Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ventalicious Thursdays

I'm really not complaining and being judgemental enough on this blog. 
It's true.

So, today is the day where it all spills out.

Has everyone heard about how Kate's show has been cancelled?  I have been the author of a few snarky tales about Kate prior to now, but this one has left me dumbfounded.  Did she literally think that her kids would be on TV until they went to college?  She had no idea that the public would tire of them?  She had no fall-back plan.  WHAT KIND OF A NURSE IS SHE?  I am interested to see what she makes of herself.  Maybe she'll realize how posh those kids have had it, and maybe that TV really isn't the hardest job in life.  Once the nannies, and the trips, and the fabulous lifestyle are gone, I'd like a little peek into her life.  Of course, I don't have cable... so what do I care? :)

Good luck to Kate, she has a lot of people riding on her decisions.  It's interesting when reality hits reality stars, no?

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