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Besides the scorpions and the heat, we’ve got lots going on around here.

Drew started ASU.  He said he’s one of the older people in the class.  Apparently he is surprised by that.  I think he thinks he is a high schooler, most of the time.  I think his few grey hairs (made more plentiful, thanks to SCUSD) tell the story otherwise.  He is a dutiful scorpion killer, going out nightly.  If only we could cook them or something….

Conner is loving school.  His teachers have a lot of great projects and a lot of it involves using technology, which Conner is ALL. OVER.  He’s making good friends, and learning that sometimes our friends don’t mix well.  It’s a good lesson to learn.  I will have to say that martial law is helping.  Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s just the extra attention he’s getting or what, but it’s working well for both of us.  We got his gifted testing results back.  I’m not sharing them with him, but let’s just say he did really well.  I’m fairly sure Einstein was a big liar in his youth, am I right?

Spencer is still a mystery.  I will say that his high annoying voice is losing some of its power.  Thanks, most likely, to peer pressure.  I’m excited to go volunteer in his class next week.  I did finally find another family in our ward that goes to our school, so that’s good news! 

P is doing great with the potty training.  I will have to take a picture of her dry pants chart, because it’s going to be about 12 years before she gets her Dora underpants…. but then it will REALLY be exciting then, won’t it?  She is learning to play on her own really well.  And coming into her own little person.  A little person who can not be left alone because of her penchant to play in the toilet.  Yes, that much fun.

I am bouncing along.  I finally feel like I have things under control.  Somewhat.  I really want to get more involved in the kids schools, but I’m not sure how… exactly.  I am going to the next PTO  meeting, so hopefully that will help out.  I really need to start finding some things that I’m enjoying.  I do enjoy my early morning walks.  Just me and my tunes, it’s nice to get out.  I need to get a hobby though.  Or re-start one, as the case is.  However, guess whose parents are coming this weekend.  Give it up for extra troops!

Drew and I did get callings.  yay.  Drew is the 2nd counselor in the Elders Quorum (the arm of the church for younger men — usually under 50’ish).  This means he’s helping out with moves, and going to meetings in the spare 3 minutes we have in the evenings (btw, how is it that we have moved COUNTLESS people, but have yet to have more then 1 elder ever show up for our own moves?).  It’s nice to have him really involved in the ward though… because I got a calling in Primary.  I am teaching the 4 and 5 year olds.  Which, while it is pretty well “my zone” didn’t thrill me to my toes.  I’m really feeling stifled here at home with kids, kids, kids.  However, I’m grinning and bearing it.  I do the kids are SO adorable.  Last week they were all saying, “Sister Erickson, you are so funny!”…. maybe I have found my friends. :)

But never fear, the scorpions  AND the heat are continuing.  Wanna come visit?

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    Are you guys in the Kyrene school district? They are on the front page of the NY Times today because of their big technology emphasis.

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