Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

We are busy little bees around here lately.

Drew qualified for state with his marching band.  While this is great news, it does mean more time for band.  But, what's a little more widow-hood, right?  I'm glad he's successful.  Just one more thing putting him on the track to full time next year.  He's had a big project for his class also.  Let's just say it's been super fun around here. :)

Conner took a foray into babysitting recently, just our own kids.  He did alright.  Not sure we'd ask him back if he was not related to us, but I think we'll give him another shot. :)  He's also doing a flashmob for Halloween at school.  {sigh}

I just had Mr S's parent teacher conference.  Glowing remarks.  He's such a great kid, who sometimes gets sucked into his older brother's vortex of laziness.  His teacher adores him.  Go S. :)

P is growing up far too fast.  This week she's turning 2.5 years old, so it's time to start on letter sounds, she's doing well so far with M and T.  She's really getting far too old for me and I'm trying to suck the last little bits of baby out of her.  She likes that too.  She's always asking to sit and watch TV and have a cuddle.  She's too cute for words.  OH, and Miss P rode a HORSE last week at playgroup. And promptly got some hives. Silly girl. She loved it, we'll just bring benedryl next time. :) I guess when she got on, and they started she said, "I'm RIDING A HORSE!!!!" Did I mention she's cute, because she is. 100%.  Except when she's not.

Guess who got to adjust our sprinkler system and then aerate the lawn today.  We're getting ready to winter seed.  Yay.  Thanks Arizona. :)  I'm also trying to finish Halloween costumes so we're ready for the big day.  I sometimes think I have too much on my plate.  But I still have time for an hour of trash TV most days, so I guess it's not too bad.  I also had my 90 day review at work.  Besides her saying that she can't show me preferential treatment because I'm Mormon (I guess some people were saying that she was, which she isn't), they love me.  Makes me want to shove it in the face of everyone who's said I was no good.  Namely MJJ, CAD and CON.  Screw you. :D  There was, in fact, a conference with me at BYU saying that I might just not be nurse material.  I just wasn't cut out to do it.

Turns out I was.


  1. What a brave girl! :)

    And yay for Drew going to state. That does indeed bode well for his future, though I know you miss him.

  2. You go, Hilary!!!


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