Monday, October 17, 2011

Run, Don't Walk -- Sister Wives is on Netflix!!!!!

Ladies, Sister Wives is on Netflix, seasons 1 and 2.  I guess Netflix and discovery channel (aka, TLC) have some new deal where they're getting their stuff quicker.

YAY!  TLC is my most-missed channel, by far!

Anywho, I couldn't be happier.

But, I think this calls for a week of sister wives posts. 

Get excited.

So, season two opens with them being all out in the open and the kids going to regular high school (except for Meri's who is still allowed to go to private school -- btw, sometimes I see a bit of the first wife mentality there, but it could be that Meri only has one child, so maybe there's perks to that, who knows... I really like Meri, I think she's a tough cookie).

They go on the Today show, and things are just peachy keen.

Then, they start getting investigated, and they're shocked that any of that is happening.

I just have to say that it IS against the law in Utah.  How could they have not figured that they'd be investigated? 

But, I will have to say that I think it's a dumb law.  I have to think that there are about 20 million other things the police department could use their time with instead of investigating a guy who seems to care about his kids and his wives and doesn't seem to be cheating the government out of anything.

Personally, I think they need to get rid of the law.  Sure, you can't be married to more then one woman, but if you want to be spiritually married and actually take care of them, that's your choice in my mind.  Once you break other laws, like marrying an under-aged child or welfare fraud, then that's a horse of another color.

Do I think it's right?  Not really.  I don't think that a polygamist household is great for kids to grow-up in, but c'est la vie.  It certainly doesn't work for me.

So, what do you think about the Brown investigation?  Do you think they were naive to think they wouldn't be investigated?

Are you frothing at the mouth for my other accounts of the show?  It's must see TV in my book and things are just starting to get juicy....


  1. so i think this week i need to come over for lunch and we can gorge on food and sister wives while the littles play in the other room.

  2. I think he's creepy. That said, I really think that there's no difference to the argument that they should be allowed to live together as consenting adults than there is to allowing gay marriage or simply allowing adults who are not married to live together. If they aren't hurting anyone and aren't abusing children or anything, why do I care?

    At the same time...they are breaking a law. They know they are breaking a law. They say they follow the same scriptures that we do, and we are clearly taught not to break the law of the land in which we live. So, until that law is changed, which was in place before you "married" those people, you don't have a right to live it like you want to. To me that's not a grey area.

    He calls them wives, so he can get arrested for bigamy. If he calls Meri his wife and the others his mistresses, no one could touch 'em. Seems messed up.

    I'll take my husband and our one on one thing, thank you very much. The idea of sharing, in that respect, makes me physically ill!

  3. I'm excited for you! : )


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