Monday, January 31, 2011

Word of the Week: Teeth

First, an update on last week.  Last week's word was "Responsibility."  And honestly, I think it worked.  I had it on my phone daily and when Spencer forgot his library books for school I realized that it wasn't time for us to bail him out, it was time for him to take his own consequences.  During the week I gave out a lot of pushups for not putting things away and people got extra jobs.  I think it went well.

So, when I was thinking about this week's word I was thinking of all these lofty things, but this morning during my scripture study I realized that I needed to just focus on one small thing that I wanted to do better at.   And that, my friends, is teeth.  I'm just no good at making sure the kids brush their teeth well, or that P's gets done well.  It's something I'd like to be better on, so I'm going to work on brushing teeth.

Are you good at oral care?  Anything that can help me out?

Emergency Preparedness, FHE style

Hi, my name is Hilary and I am anal.  Thinking about making that my new blog title.

We having family home evenings every Monday, and I have each week of the month plotted out as to what we're doing (week 1 -- primary standard, week 2 -- article of faith, week 3 -- family need, week 4 -- talk from past conference).  If there's a 5th Monday I use that to do emergency preparedness as a family.  Problem is, there's just so darn much to talk about!  It looks like there are 4 5th Mondays in the year.  Here's what's on the docket:

  1. Emergenices, have a fire/earthquake drill.  Talk about how to act in an emergency, etc.
  2. Health, talk about our bodies and how no one else touches them, etc.
  3. Review 72 hour kits
  4. Finances -- how we can prepare every needful thing for an emergency (probably will have some food storage stuff thrown in also)

So, am I missing something?  Anything else you would throw in there?  Think it might be the 72 hour kit tonight... or emergencies.  Or naps.  :)  Has anyone ever had a good FHE on napping? :)

Motherhood Monday

Sometimes I don't think I give motherhood the perks it deserves.  I mean, I often feel like it's drudgery, don't get me wrong... but I also adore it quite a bit.  I am quick to realize that while I feel like I've been at home with a little person FAR too long I will someday miss it.  Won't I?

I'm a big fan of the Power of Moms and how it shows the real joy of motherhood and how if we reach out for help to other moms we can find they are a great resource.

So, today I wanted to share a little hart warming thing with my job.  Miss P.  That girl, she's just too adorable for her own good.  If only I could keep a bow in her hair....

Anyway, I've been working hard on teaching her the names of the people in our family.  I point to me, and I say "mamma" and then I point to her and say "P" (her real name, we don't actually call her P).  BUT, Miss P now goes around the house, or church, or the grocery store, pointing to herself and saying, "mamma"... and sure, it's super endearing, right?  People think it's hilarious... but I'm like, NO...

But, I need to find it more endearing.  I would think figuring out who everyone is a daunting task... right?  Anyway, I really am SO grateful that I gotten a lot of one on one time with each of my children.  I got pregnant with Conner right away, but the other two each took their own sweet time coming to our family, leaving me with lovely gaps to spend all day with them. 

Anyway, here's a little video of Miss P and her "mamma" ness. :)  BTW, she calls C ca-ca... great nickname, right? :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Photo Friday: Randomly Late

I'm really crappin' up the Photo Friday... but I do think about it.  I'm just sure that life is going to slow down in the next few weeks... right?

Either way, here I am to present, "drumroll" photo Friday. :)

Spencer has been doing some GREAT crafting in the first grade.  They have been learning about wind:

You know, one day we're not going to have windsocks out my kitchen window... and that will be a sad day indeedy.  THIS is not that day though... and this windsock may be the best ever. :)

SOMEONE at our house won the most laps during the walkathon for his grade level.  I will not embarrass him by showing how much shorter he is then the girls who won... but he did win.  He is officially amazing. 

Someone did a newborn photo shoot of someone who used to be pregnant... look how adorable miss E is.  I love her to bits.  I think she senses my adoration, can't you tell?

I love this one though, so soft and snuggly, just like they're supposed to be

I thought I'd share how P likes to spend her day.  She likes to play with the rice a roni that's below the mircrowave.  Sometimes that takes precedence over Elmo... sometimes they can be done together.  This was one of those days.

C and I took the best field trip every to the tide pools.  I loved the purple star fishes.  A-mazing.

I love field trips where people who are really passionate about a subject get to share that with my children, in a hands on way in small groups.  This field trip totally fit the bill.  Our "naturalist" was amazing, and we all had such a great time!

See, see how much fun we had.  :)

And finally, because I have 3 adorable children, S had his 100 days of school celebration this week.  His teacher, who is amazing, made 100 day trail mix, 10 different things and 10 of each thing.  She's so fun.  I love her.  Did I mention she is amazing?  Only 80 left people.  I know that keeps Drew going. :)

Hope your week was as fun as mine, although it is doubtful. :)

The Ugly Side of Blogging: Annonymous Comments

I will mention there are a few negatives to blogging.

For me, it's not the privacy thing, but I tend to be an open book kind of a person.  Anything I put on the blog is free game.  I do, shockingly, self edit a few of the things I wish I could post, but can't -- or, I should say that I shouldn't.  I will say that sometimes an acquaintance will bring up something I said on my blog and I can't figure out how they would know that... but that's just me being dumb.  I enjoy that people read my blog.

I HATE anonymous comments.  Not the spammers, I figure there's a special place in hell for them, and thankfully now Blogger deletes those already.

I just hate people who put rude things and won't even attach their name to it.

I sometimes consider leaving anonymous comments on people's blogs, but I always talk myself out of it.  If I can't put my name to something, I shouldn't be saying it at all.

I wish the rest of the world felt that way.

I actually don't mind comments totally saying I'm wrong.  Sometimes I am {really, did I just say that?} but I like to know when I'm wrong and fix my thinking when necessary.

I just hate people who stir up controversy just to do that.  We call them trolls.

And I'm fairly sure their place in hell will burn hotter than the spammers, but that's just me guessing.

