Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year In Review

I love it when the news shows review all the good stuff that's happened in the last year.  I love thinking about how the world is so big and so many amazing things have happened.  I think the highs for me (news-wise) was the royal wedding.  It wasn't a great time in my life and having that fantasy to think about made me really happy.  The low has probably been our political system.  I hate that they can't do their jobs and we've hired them.  We are all fired.

I think about what was going on in my life last year at this time.  I think about all that has happened this year.  I know I had resolutions at the beginning of the year, but I'm not sure what they were or if I care.... life gets in the way of goals, and that's OK, although I'm determined to make some personal goals this year.

The hope that I can be better is a pretty big hope.  But it's what makes the new year so great.  The hope that life goes on.... and improves.

Because it does.

Ok, wait -- I just realized my resolutions are on the side of my blog... how quaint.  Let's see how I did. :)

1. Read one book/month -- EPIC FAIL.
2. Go to the temple 6 times -- did pretty good on this.  Drew and I try to go every 4 months together and separately the other 3 times/year.  It seems to work.
3. Do something crafty weekly -- HUGE FAIL.  Although, I do think I was craftier then I was read-y.
4. No yelling -- Giggling.... what's a word that's bigger then epic to put in front of fail?
5. Write a compliment note daily -- I tried to do pretty good on this.  It makes me feel happy when I do it though, I should try to do it more often.

Anyway, a bit of time to mull over my resolutions now.  Weight loss is going to be on it though, plan on it.


  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I resolve to follow this blog more in 2012 now that I don't get the daily drop by updates.

  2. Sick beast fail?

    You had a lot going on this year, and I think you should be proud of what you did accomplish!

    Happy new year!!!

  3. You are brave to even put the stuff down you failed at -- ME? dang... I don't do well at goals, in general. Especially crafty things and not yelling things.... well, I have yet to make a goal in those areas.

    I love the idea of a daily compliment note. :)


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