Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

How do the weeks just fly by?  Each 29th'ish of the month we go out to dinner at one of the first restaurants we ate at in lovely Arizona and talk about how the month's gone and if we want to go back ... living our dreams. :)  Anyway this was our third trip.  Three months here, who knew?  I'm slowly starting to feel like I've lived here forever. 

Anyway, what's up with ME is an obsession over our garden.  For a while I really wanted raised boxes, but when we realized it'd be like 600 bucks to build all the boxes we want we decided to go with something else.

I came up with the idea for pavers as rows and then just make the soil really good with amending it with a modified Mel's mix.  Right now I'm concerned about the drip system.  I think they did some REALLY funky stuff with it (like, that it travels under the sidwalk... of course).  Anyway, trying to figure out how to feed our plants best.  It'll happen.  I guess here in AZ we plant a lot in the fall and then again in January'ish.  I'm only going to put row's in about 1/2 of the garden, as of now.  Excited to get stuff growing. :)  We have a lot more room then we did in CA.  You can't really tell from this photo but we have red pavers and red/purple lava rock and I'm alternating that with some white rock -- just to make it snazzy (and we have about a million white rocks already in that plot of land).  Snazzy, that's me.

P has been sick, but is on the mend.  We went to the park today, it's covered, which is really cool.  {get it, cool?}  Anyway, she won't leave my side and I am getting tired of my little shadow.  I think we need to branch out more often.

El Presidante is actually doing better in the mornings.  I've mostly left it to him (as it's a great time to garden, so he's on his own and P is asleep at that point anyway).  Maybe I just needed to pull back a bit... imagine.

Mr Middle is reading Harry Potter.  He read book #2 in about a day.  And then he re-read both 1 and 2 because I wouldn't let him take #3 to school.  It's nice to know my obsessive personality is carrying on without me. :)

Mr. E is busy, busy, busy.  Now we're adding field shop competitions to our already packed schedule.  I'm off all next week because of all that he has going on.  So. So. Fun. :D  At least it will give me plenty of time to work in the garden, right?


  1. looks great! you could turn saturday into a planting party and have everyone help sow the seeds. it would get done super fast that way. seriously.

  2. I'm impressed with your garden. You'd think I could have a vegetable garden where I live, but I can't unless my neighbors cut down all their HUGE GINORMOUS trees. Hmph.

    I can't wait to see what your garden turns out...


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