Anyone care to contend that?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Why Do You Blog? THE MONEY!!!

Ok, putting that all in caps, is a bit of a mis-nomer. 

I decided about 2 years ago to try and make some money from the whole blogging thing.

I started with google adsense.  Nada.  I think after like 2 years I'd made like 15 dollars and you can't even cash in til' you make 100.  That would be a lovely life insurance policy... but as for money for the here and now, not so much.

I then applied for blogher's ad program but that's a hard one to get into.  I tried to just increase my traffic and make myself as attractive as possible to possible advertisers during that period.  When, about 9 months later, I was finally accepted to blogher the money still didn't pour in.

At first I made about 30 bucks every 6 months.

It really depends on the ad revenue.  Prior to January (because January has really low ad inventory) I was making about 15 bucks/month (giving me a check about every other month).  I also do a few other things through blogher, like posting ads on facebook and things like that.  It's nice to get paid a little to use the time I have free at home, but there is NO. WAY. it could replace my actual income.

And if it did, it would take as much time as my real job, and most likely would no longer be as enjoyable.  So, right now I enjoy getting the 30 bucks every couple of months and just enjoying my blog for what it is.  I'm slowly increasing in traffic and I think that's just because I'm just an avid blog reader myself, and by nature I comment a lot which leads people here.

To this island oasis. :)

So, that's about it -- why I blog.

I'd love to put a link up as to why YOU blog.  Links can be a great way to get traffic on your own blog and I'm always interested in why poeple blog.  Mr Linky will be open for a week. 

Blogs are a happy thing, I hope you agree.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Holy, Delicious Dinner... and HEALTHY. :)

They were SO good, and SO yummy.  Everyone really liked it.  I had it with roasted asparagus and some homemade rolls. 

Sprouts often has chicken thighs for like 1.50/lb so that is a cheap, great dinner!

BTW, I LOVE cooking light.  It's my favorite magazine that I get.  I love how they still have a little bacon or butter in their recipes, so you're still satistfied but not drowning in it.

I also made cookies made with beans  (lowfat chocolate chip cookies in that handout) again.  They are delicious.  Sometimes 90% of eating healthy is just trying new things.  You know. :)

A nice deal at Groupon for the locals today

30 dollar Hobee's card for 15 bucks today at Groupon.
Do I see a ladies breakfast coming up? :)

Why Do You Blog? Creativity

I LOVE my pretty little headers, I love choosing my current fonts, and picking the colors and giving it its own look.  And it's ALL for free.

I love figuring out something in photoshop elements that I hadn't figured out how to do prior (getting my swirls on my blog to look like that -- on the header above) was a doozy of a task, I felt pretty accomplished when it was done).  Honestly, I don't know how much of that I'd know or get to do if I didn't have this blog.

It also gives me a place to show off my photography (sorry, photo Fridays do seem to be on a hiatus), any sewing or crafty stuff I do.  It's just a happy thing to get feedback on what you're doing.

In the beginning I incessantly showed my most recent scrapbook layouts, and while I'd still love to do that... I actually have to DO a layout before I can post it.  Maybe one of these days...

Anyway, it's a place to show off your crafty-ness, and since I'm not going to show it at any art and wine festivals I can at least do it here.

Do you like showing your crafty self on your blog?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Do You Blog? A Record

Those Mormons, they're just full of their records.  And this is mine.

Well, this is part of mine.

I actually have 1 journal for each child also, that I write in monthly (I can't tell you how important this is, and I write a lot of stuff I would NEVER write in my actual blog -- like how stupid they are sometimes, and silly things that they don't need published all over the world).  I also have my own journal, and I am trying to continue to scrapbook (which I should be doing now).  I definitely reserve my journal for more personal thoughts, gripes, etc...

But this blog is definitely a record.  I print it bi-yearly (because the more you can get in a book the cheaper it is).  I have printed it through blurb, and I am actually up to print it again.

My books are pretty amazing, I really love thumbing through them and reading the old entries.  I mean, I write a lot... and it shows a LOT about who I am at a certain point.  I love that.

I would hope that my kid will love to read them at some point, and remember what life was like when they were little.  There is something delicious about having them printed, I will say.  I love them, and even though each printing costs about 100 bucks, it's totally worth it.

Have you had your blogs printed?  Thoughts?

P.S.  Why on earth do I still have nursing textbooks?  Someone fire me.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TMI Tuesdays: My Tailbone Woes

So, some long time followers may remember my tailbone woes.  When P was about 9 months old I decided that it wasn't fixing on its own.  I tried physical therapy (creepy and ew... you don't want to know).  I tried spinal steroid injections (ow, ow, ow, ow, ow -- but the first one really did help) and I tried a chiropractor.

The chiropractor finally figured out that my EXTREMELY painful Plantar fasciitis was tied to the tailbone pain . He helped me come up with lots of ways to help stretch out.

I did those faithfully, for weeks and weeks.

Vogue High Heeled Shoe Wine Bottle Metal Stopper w/ Inlaid Enamel & Rubber SealAnd while it got a little better, especially the Plantar fasciitis... but it still all hurt.

And then I remembered something my podiatrist said, "High heeled shoes are your friend."

My budget, sadly didn't have a lot of room for amazing high heeled shoes, and I have the grace of a gnat, so I needed them to be pretty sturdy. 

And then there was a trip to Savers where I found 3 pair, and a trip to Nordstrom's Rack where I found another pair... and my healing has begun.

The Plantar fasciitis doesn't hurt at. all. now... so that's great.  I used to limp to the bathroom before I could really walk upright on it.  Now It's all sunshine and roses.

The tailbone still hurts.  It's not near as bad but I've come to terms that church isn't going to be fun, for a long, long time.  I remember it got better as Spencer neared 2... and it is getting better as Miss P makes her way to 2 on her own.

