Wednesday, October 05, 2011

What's up Wednesday: Moo-ha-ha

Just so everyone knows, we're not re-doing Peter Pan.  That was just a nibble of things to come.  That thing isn't Peter Pan. :D


Time marches on, especially time at our house {hardy, har, har -- get it, Marching?}

Anyway.  I have a new "punishment" in my arsenal.  I've been just RACKING my brain about what to do when kids don't clean to my specifications.  And I know I sound awful, but I really try to lower my standards when my kids are cleaning.  No really, I do.  BUT, this morning, no one even made an effort in their room.

So, I had "cleaning lessons:.  I taught them the way that I would clean a room, full of tips and techniques and things I think they're missing.  They just LOVED every minute of it.  By the end they were all REALLY WISHING they had cleaned it up this morning.  JUST WHAT I WANTED.  But don't tell them I told you so. :)

I hope it helps.

P hasn't had a tantrum in 2 days, but thanks to facebook I have lots of ideas.  I have actually made her a little tantrum spot at the bottom of the stairs.  She kind of does the break-dance worm when she freaks out, so I don't want to be somewhere that she could hit her head....  She's getting a little too attached to her thumb lately.  Sometimes I wonder if it's going to fall off.

Drew is really NEVER home.  It's hard not to feel like his maid/cook/nanny/tiresome wench, but I am doing the best I can considering the circumstances.  I plan on moving out over Christmas, just so he gets the FULL WRATH of these kids.

All in all I'm doing alright this week.  Not working has helped a lot.  Grateful for the small break.

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  1. Well I do hope you are all enjoying yourselves now.

    Cleaning lessons....excellent plan. Bria mainly needs "how to shut the dresser drawer" and "how to throw clothes in the laundry" lessons.


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