Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Musings on Honesty

I've been on a big beef on honesty lately in my life.  While I'm trying to keep my kids super honest, I've also been watching those around me and seeing how they are living an "honest" life.

I've been interested in people who just don't say things, even though it's not REALLY being dishonest, they're thinking they are.  I mean, no one actually asked them.

Most of the time that seems to be to avoid confrontation.  For instance, some people were taking other people's spots at work but they never told them, they just swooped in and did it.  It wouldn't have changed anything but I do feel like one was being more honest, or at least being a better friend.

On Saturday Conner tried to hide the fact he hadn't changed his sheets by just making his bed.  Drew caught him.  Conner said it wasn't a lie... but not living the genuine truth or trying to cover stuff up... that's lying. 

Anyway, I'm trying to live a more genuine life and being more honest with those around me.  Do you have thoughts on honesty?

BTW, I have started having any child who lies in our house miss his next "fun thing"... and it's working.  The kids are usually pretty devastated, and it's what I need to have happen.  I demand honesty from them.  Anyway, I need to stay on that horse and stay firm... :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm on Break

Our school has been on break this week.  It's been truly lovely.  I know there are a lot of moms out there who hate the breaks.  I, for one, can attest to the fact that it allows our teachers to come back more rested and happy... and THAT is a very happy thing.

Anyway, for our family it's time to take a breather.  We didnt' go anywhere this time, although I worked a bit.

And a breather was just what the doctor ordered. :)

Here's to snow in the bay area tonight!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm an addict....

Top 5 addictions of the day:

1.  Food.  I had to step away slowly from the table tonight.  Good food and me sitting there staring at it just don't match.

2.  My google calendar.  I updated to android 2.2 today and it made my google calendar whack out.  I have 3 calendar widgets on my phone.  Wait, no, make that 4.  Seriously.  I need help. I got it fixed though (you have to delete the data on your calendar app -- make sure ALL of your calendar is OK on google and then re-sync... worked, phewsh!).  They're all back on.  YAY!

3.  Ads.  I don't have a minute to really think about grocery shopping this week, and yet I scoured the ads.  I was happy to find there's not much calling my name this week.  Again.  phewsh.

Wii Party4.  Friends.  I get so sad missing some of my good buddies at work.  The schedule is all flipped around starting on Sunday and it's going to be weird.  BUT, I am excited to work with new people and sometimes the pot needs a little mixing.

5. Wii party.  Ok, I'm not so much addicted to this thing as my family is but wow, it's sure a fun game for the whole family.   We wanted to get the kids something fun for the break with our tax return and this one has paid dividends!  We all have a really great time playing it!

Sometimes when I think about other people's addictions, I get all too aware of my own. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lessons I Learned On Work.

The Rules of Work, Expanded Edition: A Definitive Code for Personal Success (Richard Templar's Rules)On Sunday I taught a lesson to the women of our church on work.  I NEEDED this lesson.  I needed to hear the things that were in here.  Here's a few revelations ala me. :)

1.  Work is an eternal principle.  God works, we should work while we are here on earth (and by work I mean work... not work for pay), we will work when we die.  So long sucka's ... work's here to stay!

2.  I need to be better about providing positive praise to my kids when they work.  Where else are they going to get it?  Sure, we have jobs and I expect them to be done but I am the one who will teach them all how to work.  It's my job (and Drew's).

3.  I like to work.  I like to be busy, and have things to do.  I LOVE to organize and see my finished product.  I loved putting in our sprinkler system.  I like being busy.  This doesn't mean that I don't like watching a little reality TV but I spend from 5:30 am til' 8:30 pm mostly in constant motion, and I like it that way. :) 

4.  It is up to me to show my kids how to balance work and relaxation/rest.  I have decided to take an hour long lunch as of late.  I usually watch the biggest loser or something else from my Hulu queue... sometimes I show some blog love... just what I'm feeling I need to do.  It makes me happier as a mom and when I'm not working and I find my days REALLY monotonous, this helps improve my attitude.  Which brings me to...