A sweet friend offered to babysit the other night and Drew and I were thinking MOVIES.  And then I remembered that movies are long now a days.  It's just not something I can comfortably do.  We can watch netflix from my side on the couch.  I'm not at the point where the pain is ruling my everyday life, like it used to... but if I sit for more than about 45 minutes I am reminded I am not a whole woman. :) 

So, in summary.  High heeled shoes have cured my of my butt-ache.  Maybe they can help you too. :)

In other news, I think TMI Tuesday is going to make a comeback... if I don't get any good questions, I'll just re-do the ones I have written previously... but I hope there are some good questions.  I'd like to put all this useless medical knowledge to work. :)

Grocery sales this week 1/26 Sprouts, Savemart, Lucky and Safeway

  • Raw Shrimp 3.99
  • Blueberries 1.88/pt
  • Jonagold 69 cents
  • Red Peppers 77 cents
  • Asparagus 1.88
  • Avocados 99 cents
  • 1# baby carrots 99 cents
  • 5# potatoes 2/3
  • Tenders 1.97
  • Pork loin roast 1.97
  • Chocolate covered almonds 4.99/lb
  • Alexia fries 2/5 (love these, and they are not a ton of points)
  • Pirates booty 2/4
  • Chorizo 2.99 (a little goes a long way of this stuff)

Savemart (ones with stars by them are also on sale at Lucky -- Lucky's ad didn't deserve its own post this week, underwhelmed)
  • Simply Orange 2.99 *
  • Ground beef 1.99
  • Scooby-Doo! Baked Graham Cracker Sticks, Cinnamon, 12-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)Pork chops 1.49
  • Roma tomateso 37 cents (friday saturday and sunday
  • Salmon 3.99 (Friday saturday and Sunday)
  • Cabbage 59 cents
  • Brussel sprouts 1.29 *
  • Ketchup 4/5
  • Crackers buy 4, 1.69 each *(This includes the AMAZING scooby doo graham crackers, I LOVE these.... as do my kids, but seriously, so much better than a regular graham cracker)
  • Bush's Beans 79 cents *
  • Ramen 10/1 (with in ad coupon)

These top 4 items are Friday, through Monday only)
  • Del Monte Fruit 88 cents
  • Pineapple 1.97
  • Classico pasta sauce 1.69
  • Lays chips 1.88
  • --
  • Lunchables 99 cents
  • Select harvest soup 99 cents if you buy 4
  • Frozen vegetables 99 cents (with in ad coupon)

Ziploc Divided Container, Rectangle 2 eaHmmm.... I need canned fruit (I love putting that in my kids lunches this time of year where our other options seem to be an orange or an apple, variety is the spice of life -- and since I use those ziploc containers that makes it really easy, and easier than buying individual servings of fruit), and I also need me some scooby snacks.  I bet I'll be heading to both savemart and Safeway this week.  I'll go to Sprouts next Wednesday.  Happy shopping!

Why Do You Blog? Friends.

Well, when someone asks me - the main perk that I have found are the friends I have found through blogging.

My absolute best friend, who knows me inside and out, she knows what I think about everything, and often what I think about the people around me I met on my blog.  Her name is Lara.  We started our blogs about the same time and we were both posting on 2P's in a bucket and we'd see each other's links in our posts on 2P's and click over.  Our first like 3 or 4 posts were almost the same.

It was eerie...

And then I realized I knew her husband, and Drew knew her.  And basically we had traveled in the same circles our whole lives without really ever crossing paths.

Lara lives nowhere near me.  In fact, she's moved twice since I "met" her and she keeps moving further and FURTHER away.  I hate that.  I wish she was my next door neighbor, but I will admit that are definite perks to having a friend so far away.  She's totally objectionable.  I can tell her things about the people around me and it's not really like gossip because I just want to get her take on things.  She'll most likely never meet any of you, although she may know some of you.  Anyway, Lara is exactly what I need in my life. 

But since then (because I met Lara at the very beginning of blogging) I've found that a lot of times.  I will solemnly follow some people's blogs because I NEED them at certain stages of my life.  That doesn't mean that I consistently follow them, or they consistently follow me, it's just nice to know you have a large network of friends.

It's truly amazing how you can have a friend who is near and dear to your heart and yet you have only met like 3 times.  Can you imagine telling that to one of our pioneer ancestors?  I mean, what would they have thought?

Sad news, I don't think I actually have a picture of the famous Lara... This is just her profile photo.  That's sad. 

Anyway, sometimes it's just hard to find people around you who really think like you do.  Blogs allow you to find your niche.  To find those people who DO think like you do.  I LOVE that part of it, I adore it.  For that alone I would keep blogging. 

Have you found friends via blogging?  Am I your friend?  I hope so.  A person can never have too many friends. :)  Well, maybe -- but I'm not even close to my quota. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Word of the Week: Responsibility.

It's the "cool" thing to have a "word" to represent your goals for the year.

Frankly, I'm not that cool... I wanted measurable stuff.

BUT, I do sit around this house feeling like things are NEVER going to change and I will be a slave to these children FOREVER.  Like, HOW HARD IS IT TO put your TIE away after church, little boys?  I ASK YOU, HOW HARD IS IT?  I mean, they had plenty of time to ask me when dinner was going to be ready like 14 times.


So, as I was putting away the ties I was thinking about an entry I wrote about how we can control the things in our household.  That we can make small changes with our own behavior that can affect things.

I've been feeling kind of hopeless with crazy boys lately.

So, I thought I'd come up with a word of the week.  Something I could kind of focus on to make the change that week. 

This week's word:  Responsibility.

There's SO much self-talk when you're home alone as a SAHM (Ok, I'm not alone, that's true -- but I hope you get what I mean).  I am constantly saying stuff to myself.  This morning it was, "will those boys never learn?"  Conner had forgotten to lay his clothes out the night before (he has early school on Monday AM's), he didn't make his bed, nor did he change his underwear (he's gonna love this blog entry when he's 23, but I swear it's the truth).  I was talking to myself about it in my head when it came to me... stop.

I need to stop making up for their lack of judgement.  THEY need to pay the consequences.

