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I think that Conner has Laverne and Shirley for teachers.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.  But one’s totally the level headed even-keel one, and ones the artsy fartsy love your guts kind of a one.  I find it amusing.

And that is all.

 It’s the same conference every year.  He’s super bright (I’m talking crazy bright here… I don’t talk much about it, but Conner tested REALLY REALLY high here…. I’m talking REALLY high, cough and choke on your gum while you’re reading the results high), but he rushes to get through stuff and he’s obsessed with the laptops.  Oh, and he’s chatty.  He can still learn while chatting with a friend, but most people can’t.  So, he needs to shut it.

Sometimes I feel like I’m living with Rain Man.

It doesn’t help that P is Rain Toddler.

Anyway, after I came home I really need him to focus.  We came up with 5 goals that we’re going to assess daily.  They are:
1.  Be organized — No missing assignments and not lose our stuff (huge problem for him)
2.  Be a listener– No talking when the teacher’s talking — they get detention if they do it too much so I put in there NO detention.
3.  Be Industrious —  1/2 hour of table homework and then 1/2 hour of computer (and that is all, for playing or homework, I’m stickin’ to my guns on this one, a least for the next month)
4.  Be Smart — Raise math grade to an A (he has a B, mostly because he sometimes forgets to do the back.  Seriously.  Also, he rushes through tests to get to play on the laptops)
5.  Be Focused — Conner recently added some less then appropriate artwork to a power point presentation he was doing, it had nothing to do with it.  He also sometimes likes to add Justin Beiber.  Either way, no extra “stuff”

Anyway, I really need him to learn to buckle down.  I figure Jr High is a time to practice and learn to be on the ball.  He can do this.  I know he can.  I also think candy can be a good bribe. :)

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    You and all of your rain children. :)

    One of my friends is a middle school teacher and he has been writing a really informative and eye-opening series on his blog lately (Middle School Mondays). As a new middle school mom myself, it is helping me to realize B isn’t a total mess. She’s normal!

    ( then click on his blog)

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