5.  Attitude is everything.  I mean, you attitude about work is everything.  It will make it good, or not so good.  So, the 5 million dollar question is how do you change your attitude?  Well, for me it's just the reminder that it is MY attitude that will make the work.  No one else's.  That can be hard when you feel like you are controlled by a manager or small children, but it truly is all about you.  However, you may need to go back to 4 to find the balance.  Sadly, relaxation can only take up so much time... because then you head into "idle" territory. :)

Anyway, it was a good lesson.  A great one to share at FHE.

BUT, how do YOU change your attitude?  Do you get a job with me, because frankly that's all giggles and flower petals. :)

Musings on Mormons on Monday

Mr. Middle's teacher mentioned that he really likes alliteration.  Huh, wonder how THAT could've happened. :)


I gave the lesson in Relief Society yesterday.  Turns out I am the best relief society teacher the world has ever seen.  Ok, maybe not... but I amuse myself.  PLUS, my tailbone was just KILLING me yesterday at church.  I was happy for the time to stand up!

I do worry that people get down-trodden when they listen to a lesson.  I mean there are times in your life where the very most you can do is try to "pedal" and keep up!  We've all been there and life can really be hard sometimes. 

However, I really try to teach my lessons for the times that you want to do better, or I hope to INSPIRE you to do better, and at the very least to inspire myself.  I came away with yesterday's lessons with loads of ideas which I shall compile into another blog entry.  But I would hate for anyone to feel like if you're not doing everything said in a relief society lesson, you are a total failure.

Because here's the newsflash of the day

The very least you could do is glean a few things that you might like to initiate in your own lives.

Utah has lots of antidepressant use, which has been blamed somewhat on the LDS church.  I think this needs to be said more often, that sometimes you just can't keep up with the Jones's when you're LDS.  The Joneses look and feel so perfect whenever you're around them.  Most likely, they're not.

I felt a lot of families in my ward growing up were perfect.  Turns out, 30 years later they weren't.  Not by a long shot, but I bet there were plenty of women who fell to pieces feeling they just weren't doing enough in comparison.

But, those families are still together.  And that's where the real rewards is.  It's not in teaching your children to work, or fasting, or knowing each detail of Christ's ministry it's having a happy eternal family, which btw is our family motto.

I feel some vinyl lettering and a plaque are needed.  I mean, I doubt I'll be celestial without it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good recipe that's good for you and different

This is almost like a dip.  I gave each kid a bowl with it in it and then some crostini type slices to put it on.  Just a different way to eat then we normally do.
Chickpeas and Spinach with Smokey Paprika

Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Friday: Happy Trails

Uh, all this rain!  Is Mother Nature somehow unaware of how much my mortgage is?  I mean, seriously... i PAY good money for good weather {stamping my food}.  But, without further adieu... I present the Photo Friday

First off is our Valentines meal of Fondue.  I make cheese fondue and chocolate fondue and every time someone drops they have to say something they LOVE about another person at the table.  It's actually one of my favorite traditions I have created.  I love my fondue but I fear I'd be compelled to make it more often if we didn't have this one very special day.  My cheese fondue recipe is easy-peasy.  This year we made it out of cheddar with some bacon, but the 2nd go around I made it out of swiss.  I like swiss better, but it seems like most any cheese will do.  This one isn't quite it, but it's similar... I like it how you toss the cheese in the flour because then you end-up clumpless. :)  I only like clumps on my chest.  Thanks. :)  Look how excited Drew is.  Really brings the warmth to your heart, doesn't it?

And not to be forgotten, I helped with both classroom parties.  In Conner's class we had awards for the best box.  Conner won for "most crazy"... it truly was.  It wasn't just that his mom was the judge.  In fact, it may NOT have happened because his mom was a judge... but it truly was the most crazy. :)

In Spencer's class we decorated cookies and made necklaces.  Mmmm... frosting filled necklaces.  I'm seeing a chain store here...

And while my new years resolutions had me doing something crafty every week, and my phone reminds me to scrapbook every Saturday... THIS is the first scrapbook page I've done in a while.  Yes, P's blessing was quite some time ago.  What a shame....

