Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Friday: Fantastic.

I have vowed to take more pictures.
Problem is, our life is insanely boring around here.  It's me on the couch, or me cleaning, or P, ok -- she is adorable.  But, yeah.

Anyway, here's what I have to offer. :) 

Look at the adorable little face that greets me every morning.  I love her curly bedhead.

And something less adorable.  Someone's hair is not liking the hot AZ sun, and had decided to turn into a nest for wayward birds.  I, however, am not a fan of wayward birds... so I tried a Yogurt/Mayo/Olive oil conditioning treatment for my hair.  And, voila.  did it work?  No.  Now I'm using black women's hair care.  Yo, sista'... whatup.

P is LOVING her lessons lately.  Not a fan that her mom doesn't often have time for them, but when we do sometimes we get extra perks like adorable puffy stickers.

CONFESSION:  I think I may have given my love for stickers onto another generation.  Man, that girl loves her stickers.  And I, perhaps, find a little too much joy in buying them for her.

P likes this particular look when we go to football games at the high school.  Maybe she needs some black women's hair care.  She's all gangsta with her baggy pants (aka, easy to get on and off to go potty) pants.

And someone got a haircut when Grandma was here.  Just a trim.  This was seriously only her second, ever.  I lopped off a bit on the top right as we were moving because it was ridiculous.  She LOVED getting her hair cut (which is a HUGE change from the boys, S cried until he was 5, at least!).  We just sat her cross legged on my vanity.  My mom though it'd never work, but she sat there like a dream!

While my parents were here, we did a little shopping.  P wouldn't stand next to the Indian if we paid her.  Maybe if the Indian offered to cut her hair....

I must admit one of my favorite times is walking S to the school bus int he morning.  Look how lovely it is.  Less lovely at pickup when it's still over 100!  HELLO FALL SOLSTICE.  We WELCOME YOU TO ARIZONA WITH OPEN ARMS.  :)

S wanted in on the gangsta' look.  They think the marimba feet are their own personal benches.  Who knew?

S did some amazing artwork at school.  Love him.

Anyway, that's our week in a nutshell.  A boring, and tasteless nut shell.  But, boring is good.  Heavens knows I like boring. :)  Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a GREAT weekend!

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  1. Great pics...and you crack me up!


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