Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

Ok, first, the bad news.  I went from a fully potty trained little girl, to one that won't even go to the bathroom herself.  I know she's workin' me hard, but I'm not having it.  I remember that Spencer did this same thing.  I'm just staying firm with her cleaning it up and potty practice, but I'm losing my mind.   I'm sure other people have had this problem?  Thoughts?  anyone? {help me....}

I worked til' 2 am yesterday.  It probably wasn't my smartest move.  It was also with night shift so I hardly know any of them, it made me tired.

Conner did this cool cave art thing at school.  His teacher covered an entire room with paper and drew on it.  Pretty need.

Spencer is so self sufficient.  I could kiss him, and I do.

Drew and I never see each other.  I have no idea what's up with him.  Sometimes I get a text.  I've told him to come home early today so I can nap.

We shall see.  I hope I remember what he looks like.

Ok, back to potty training.  Advice?


  1. My advice is to back off on the potty training a bit. It sounds like she's not fully ready and it sounds like it's not all that fun for you either. I think she's a little young for potty training though I've also had plenty of friends who have done it at the same age. I just know my experience and when I tried at 2 to get Margaret to potty train we had a similar experience so I backed off. Then one day right when she had turned 3 she went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and never wore a diaper again. She already knew the principles from all the times I had tried to train her, but SHE wasn't ready to put them into practice. When she was it went a lot smoother. She still had an accident here or there and I still had to remind her to go, but she was willing to do it and wanted to do it. This was all a big way of saying no, sorry, I have no idea what you should do!

  2. If she was 3 I would be saying don't let up, but as young as she is, I would give you both a break for a while and revisit it later. A year is a long time, who knows maybe in a couple months from now she will want to try again.

  3. Sophia was fully trained at 2 1/2, but then she didn't want to do it anymore. I didn't push it. But then, before she turned three, she got to go to a little speech therapy preschool. She didn't have to be potty trained to go, but I told her she did. She laid down right there in the middle of the grocery store and told me to take off her diaper and put the new panties we had just chosen on her. She was fine from then on and I didn't have to do anything!


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