And on Saturday we did a little hike.  It was really nice to be out in nature just concentrating on our heavy breathing, pollen and the blue sky.  Look how happy Drew is again.  I should've named this "Photo Friday: Happy Drew"  It really was a lot of fun, I want to make hike plans monthly, at least!

So, that's our week in a nutshell.  Glad it's over.  Glad to be onto the weekend with a whole week of "Break" to follow it.  I wonder what kind of fun I can photograph for next week.  But, until then... same bat time, same bat station.  Le plane.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sissy Sitter

Little miss is almost two!  How did THAT happen?  It's disgusting... but work is also kind of calling my name.  I've taken a year to really get on top of our house and not work too much and not really worry about it....

But that kind of thinking doesn't get one very far in life... especially in their checkbook...

Also, I need to get out.  I tend to be an EXTREME homebody when I'm not working which works fine when I am working... but when I'm not... well... it can get ugly.

So I sent out a request to some friends to see if anyone wants to watch the little miss if perchance I could work day shift...

Great babysitters are just THAT.  Great.

I've had some great ones and I hope they know how much I treasure them.

Anyway, just a big ol' kudos out for people who are good babysitters.  You deserve it!

Do you have a sitter for your kids?  Love it?  Hate it?

I'm not talking about the 14 year old ones, I'm talking about real live, pay 'em well babysitters. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Words of the Week

Man, I'm a bit behind this week... but this week's words are:

"First Time Listener"

I think it was Miranda that gave me this idea a while ago... and I just felt like I was nagging my kids to death.  So they get asked to do it once.  If they don't do it, they can have a consequence.  The end.

At least it's helping me focus on not continually saying "we're leaving at 8:10" or "tie your shoe"...

Let's just say someone's already lost their valentines candy.  What a sad day it is...

What's Up Wednesdays

So, this week went from being easy going and carefree to JAM packed.  How did that happen?  How did I LET that happen.  I am so fired.

El Presidante has had some issues with stealing and then lying about it.  I'm doing a MAJOR crackdown on lying around here.  I'm consistently lied to about brushing their teeth and I just can't take it anymore.  New rule, if I find out you're lying you will miss out on your next fun event.  What a shame that will be.  El Presidante (fyi, conner's the president at his school now so I like to call him the president... just to be cheeky, because I'm like that) missed out on his school fundraiser last night.  I will NOT be lied to. 

Mr. Middle (sometimes I don't want to use my kids names and I it's so cute when people have little nicknames for their kids on their blogs) lost his lunchbox and is totally distraught about it.  Part of me loves that about him, but I hope he can function through his day.  Trying to figure out a consequence that won't entirely ruin him but will have lasting value of remembering our things.  He is also  very possessive of all the fancy toys he got on his birthday.  Go S.

The little lady last learned the word "mine".  I'm not particularly pleased about that... but I go on.

The mother guilt is large at our school right now.  We have no PTA president and yesterday for one quiet moment and just in my brain I considered it.  What on earth was I doing that for.  Now, here's yours and my dirty little secret.  I'm just not a giant fan of PTA.  I really feel my time is best spent in the classrooms during the day... and not at meetings.  I think PTA has its place but I also feel like there's a lot of extra time wasted with it.... hence I'm not going to be the PTA president and I am mentally flogging myself for even thinking about it.

The mister had a lovely valentines day and he even watched a little Teen Mom 2 with me last night.  And while that shows his deep and undying love, Teen Mom 2 is a lengthy post for another day.  Thank goodness it's now on Hulu Plus.  :)

Happy hump day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TMI Tuesdays: Head Trauma

Grinning SkullI first really want to preface this by listening to your inner mother voice.  If something is telling you that something is wrong, head trauma is the time to listen to it.  BUT, I even worry a lot when they get a big bonk on the head.
So, here's what I look for:

1.  Is the area still firm?  If they have skull fracture, you might be able to feel it, or it may feel mushy (eww, I know).  Just gently palapate (or press) the area.  Is it all firm? 