Conner earned 1/2 hour of extra work after school because he woke P up while he was trying to get his clothes out.

So, how do you teach responsibility?  Inquiring minds want to know?  What's some things that your kids do that is driving you to the brink and how are you gonna fix it?

Why Do You Blog: Writer

iScholar Gross Pack #2 Yellow Pencils, 144 Count (33144)I actually put in my 7th grade career class that I wanted to be a TV writer.

I love to write.

I honestly wasn't really pushed to write much.  I remember once writing a NOVEL of a piece for the Jr. Young Author contest at school in sixth grade.  I put a TON of work into it and if we were picked we'd be able to meet a REAL author.  I was just sure I would win (like 1/2 the class won -- FYI, it wasn't a small amount) as I had put a LOT of effort into the story.  It had plot lines and good characters.

And guess what, my teacher didn't pick me.

I still hate her.

And no, I'm not kidding.  Well, ok -- maybe I don't hate her but I wouldn't give her a hug if I saw her on the street.  I mean, if you saw a kid who'd written pages and PAGES for their entry and other kids wrote a couple, wouldn't you pick the kid who had an obvious interest in writing?

Is anyone sensing my bitterness?  I'm like a lemon.  Sheesh!

Anyway, most of the rest of life was set to write papers.  Nursing school wasn't a fan of how I wrote papers.  It was too informal.  They wanted it more formal.  I'm just not a formal writer, can you tell?

When I graduated from nursing school they asked what our ambition to be was... mine was to be a writer on ER.  I probably would have saved that show. What a shame they didn't take me.  Everyone else wanted to be a manger of a unit or a nurse practitioner.  I'm sure they were just so proud of me.

I always wanted to BE a writer, but I knew money wasn't in that.  I also have no clue what to write about.  So THIS was the happiest of all places.  I could write about what I knew in a non-formal way and people could write back with comments.

THAT was and still IS a happy thing.  I love having my viewpoint known.  I love sharing about my life, my family, my religion, my school all of those things.

It's just something I like.

Are you still thinking about why you like to blog?  Are you a closet writer?  Should I get a book deal?  Should I nap more?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why Do You Blog?

Lately this has been on my mind a lot.

Surprisingly, I don't actually spend all that much time blogging.  I tend to get ideas, and lately I've categorized them as a series and I'll write most of those posts at one sitting.

On an average day I probably spend 15 minutes blogging.  I don't tend to be a person who re-writes a lot.  You may even find a typo or two (per line, sometimes)... but that's how I blog.  It's not perfect, my family's not perfect, I'm not perfect {gasp} even though in some of my blogs I pretend like I am. :)

But, that's certainly 15 minutes I could spend doing something else.

Playing with my kids, cleaning, organizing, cleaning, making dinner, cleaning, going to lunch with friends, cleaning... napping, did I mention cleaning? :)

So, why do I do it?  Why is the blog such a high priority?  Well, that's what this little series is going to be about.  But I would ask you, why do YOU blog?  Why do you read other people's blogs?  What's so fascinating about it all?

You start thinking, and I'll see you back here tomorrow. :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Teaching Us To Be Savers

Today I took Spencer in to start his savings account.  I'm not entirely sure how -- but the kid had TWENTY EIGHT bucks.  And at 6, well -- that's a pretty amazing task!

He went in with his giant bag of quarters so proud to the new account person.  They were really nice.  I even added 100 for him, just for good measure. :)

I wonder how many kids they get coming in starting savings accounts.

They asked him what he was saving for.  He just stared at them and said college.  Like -- what else is there to save for.  I reminded him it may also be for his mission, and he said, "Oh yeah, or a mission."

Planning ahead is such a Herculean task.  It's so hard to see what MIGHT be in front of you.

But it's such an important part of life.

In other news, my wedding ring really truly now is in my safe deposit box.  See you in a year or so my little friend.  I will miss you. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

And, she's back.

Sorry for the troubles today if anyone wanted to access my infinite wisdom.  Turns out it was blogher's fault.  All that for my 5 bucks/month.
Darn you blogher.
Welcome back, and comments are now enabled.  Feel free to share your love of me and my blog.
No, no one will restrain you at this time. :)

Hilary's Music List 2011: Fount of Every Blessing

Obviously, my music list is pretty varied.  I'm proud to say there's no Veggietale on it, although Dora and Blue both definitely have a home on myMP3 player (which I adore - the player, not dora and blue)

This may well be my favorite song of all time.  It's never been on the list before, and I think it's because we didn't own it.

This song was originally sung at BYU right about the time I was there.  And it was consistantly played in classes or in church and we all consistantly cried.

There are just so many happy memories, listening to it with my BFF Kendra while we laid on our beds and read scriptures (seriously, can many of you say you did that in college).  Listening to it when Drew performed it with people at BYU.  Listening to it when the Mo Tab performs it now.  I am always amazed at how the words speak to me at each stage of my life.

And that's because the truth speaks to people.

It spoke a lot to me when I listened to it before prop 8.

It speaks to me when I think about getting laid off, or when we were trying to get pregnant. 

I'm telling you what though, it's this particular arrangement of the song.  It's not when I sing it in church or hear it otherwise.

That violin line.  It's kind of haunting and reptative -- like how I live my life.  That line is me getting up and working out, reading scriptures and making lunches.  And then there's the brass... which is those amazing moments that happen, letting me know that God loves me, and no matter what's going on down here... things will be OK.

Here by Thy great help I’ve come;
And I hope, by Thy good pleasure,
Safely to arrive at home....

Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
Prone to leave the God I love;
Here’s my heart, O take and seal it,
Seal it for Thy courts above.
 Do you have a reglious song that is your favorite?  I for one am SO glad that Mac Wilberg now directs the Mormon Tabernacle Choir... the guy does have a way with the note.  Even if I can pick out one of his arragements a room away. :)

Here it is sung at BYU with the BYU Phil.

