Sunday, September 11, 2011

Faith as Life

Here I sit, 10 years later.  In an obviously similar situation.  I've moved to a new town, I have a new job and things are very much in flux.  It's the same place I sat as I fed Conner a bottle (and yes, Conner did drink a bottle til he was like 18 months old) on the couch and watched the 2nd tower fall just minutes after rubbing the sleep out of my eyes (I'd worked til' 11 pm the night before, of course).

I wonder how my life is different since that day.  I'm not really sure that it is.  I still strongly believe that God loves us and he loves our country, my friends, my neighbors.  I believe that those terrorists were also sons of God.  I can only imagine the disappointment that Heavenly Father has in his children sometimes.

Perhaps, even in me.

But I know that happiness isn't a job, or a town or a friend.  It's found through Christ.  I think a lot of people realized it that day.  I hope they'll realize it again today.

Happy patriot day.  I hope we all remember what's really important today.


  1. Today has certainly caused alot of reflection...Well said. It sure doesn't seem like 10 years ago.


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