Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Second Thoughts on Vaccines

Just some further thoughts about vaccines.

I think my post was a little rash, but I'm tired of people making ignorant comments about vaccines and sex, so both of those things just got me riled up.

First off.  I am fine with parents who are making their informed choice about vaccines.  I'm fine with it, as long as they're doing their own research, etc.  BUT, they can't expect for the general population to applaud it, or pediatricians to open their doors to them.  I made a decision to vaccinate for the health of my kids.  Kids who aren't vaccinated put newborns at risk, because they can not be vaccinated.  They put immune-compromised kids at risk.  End of story.  Everyone makes their own choices.  Don't be ignorant.  Blah, blah. :)

The same thing with the HPV vaccine though, and I do think that much of the hoopla is the fact that "Christians" plan for their children to stay virtuous up until marriage.  And that's great, that's what I want for my kids too.  There's just SO many ways for your mucous membranes to get messed up by someone else's.... to put it lightly.  I just think if THAT is your reason for not doing it, I would re-think it.  Just like women who don't get tested for STD's at pregnancy because they're in a monogamous relationship.  It's a health thing, not a trust thing at that point. 

Sorry if I was offensive.  I was bugged. :)   Keep up the good work parents. :)


  1. I couldn't agree with what you've said (in both posts) more. My sister's 2 month old was just diagnosed with pertussis (2 weeks after her oldest daughter started kindergarten). My sister even got the adult pertussis vaccine. It's frustrating to say the least. Thanks for helping to inform.

  2. You are never one to tread lightly. haha. I went crunchy non-vax for a year when my Mom kept sending me all of these horrendous studies about how vaccines are the devil...anyway. I am more moderate now & kids are all up to date. Are you happy now?? hehe


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