Thursday, September 15, 2011


My kids span 8 years.  Somehow I didn't think that would be that big of a deal.  I didn't pick it (we took a while to get pregnant with Spencer, and a REALLY long while to get pregnant with P, not by choice -- I actually wanted her and S to be about 2 years apart, in my mind)... but it is what it is.

I often talk to moms about this at work.  There are so many pros and cons from both areas.  I see them...

The con's of having kids spread out:
  • I will be in elementary school forever
  • I feel like a bipolar mom dealing with tween angst and potty training
  • We have toys for all ages, it makes for a LOT of toys
  • Sometimes I look at the other moms with kids the same age as P and I don't feel like I really fit in.  Sometimes I have too much of the big picture...
  • My "career" is getting held off for a LONG time.  Not sure what/if I want to do when my kids are all in school, but it's not something I have to worry about in a while.

The pro's of having kids spread out:
  • The older ones are SUPER helpful
  • Each child has had a TON of one on one time with me, I don't think Spencer felt too slighted when I had P because he was already old enough to have his "own" thing.  It's like he had Kindergarten, and I had a baby.
  • We have toys of all ages, and sometimes each age enjoys the other age. 
  • I can relate to moms with kids of a lot of ages.

Sometimes I just want to SCREAM because I feel like I'm going to be a mom of littles forever.  Mostly it's the things lately where Conner has those hormones changing who he is, and P deciding to break me on the potty training.

But I know God gave us each child at the point that we needed them. and that's always a good feeling. :)


  1. Same boat here except 9 year space. And I worry about what life will be like with out the littles. I am scared of jr. high and teenagers. Terrified. I like the job of the littles better. Maybe that is why I had a 4th! But they grow up!!!

  2. It all works out. My sis and I were 5 years apart and we're best friends. We weren't always that while growing up, but we had great experiences learning from each other. If I lost my mind and decided to get pregnant today I'd have a 6 year span and I see that as a benefit. The oldest will be a great help and the current youngest is not in the baby stage anymore and is becoming more independent and responsible. Of course he's still in diapers. We need to work on that. :)

  3. I know mine aren't as big of a stretch, but it is interesting that I have less in common with moms who have kids who are Sophia's age and younger than I do with the ones who have kids that are more around Bria's age, or even Chloe's.

    I haven't talked to you in about a million years. I'll try to catch you tonight.

  4. I don't even know where to begin this comment. Let's just say ours will be a 15 year space. Not really my plan. Talk about bipolar mom and it's the nights that are a killer trying to meet the demands of babies and teenagers. Not trying to one up just letting you know I can relate. Like you said pros and cons but it is what it is and how God intended.


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