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During our whole “mess” I had such a strong feeling that people beyond the veil were with us.  Rooting, comforting, coordinating our future life. 

Sometimes when people die we think of all the things they didn’t do.  Maybe how I’d wished they were better to me or to my family.

Last night I was reading the conference talk about the spirit of Elijah.  I’ve never been one to get crazy into genealogy.  I am a believer of there being a time and a place for everything, and that’s just not my place right now.

But I do believe that the spirit of Elijah can just help to remind you that people are just doing the best they can on this earth.  Just like when you’re a teenager you just don’t get how your parents are, and then you have one of your own, and just realize it’s a miracle you’re still alive. 

My grandpa was kind of a gruff guy.  He rubbed some people the wrong way.  Yet, on Saturday I had the strongest feeling from him that he’s happy and that he hopes that I am happy too.  Random, out of the blue.  Do you ever get that?  Am I crazy?  I did vomit about 12 hours later… so it’s possible. :)

Anyway, I’m grateful for the spirit of Elijah and how it can help you remember hard things ancestors have been through, or how they still love you just like when they were here on earth.  I think it’s more then just looking up names, although that’s important too…

Just not now. :)

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