Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taking a Break from Polygamy to ask a question....

Admit it.  She's crazy cute, even 2 years ago.
Time for my annual Christmas query, as I'm a mom who likes top quality toys that the kids will find fun and enjoyable for a long time.  So, here's this year's question.

I'd like to get an MP3 player that may or may not allow game downloads but I don't want him to have willy nilly access to the Internet.  Is that possible?  Not sure, I may just get him a regular ol' Sanza Fuze like the rest of the cool kids have. 

And finally, being that we have almost every boy toy ever created I'm venturing into the land of solid girl toys.  P got a baby doll last Christmas, she has a stroller and she got one that wets when we potty trained.  What does an almost 3 year old girl need?  I've seen the swing/carseat/ etc... and that seems to be a bit overload.... What were your favorite toys for a 2-3 year old girl.

Besides a muzzle.  I've ruled that out.


  1. dress up clothes/shoes!

  2. I second the dress up clothes. We bought the "chest" of clothes that Costco has every year around this time. The girls used it until the clothes were worth through.

    Also, we got the girls a play kitchen. A nice, wooden, good sized one. They still love it! Those two things, the kitchen and the dress up chest, are the most used "girl" toys we've ever bought.

  3. Dress up and kitchen for sure!

  4. I'm going to sound like a broken record but dress up stuff for sure!

  5. We have every girl toy in our house. Yes, dress ups and kitchen are pretty much staples in our house. And Littlest pet shops and Barbies. And anything princess. My grirls LOVE the little princess figurines from teh disney store. Like beyond love. A little tea set might be good too.


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