** K, favorite part of this video -- is the girls that cry near the end.  I mean, what other musical presentation would they ENCOURAGE you to cry at?  I would guess most other places would discourage it... not BYU.  But don't have a shiny head.  (seriously, when Drew did a video with them one year they said that if you were bald they'd prefer you prevented "illumination" with powder).  Mac, was obviously screwed. :)

A little Problem

So, all of my blog is showing in my side bar.
Doing this post hoping I might figure something out....
Anyone else have this happen?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tutorial Thursday: Making Bread

A little video about making bread:  Really, go ahead and click on it, I promise it's more exciting than it sounds. :)

Here's the recipe I use.

Good Deal of the Day

GoFit Kettlebells Iron Core Express DVD Volume 3I just saw on mamapedia you can get 4 workout DVD's for 10 bucks (plus, it looks like 6 dollars shipping, but they say if you combine more than one voucher you'll only be charged shipping once).  Anyway, it looks like a good deal if you're looking to expand your workout DVD collection.

AND if you live by me and you'd like to borrow, that would be fine too. :)
If you're going to order and don't have a school code, please email me and I will get it to you. :)

Grocery Store Deals this Week January 19

Sprouts 1/19-1/26
  • Almonds 3.99
  • Grapefruit 4/1
  • Asparagus 1.88
  • Onions 49 cnets
  • apples 88 cents
  • Cherry tomatoes 99 cents
  • peaches 2/3
  • red peppers 88 cents
  • avocados 99 cents
  • ciabatta 2.99
  • foccacia 2.99
  • canned beans 77 cents (GREAT price! -- I got 20)

  • Soda 59 cents (Friday Saturday Sunday Only)*
  • Asparagus 97 cents (Friday Saturday Sunday Only)
  • boneless skinless chicken breasts 1.59
  • Pork roasts 1.59
  • spiral hams 10.00 each
  • cuties 3.97
  • bags/foil 99 cents*
  • canned calms 3/5*
  • huggies -- coupon *for 2$ off

Lucky (items with a star under savemart are also on sale at Lucky)
  • Cuties 2.59 (Friday Saturday Sunday Only)
  • Roma 37 cents
  • hunts ketsup 99 cents
  • Honey nut cheerios 1.47 (through their just for you program)
  • Bread 79 cents (also with just for you -- you need to sign-up online)
  • Goldfish 88 cents (YES, we are almost out) (fri-mon only)
  • Safeway pizza 2.99 (fri-mon only)
  • shrimp 3.99(fri-mon only)
  • mushrooms 99 cents
  • salad 99 cents
  • 12 pack quiled northern or 6-8 pack brawny 6.99
  • Huggies 8.99
  • Red peppers 99 cents
  • chili (canned) 2/3

For me, I made a run to Sprouts (I go every other Wednesday so I can hit all the sales since their wednesday sales overlap).

I'm also going to go to Safeway tomorrow for goldifsh and a few other small things. 

My current grocery thinking is to just keep track of what I have, make a note when I'm getting low and watch the ads.  I don't want to overstock myself on stuff, that's just stupid.  So waht if I'm not getting THE. MOST. AMAZING. DEAL ever... it may be worth the extra 5 bucks not to have to store/organize it to the hilt.

I go in waves of supermarket excitement. :)

*Grocery ads are taken from sales flyers in the bay area of California.  Your area's prices may vary. :)

Hilary's Music List 2011: Raise Your Glass

Raise Your Glass (Clean Version)

A girl needs a party song, right?

I'm sure most of you noticed from my previous blog entries, I'm a tad anal.

I tend to like complete order.

But sometimes you have to break out of that.  I really like to get crazy and enjoy life too.

This song reminds me of that.

No, I don't get drunk (but I know a few friends I can call if I ever want to....), but I do like to break out of my molly organized mormon personna.

Because while that works for me, I'm not sure it's who I really am. :)

I'd post a video but there is apparently a clean version, and an explicit version -- the amazon link is the clean one.  I hate it when artists do that, but I do like the song.  I am fired.

Ode to the New Mom

I have a hard time at work sometimes.  Sometimes I feel like I'm that drill Sargent sending troops off to the war that was so very painful to me.  I wheel them to the curb with a little tear in my eye.  I know where they're going.  I've been there.  I've watched my friends go there.  It is a war.  I have literally choked away tears as I wish them good luck.

Lately I have a lot of friends who are having their first baby (seriously, how did I get into this place, I swore I'd never throw a shower again....).  I look at them and I have a hard time not SHAKING them and knowing what they're walking into.  But even if I did I'd look like a lunatic.  I just don't have words.  I don't have words to tell them what it will be like.


No words?

Who knew?

Sure, that adorable bundle of goo is yours.  You love it so much (or, maybe you don't, but you try to.. either way is fine).  Those nurses, they make things look so easy, surely it will be fine when you go home.  So many people have done this, right?  My uncle had a great saying that "Dumber people than you have done this."  That was my mantra for a good 2 weeks when Conner was born. 

You walk in the door.  Everything seems the same.  It's the same kitchen, your same bed.  Yet, everything is somehow different.  You've changed.  Not only are your hips a good centimeter larger (or more) but there's more...

Anyway, I just want everyone to know that first baby.  It's a doozy.  I mean, every baby that follows is a doozy too... but that first one.  The realization that THIS is your new life.  You are completely enslaved to someone who weighs less than the bag of flour you got at Target a few days ago.  Your every need comes second to theirs.  Your who-who (that's a technical term) hurts something painful, but you pull yourself out of bed only to have them suck on blistered tender parts of yourself.

I remember bursting into tears when Conner would be hungry.  I didn't want to be near him, and I felt SO guilty.  SO guilty.  I remember Drew trying to get me to "play" with him on his non-sleeping hours. Just so I could feel a little baby joy rather than wanting to claw my own eyes out while he tried to suck my soul out.

I remember crying like a maniac that I didn't have milk.  MY child would be RUINED.  He'd never read, his IQ would be in the toilet.   I had truly failed him.  Seriously?  I mean, I truly fail him in many worse ways daily now. :)  Had I only known that then.

