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Cheers: The Complete First SeasonLet’s face it, I was pretty dang popular in Santa Clara.  At least among the Mormons, and at my school.  If those two communities had a bar, I’d be Norm. :)
So, last night, after not leaving my house for 3 days I went to Spencer’s “curriculum night” and I’m no one there.  I’m LESS then no one.  And no one knows my name.
So, we had the emotions of the fact that I’m never leaving my house, and even if I did it hit 119 yesterday.  Plus, the fact that everywhere I go I’m always watching myself so that I act in a way that people might want to be my friend.  That’s not to say that I’m being fake — but I do edit myself more then usual.
Shocking, I know.

As I sat through her exceedingly short presentation I thought about all the teachers that Spencer might have had if we’d stayed in CA.  How I would’ve had a ton of friends around me that night and we would all be joking about how boring it was and how useless Meg’s speech was…. again.

Instead I was just trying to figure it all out.  Look around the room to find a friendly face.

And not cry.

What I wouldn’t give to go back to “Cheers” where everyone knew my name.  Where I had friends around each corner, where I was the one trying to include new people.  {sigh}

Sam and Diane, where are you?  I’d even take a Kirsti Alley… what was her name again on that show?

{While I may be able to edit myself around people, I am rarely able to edit how I feel on this blog.  This is how I feel, for a moment.  But we do really love it here.  I can’t imagine how God could have made this an easier transition… but it’s still a bumpy road.  A long, and bumpy road}

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  1. says

    I sure understand that feeling. I’m still feeling it a little, even though I have more and more friends. But since my kids didn’t go to preschool here, I don’t know as many of the parents as others. That was painfully evident at Camp Middle School today. :)

    Hang in there. Friends will come.

  2. says

    Funny that today I feel like suddenly everybody knows my name. The better part is that apparently they always have, I just haven’t opened the door or been as available as I should have been. Really feeling the love today, and yesterday, and all this past week. As my mom kept telling me after my dear friends all moved away within a year “There are more best friends, just waiting in the wings.” Somebody needs you and wants to be friends with you. Don’t cry. Unless you think crying will bring you friendly attention :-)

  3. says

    You are popular in Santa Clara!

    It is so hard to be in your situation. I’m guessing you’ll feel a lot better in a few months when it is cooler, and you’ve gotten to know more people. I agree, keep putting yourself out there. Invite people over, find a group to join.

    Re: Spencer and your next post, I’m guessing the class is still working on establishing routines and reviewing some things from first grade. There will probably be more challenge for him in about a month…although we know he’s always going to be ahead of the curve.

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