Thoughtful Tuesday

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Absolutely nothing to do with the entry, this is Spencer’s Thank You
card for us coming to Parent teacher conference.  It’s amusing, no?

Hold on Tight.  I’ve got a lot of thoughts, especially since P was pretty sick yesterday and I was able to read a lot of news on my phone.

Put your seatbelts on. :)

The Duggars:  AHHH, they’re having another one!  This makes 20.  I admire their faith, and I truly believe that her job as a mom is less strenuous as mine, becuase she has those amazing older girls (who can come nanny for me any time).  However, I know it took a lot of patience to train those girls up right, so whatever.  BUT, if I was a nurse at their hospital I’d be ducking if I saw them walk in.  That is a uterine nightmare waiting to happen.  She does look really fit and skinny, but that uterus has got to be tired.  Methergine, misoprostil, hemabate stat.  Good luck to them, I hope it goes great. 

Dr Conrad Murry:  Ok, I really think the guy was just in it for some good money, and Michael was in it for his personal prescription and administering assistant. Michael wanted sleep.  He was willing pressure him to do it.  The beauty of a practice is that you usually have a team of people who are willing to stand firm.  When it’s just you… I can see how it’d happen.  I mean, doctors aren’t used to being the bad guys, that’s nurses! :)  I feel bad for him, but I hope it’s a lesson to all other personal physicians out there.  And I wish Jackson’s family wouldn’t pretend like none of it was his fault.  We need to take personal responsibility for our health decisions.  Michael was a sick man. If you need propofol to sleep, most likely you’re going to die soon either way.  End of the story. 

Sister Wives: This week’s episode was at least interesting.  I think the teenagers might be coming around to the idea of staying in LV.  I think it’s interesting to learn more about their church, but every time I see “Mormon” stuff at their house (Hymn books, proclamation on the family, Jesus the Christ) I shudder.  Yikes.  A friend brought up the idea that we think maybe they aren’t supposed to show their arms.  The women, most times, are all wearing long sleeves.  But seriously, the layering, it has to stop.  I did see Janelle showing her forearms once though, so, who knows.  Anyone have info on that?

Ruby:  Ok, I’ve had a little spare time lately to watch this show.  I’m just not sure how I feel about it.  I’m bugged by how little she thinks she can do herself.  I remember being like that though.  I finally decided that I was going to have to do a lot of the household work (aka, putting in the drip system) etc.  I think when I was fat I just thought I couldn’t do stuff… but once I started doing more I wanted to lose more weight.  I think she’s heavily assisted in being so heavy, and I’m bugged when she’s not following the diet, but wonders why she’s not losing.  I’m not sure how much more I can watch.  How judgemental am I?  :) 

Life at Fertilization:  Some state is trying to pass a law that starts life at fertilization.  I’m just not sure how I feel about this one.  Honestly, I’m not sure that life does start at fertilization.  I mean, the uterus is really what gives it life…. {sigh}.  I just think there’s too many weird ramifications.  I mean, if I do something to harm a fetus but to save a mom, could I be liable?  It’s a whole other bag of chips.

In other news, my lettuce is growing like gangbusters, I need to get out there and trim it.  Anyone have any favorite arugula recipes?  Our family really likes arugula, so I hope we can eat it all (anyone local want a bag of it?).

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  1. says

    I agree with most of your points. As for the Duggars, it seems to me that if any family was cut out for 20 kids, it was that one. I know we don’t know what really goes on behind closed doors, but both Michelle and Jim Bob seem to genuinely adore their children and display a patience I can hardly muster most days. Good for them.

    Dr. Murray deserves his sentence. Regardless of the patients begging and pleading, he knew what he did could, possibly, maybe put the patient at risk. He should have known that it would likely put the patient at risk. He made the choice. Enjoy your three square meals.

    Yes, if they follow the same teachings as my Aunts who were polygamist in Utah (of the same group as this family originally) the women are supposed to keep their arms covered for modesty. It follows some of the same regulations as we might be familiar with where the admonition is to cover “Where possible and practical.” so there’s wiggle room.

    I don’t know who Ruby is, but Emily has a doll by that name that I’m supposed to be trying to find.

    I think individual human life is identified by individual human DNA, which begins at fertilization. There are a lot of caveats as to when a spirit and body might join, but that’s for God to know I think. We are responsible for doing our best to protect human life whenever we can. Things go wrong and we are not to judge.

    (Do you hate it when I hijack your posts? This way I don’t’ have to keep as interesting a blog as you :-)

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