Had I known how truly hard it is to ruin a newborn I think I might have put a little less pressure on myself. But all those books, all those DARN BOOKS.  Not to mention those moms who pretend that it is a piece of cake.  That they never, ever had thoughts like that.  They're lying.  Or, they're on serious anti depressants. :)

Anyway, I guess what I'm going to wind this up to say is that YOU are OK.  Whatever you are thinking is fine.  You don't have to feel guilty about wishing your life hadn't been sucked into the mouth of this little infant.  You don't have to feel guilty about mixing a bottle every now and then.  You don't have to feel guilty if the sound of them crying makes you just turn up the Enya for a few minutes longer.

Because this is your new life.  That isn't to say that you'll be sleepless forever, or that feeding and pooping will be your main concerns forever.  But it is your new life.  This baby IS your new life.

And every woman takes their own pace realizing that and getting into their new groove.  Because, you will find that groove (hopefully with the support of your assistive husband).  Someday you'll be that mom who tackles 3 kids with abandon and looks like she has it all together (emphasis on looks) but today isn't that day.  Today is the day to get through one hour at a time, and find joy in the tiny things, and to stroke those tiny baby thighs and to think happy thoughts about heaven where that baby just was.

Now is the time to realize that you can do it.  But you're not going to do it all today.

And most of all, now is the time to know you can call me any time.  I've been there.  I do this for a living.  And I want to help out.  There is no need for this to be a private war.  The more troops the better, right?  I wish I had reached out more.  I felt so awkward saying this wasn't working.  I had one friend who I spilled my soul to daily and she was so comforting.  I actually can't even remember her name now, but she was amazing.  A true gift from God at the time.

Knuckle bump to anyone who's ever been a first time mom.  We all know you'll make it. :)

P.S.  Maybe I just did this post to put some adorable infant P pictures up.  What a cute bundle of goo she was. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My now Weekly Update on Internet TV

Shhh... I had a secret when I wrote the last post.

Sony Bravia EX700 Series 46-Inch LED HDTV, BlackI bought Drew a LAPTOP for his birthday.  I just couldn't figure out how to get my actual computer screen over to our TV without a lovely 50 foot HDMI cable winding through our kitchen.  And then I found a cheap laptop with an HDMI port.  It solved so many problems.  Happy me.  WAY happy Drew.

SO, when we need to watch something that's only available on the computer we can hook the laptop to our TV and watch it that way.

WHILE we were setting up the laptop I was adding it to our homegroup with our desktop that is in our playroom I also saw I could add our TV to our homegroup.

I said to myself, "self, why not try that... what's the worst that can happen?"

Well, the best happened.

BECAUSE {drumroll}

We can now watch TV that we tape on our computer on our TV (through windows media center).  The resolution is kinda crappy... but it will let me fast forward and all that jazz.  We can also watch any movies that are on our computer or pull up photos or music.  I need to look more into the resolution issues.

It's now a DNLA server, I guess (or maybe windows is...) ....

I am guessing you could do that with any of the sony internet-enabled products like the dash, etc.
Of course, you'd also need windows 7 to just be able to add it to your homegroup.  If you had a previous version you can add it to your network but it's more painful.

Anyway, so our current options:
  • Hulu plus (still can't resume play, and it's having a LOT of content errors lately, driving me isnane -- I am thinking strongly of canceling when our freebie is up)
  • Netflix (LOVE it
  • Regular cable (we have local channels on our TV that we can watch live)
  • Logitech Wireless Desktop MK320 with Keyboard and MouseHook in the laptop (I also got Drew a wireless keyboard and mouse so we can run it from the couch, how lazy and cool is that?)
  • Watch things that we tape on our desktop (you need to have a TV tuner in order to be able to tape things on your desktop -- fyi, we already had one)
Anyway, still very happy we did it.  Love my new lower cable bill.  Still sad about Sister Wives, but that's pretty well the only thing.  I hope TLC gets on the internet TV bandwagon SOON! :)

Hilary's Music List 2011: King of Anything

I really like this song. 
King Of AnythingI want to sing/scream it at my kids quite often.
I think it may was supposed to be a love song...
Who cares if you disagree, you are not me, who made you king of anything?
You dare tell me who to be, who died and made you king of anything?
I think I tend to have this attidue with a lot of people.  I dare to say that I have a fairly high self esteem.  This isn't to say that I don't get hurt, but I mostly find myself to be my own person.  HOWEVER, I am completely consumed by other people's needs most of the time.  Sometimes I can just rattle off 400 things I've done for other people every day.  And most days that's fine.

But sometimes I need to remember that I am the king of my everything.

I am the one making the choice to serve, making the choice to love these children.  Somehow that makes it all worth it.

And just for your info, Conner is not the king of Anything. :)  Neither is P.  Although she thinks she is.  I'm still working on that.

Here's the video in case you haven't heard it before:

how to: look less tired with make-up

Another good makeup post. I like how she's a real person, and not one of the crazy makeup gurus....
how to: look less tired with make-up

Deal of the Day! $50 Gift Card (0109)Just saw you can get a 20 dollar Amazon gift card for just 10 bucks!  HELLO, that doesn't ever happen!
Just click here:

*** IN all fairness if 3 of you click through this link I get mine for free, because I totally ordered when I saw it.  But it sounds like Living Social is set to be the next groupon (I guess Amazon just bought part of it, hence this great deal)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OH NO, not MORE recipes

HUGE five star meal tonight at dinner.  The people were going crazy for how delicious it was.
We had Parmesan tilapia (which is in our school cookbook, in case you happen to own that fine piece of culinary literature)
And bananna mashed sweet potatoes (the recipe has pork chops with it, but I wanted tilapia).
HOLY CRAP they were just both so good!  The Tilapia is 5 points, and the sweet potatoes are 7 points.

And so delicious.

Kids loved them, adults loved them.  They're both going in the ol' recipe binder.