2.  Head trauma swells.  Goose eggs are normal and fine.  You can ice them if that's something your child is OK with.  Most of mine tended to not want ice in it.  The swelling may help it to be smaller but that's the only thing you're doing with ice.  It doesn't treat an actual issue.

3.  Are they acting OK?  Do they know their name, who their teacher is, just appropriate questions.  Things they readily know the answer to before, they should be fine to answer.  However, my kids tend to be more in the crying until their eyes bleed type situation after this.  They're not in the mood to answer questions, so this doesn't always work for me.

4.  Are they vomiting?  Now, if they're crying their eyes out and suddenly gag on their tears and it makes them heave.... that is something questionable.  BUT, if they throw-up out of the blue, that's something that needs to head to the doctor, most likely the ER.

5.  PERLA.  Pupils Equally Responsive to Light... Those medical people... they like to make up anacronyms for everything.  If you shine a flashlight in their eyes, the pupil should adjust.  Also, both pupils should be about the same size.  Drew was always checking our kids eyes after they fell, but I haven't a clue what he was looking for.  This is a pretty slow sign if there's a problem, you'll probably notice other things wrong with them before this.

The main thing to watch is if they're acting normal.  Sure, you'll have enough tears to clog your bathtub, but after that's over do they act OK?  If they fall asleep, maybe wake them up after 15 minutes and make sure they're responsive and all that jazz.

Head trauma can be really serious though, and if you have a question that's the time to call the doctor.  They'll give you better/more specific advice, but this is a brief overview.  I hope it's helpful. :)

Hilary is an RN, BSN who has worked in various medical fields for the past 14 years, however, none of the information on this blog, should be substituted for the care of a physician. The information provided on this blog is informational only and shouldn't be taken as medical advice. If you have questions, please ask your doctor. If you think you have a medical or psychiatric emergency, please call 911. Also, please don't delay contacting a physician due to something you have read on here. Pulling Curls doesn't take responsibility for your health. That's your job. We're just a nice read.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Musings on Marriage on this lovely Valentines Day

Happiness and MarriageThe other night at girls night we were all talking about how sometimes we'd look at other people's marriages and wonder if they'd last... or what on earth they saw in each other.

It's so funny how people find each other or how marriage end-up working out.  Drew had a friend in college who ended-up marrying her boyfriends dad.  Uh-huh... serious.

But isn't marriage a lovely thing?  Isn't it nice to know there's someone out there who has your back, who you can talk through everything with?

Isn't it amazing that any of us stay married?  I must admit there are days.  I once heard a talk from a general authority's wife who said, "I've considered murder, but never divorce." (she said it jokingly, but I can totally see where she's coming from).

So, to this day of love I give love to MY love who proposed to me just 14 long years ago tomorrow.  He thought he was coy buying me a pen for our first Valentines Day.  Then came the big present the next day.  What a lucky gal I am. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Well, Hello Mr. President

I didn't want to jinx him on Photo Friday, but Conner's been working hard to run for student body president at his elementary school.
And, {drumroll....}
That's right, at this very minute his majesty is eating at my very own table.
It's very exciting.
Yesterday, when he woke up he said, "today, is the day I become president."
For real.
I, of course reminded him of all of the qualities that might make a person vote for someone else but apparently his finer qualities won.
Thanks to everyone who helped out.  You know who you are.

Photo Friday: Winners

Hello everyone!  It's FRIDAY again!  Can't believe how fast the weeks fly by... and yet there are times I feel like time is in molasses...

First off, we have Mr. Conner at the district Pinewood Derby.  They really take their racing SERIOUSLY around here.  Here's him and his pit pass:

And {drumroll please}... Mr. Conner won 2nd place for best craftsmanship.  I think that means that the kids did a lot of the car work themselves, which he did... with a little help from our prior bishop who is like a pinewood derby genius.  Really proud of Conner and how he conducted himself the whole day.  A lot of the kids were stuck with their nose like glue to their DS's... but Conner met some new friends and talked to some kids from school who are in other packs.  Made me proud.  Might I mention this is his LAST pinewood derby.  {tear}

Spencer, not only had an amazing birthday, but also was the star student of the week in his classroom.  He got to do an "all about me" poster.  It. is. awesome.

