision and one had them and the other didn’t. Weird. And I know what you mean about the masters widow. My husband finished up his masters at ASU in December. Now I’m just the work, ward mission leader, running widow!

  3. says

    Bob LOVES scorpion hunting. It is such a fun thing for him. He’s been working really long hours the past 3 months and around 9pm the scorpions come out, he’s out there smashing them with a wooden closet rod. He uses long tweezers to pull them out by the leg from the crevices in the block wall. Go Drew! After he killed most of them, it’s only about 3-7 a week.

    I’m glad you are settling in and loving the kids’ schools. I just wish the heat would go away. Every year I go through this denial, thinking summer isn’t so bad, then August hits and it feels like an eternity.

  4. says

    we really like Crosman Pest Control. They tell us the only way to really rid yourself of scorpions is to get rid of their food supply (other insects). If there is no food- they move on.

    I second the lizards to. I wonder if you could buy a bunch of geckos from a pet store and set them loose in your yard??

    good luck!

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