The Mormon Mommy Bloggers

Has anyone read this article from Salon (be careful, there's an ad with sound at the beginning, in case you get scared easily, like me) about how some women have secret fetishes with Mormon Mommy blogs.

I have been asked a. lot. lately why I blog so much.

It's something I've been pondering a lot lately... I do see another "set" of blog entries about that one. 

I actually don't tend to love those blogs.  I like to dabble in them.  There are a few that I really enjoy but for the most part if you're constantly saying how perfect your life is, my mind tends to think things ARE NOT that perfect and that you're building a dream world.

I sometimes wonder if I would fit into that type of category.  I mean, I really hope that my blog keeps my life fairly real.  When I peruse old blogs in their printed form I think I give a fairly even-handed approach to at least raising children.

Anyway, do you have an obsession with Mormon Mommy blogs, and do you know why?

Hilary's Music List 2011: The Theme from ER

ER: The Complete First Season
I know, I know.  The show got SO awful at the end.  It truly was tragic.  But this is who I was.  I watched Carol Hathaway be a nurse, and I thought, maybe I can do that too.  I remember the episode where she and Goerge Clooney get in a fight about a lady who she's just going overboard to help and she said, "We have to help people who can't help themselves."

And isn't that really what being Christlike is about?

AND, that is really what being a nurse is about.

Right at that moment when a mom looks at me with the begging look in her eyes to please cut her abdomen open and just save her from what she's going through I tell her she can DO this and we will push this baby out together.

And she does.

I still think of myself as Carol Hathaway some days, and sometimes when it's really crazy at work the theme song will click on in my head.  There were a lot of crazy things in that show that they got right.

However, you don't bend your arms when you're doing CPR, in case you care. :)  Also, we don't deliver babies on ladders.  Anyone see that episode.  {Giggle}....

Monday, January 17, 2011

And to make up for the artery clogging soup...

I haven't a clue of non-weight watchers people can read these recipes, but i was perusing the site this evening and found these yummy, and easy looking ones!

Slow Cooker Chicken Burritos
Bacon Egg and Spinach Stacks
Chipotle Potato Skins

I made our menu today, I'm excited to try some new things... less excited to figure out everything's point values.  But, that's part of the part time weight watching gig I'm pullin' this month. :)

Delicious, but high on points

Tonight we had Macaroni and Cheese soup.
That's right, I can hear the gasping.
And I did, there are 11 of them.  Which is actually my allotment for dinner.
Take THAT.
Of course, you can't have anything with it -- and the recipe (which came free to my home from Cuisine at Home -- one of those freebie recipe things you get in the mail tempting you to get more, which I didn't) has a chicken dish with it.  No need.  I would've died.  P literally licked her bowl.  No kidding.

Serving size is one cup, and I am totally full, and happy. :)

Give it a try, but it's a definite splurge meal.  Not a lot that's good for you in this thing, but possibly good for your soul. :)

For FHE we're having some cocoa meringues with berries in a thickened orange syrup sauce.  They're only 3 points, thank heavens for the free fruits. :)  Sadly, I can't find the recipe anywhere but it wasn't too hard to make... I'll let you know if it's any good as the point amount is great!

Hilary's Music List 2011: I know things now

I try and make a CD of songs I really like each year.  I allow myself to download them from itunes (although, I HATE itunes... but that's a blog for another day) and they just kind of speak to where I am at right now in my life.  They're not always current, but they're ones that speak to me.

Into The WoodsSo, I thought this week I'd highlight a few of them and how they speak to me right now.

I Know Things Now from Into the Woods

Now, why on earth would that be on my list for 2011? That musical is YEARS old.  But as I was browsing what was already on our collection (and being married to Mr. Music you can be sure that it is QUITE varied) I LOVE this song.  It speaks to who I was in high school and who I am now.

We did this musical in high school and while I never really thought I was good enough to actually be IN the musical (which I regret now, I would love to have had those experiences) I was religiously in the pit and memorized EVERY song.  In some ways it was more fun than being in the actual musical, because we were a part of every scene... and we could dramatically act them out in our own ways just a few feet below. :)

This musical's a weird one.  The first part is so nice, and the second well... it just isn't.  And I didn't really like that.  I liked how everything was happy and delightful... kind of how my life was in high school.  And now my life, well it's not really DARK, but it sure is different then it was in high school.  I remember trying to figure out the characters, how on EARTH the wife could think about having an affair with the prince.  I mean, people don't do that!  And while I haven't sought to have an affair with a prince... I do sometimes have affairs with other things.  My phone, my friends, this blog.  There's just a lot to tear me away from what's really most important.

My favorite part of the song is the very end where she says, "Isn't it nice to know a lot?  And a little bit not."

And that's how I feel.  I know a LOT more about the world now and a lot of it I wish I didn't know.  But, that's part of my life, just like this song.

Do you have musical songs that speak to you?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Good Little Article

I've been making most of my own dressings lately... and this article has some great info.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Story of My Ring

5MM Musical Notes Band 925 Sterling Silver Ring Size 8Well, el cheapo is on my hand right now (it isn't that one, but wouldn't that be cute?), and the real one sits in a lovely safe deposit box, safe from all ring thieves.

Guess what my ring size is now, that's right a 4.5 -- same as it was the day I got married.  She started out sizing me at a size 6, and we just kept going lower....

Take that, formerly fat fingers.

I've had a lot of people ask me what the big deal is about my ring, just go without (and judge me if you want, but I worry that other people will wonder why I don't have a ring on -- worry something is wrong, worry I'm not married in my heart... maybe they didn't read that last blog post....).

Well, besides the fact that I feel udderly naked when my ring isn't on I truly adore my ring, and here's why.

Drew and I were two struggling college students.  The nursing program doesn't recommend you work at all, but I was trying to pull 15 hours/week so I could at least pay rent.  Drew was starting up teaching trombone and frankly... we weren't rich.  We weren't anywhere NEAR rich.

But somehow in my heart I really felt that if we couldn't afford some sort of a ring with, in fact, a real diamond in it -- we couldn't do this marriage.  It just wasn't meant to be.

And for quite a while it just didn't look like it was meant to be.  Or, it wouldn't happen for quite some time.
And then one day Drew hears about a mysterious bond fund his grandparents had started for him years, and YEARS ago that everyone had forgotten about.  What on earth, what a surprise.

So, we started to dabble in some ring shopping, and I found one I adored and as we walked into his back office (my dad had one of the presidents of Sierra West as a bishop in his stake) he did some calculating and said if we wanted this ring, with a lovely diamond..."with tax (punching numbers) that... wow, that's weird... well, it's 777.77" -- really.  Our ring came to $777.77

And we had that amount, and even a few dollars to spare.

Drew secretly bought it behind my back...

But when I look at that ring I remember it's good to have expectations, to plan on them being met, and to know that God will make things fall into place, and it will be just right.

And it is, but now it is going to be just right in our safety deposit box, until our 15th wedding anniversary when I have vowed i will have it re-sized.  That's still a good year and a half away so I'll have time to figure out where my weight is going to settle at.

Until then, I have a glamorous 7 dollar ring on that finger (anyone else here finding it funny that this ring is also a 7?).   Drew even found it.  I was gettin desperate in a sea of size 8 rings when he found this one.  It's perfect for now.

Just like us. :) {vomit}

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Drew!!!

Someone's getting old, but I must admit that he's getting better with age.

The man is a fine wine. :)

Here's my 36 favorite things about Drew, in particular order:
1. He has a knack with the highschoolers, I see that coming in handy
2. I botched his hair a few months ago and he laughed it off
3. He can pull out tomato plants like no one's business
4. He sure loves his trombone
5. He is a laundry folding machine
6. His woman works, and he loves that about me
7. He is married to me. Obviously, he has good taste
8. He loves the outdoors
9. He has lots of good farm stories to tell our kids wen they're out of line
10. He is tolerating my current Barry Manilow period.
11. He's starting working out for longer periods and finding he really likes it.
12. He lets me have a larger "half" of the medicine cabinet
13. He doesn't mind that I may or may not be getting more high maintenance
14. He pretends to be interested when I buy P yet ANOTHER outfit at Kid to Kid
15. He pretends to be interested when I buy a new outfit at Savers
16. He makes nice comments about how skinny I am getting (true or not true, I still love it)
17. He wore silky shirts in high school
18. He has more friends on facebook than most people can aspire to have.
19. He loves my family
20. He loves P possibly more than me. The guy LOVES his daughter.
21. She loves him right back. Blowing kisses to him each morning
22. He's getting along with Mr. C more lately, which is a very happy thing.
23. When I just can't deal with one more question he fields them after dinner
24. He's helping a lot with science projects this year (and every year)
25. He's had the same calling for like 20 years and doesn't mind it.
26. He never laughs at me from the stand when I'm wrestling my little monsters
27. His goal was to give me more compliments, and he's successful
28. He tolerates my insane documentaries ala netflix
29. He isn't high maintenance
30. When I'm too high strung, he un strings me. Wait, that sounds bad...
31. He loves wii almost as much as my kids, possibly more.
32. He would probably do his job for free if I let him.
33. He understands how a mom just needs a nap every now and then.
34. He loves to play games
35. The man can cook fried rice like nobody's business
36. He's aging so gracefully.

Love you Drew, I am working hard to make this the
evah! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A couple of links

First off, I LOVE this meal.  I doubled the beans and the broccoli and it worked really well.  All the kids loved it, although P mostly loved the parmesean curls.  I guess when you're in the 4th percentile on weight you can eat like that. :)  I think if I didn't double the beans and broccoli I'd fish out a bit of the bacon grease, but when you double it all it didn't taste heavy at all. 

And secondly, my pseudo-cousin posted some of her maternity shoot on her blog.  You can see them here.

I am amazing, and I heart her as well.  Good luck to her, we all know what a huge fan of first babies I am.  At least she can drown her sorrows in some delicious homemade bread when the blessed day comes. :)

Oh, and I added some eshakti links on this blog.  There's even a skirt specific one there on the right showing all their cute skirts.  I'll be shopping through there soon (if I ever lose any freaking weight, so far with this fine week of WW I've lost NADA).  Grrr... but, feel free to click away. :)

An Update on Cable-Free

Sony BRAVIA KDL-46EX500 1080P 120Hz 46-Inch LCD HD TVSo, it's been about 3-4 weeks since we stopped our cable service.
At first, it wasn't awesome... but we're doing OK.

We use hulu plus, which we can get through our TV.  Honestly, I don't love it.  You can't resume play and the playback is iffy at best.  We have 11 weeks free of it, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone right now, at least people who have to pay.  Hopefully they're just getting the kinks out right now.

We also have netflix which streams directly to our TV.  It's awesome, I love it.  It's my new best friend.  Besides the song Mandy.

We have basic cable right now, just because it's only 10 bucks more and I'm not sure what our signal strength on the basic channels would be without it.  Once hulu gets more shows, I may consider even cancelling that.  I do like to watch news in the AM, but I think we could get some bunny ears and possibly make that work.

My cable bill was 13 bucks this month (we also get Internet through them).  Sure, that's lower than it will usually be, but it's been 120 at times (depending on what promotion I could beg us onto -- we had a credit last month because we stopped the service mid-month).

We have a TV tuner on our computer, but it's a pain to get shows from our computer to the TV (DVD's take like 4 hours to burn, or longer).  Still trying to tweak that.  BUT, it can record things we REALLY want to watch, so that is surely a benefit.

I'm still looking for a way to get a regular computer signal to the TV.  I've had my eye on a 40 foot long HDMI cord, but not sure that's the best option.  I have a better idea one of these days.  So far all of the ones that go via wifi are super expensive and can't go through walls.  Booo.

Anyway, that's my update.  Anyone else done this lately?


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