And of course, when you have a birthday around here you also need a photo shoot.  Duh.

Horray, I'm seven!

Spencer wasn't the only one who had a birthday around here.  Conner's teacher also had a BIG birthday.  One bigger then I've ever had.  Anywho... we wanted to make his day pretty special, and what better to make such an occasion then a giant cow ballon, and of course some centrum silver, to mark such a BIG occasion. :)  Waiving to Mr. M who I'm just sure is an avid reader of my blog. :)

Conner also participated in the science fair.  His project was on paper airplanes made of different types of paper and which one flew the best.  He thought it'd be cardstock but it ended-up being the regular ol' lined paper.  Who knew?  Science fair.  That's who knew. :)

And because we can't stop this little lady from trailing behind all of us....

She gets upset if we do....

Oh, and yesterday's post just would be nothing without a picture of the finished product.  Mmm... chocolate cake and sour skittles.  Conner says it brings out the tang in the chocolate.  Who knew?  Not me, that's for sure.  I must admit it's still sitting in my kitchen and not tempting me an ounce.  Just another perk of the child getting to decorate. :)  It did, however, take him like 7 tries to blow-out the candles.  All that hope to have him as a brass player...

Here's hoping for a great weekend, with lots of good family time.  I hope yours is great too.

America's Test Kitchen Pizza

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Bash for Valentine's Day - Gino's East Deep Dish PizzasSpencer's meal of request was America's Test Kitchen Deep Dish Pizza.

You can't see it, unless you give your email and your firstborn.  My first born is possibly worth this pizza. :)

Anyway, they have a few things that make it GREAT.

The pizza crust is good, but if you have a favorite I bet it's fine.

They cook it in cake pans.  It's genius, something I already had and it's SO good.  I use 9 inch cake pans.

They pre-cook the pepperoni.  Line a plate with a papertowel and then fill it in a single layer with pepperoni.  Cook that in the microwave for 30 seconds.  2 pizzas requires 2 plateloads of pepperoni.  That allows you to have crispy pepperoni on your pizza, with less fat and less burned crust.  Yum.

Anyway, those are what make it so amazing, you might be able to adjust your own recipes to suit it.

Yum. yum. 

NOT weight watchers friendly.  In case you wondered...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

{Deep Breathing} It's not about the cake

Uh, the birthday cake saga... it lives forever.  I used to really put a lot of effort in, make shapes, all that jazz and it was a HUGE stress.  One year it was SUCH a mess that I had a blog miniseries going on when my mom reminded me that the birthday is NOT about the cake, it is about the boy (or girl, but it was a boy in this case) so I was sent to re-think my birthday cake feelings.

Now I just make the cake of their request.  Prior to the special day we go out and buy candy of their choice.  I make the cake, and frost it and then they set to work with their favorite candies to make it the cake of their dreams...

And that's all well and good but I still have to really separate myself from the process.  It's just too overwhelming sometimes to see a serious lack of perfection.  Here is today's cake.  It's probably only the 2nd bundt cake I've ever made that wasn't full of serious flaws.  I love my bundt cake recipe it's so delicious... but prior to now I haven't let it set long enough or whatever.  This time I made sure to coat the pan well with the baking spray and then I let it cool almost 3 full hours before I flipped it.  Just look at it, it's perfect.

But the frosting went awry....

And let's not even talk about the candy combinations that Spencer chose for his creation... ew.

But then it reminds me, the day is about him.  He had a great time decorating it, picking the candies and ordering what he wanted.

I'm not "that" mom... we don't even do friend parties around here.  I do let them have a playdate near their birthday.  I'm not much of a playdate mom... fire me.  Call me Asian {sorry to Asians, that was a reference to the tiger mom book or whatever it's called}.

But I do all their jobs on their birthday, we have a definite family party and all that jazz.

It's about the kid, it's not about me.  And to Conner, it's not about you either.  Regardless of how bitter that makes you.

Excited for our big party happening soon!

Seven is Heaven...

How did this 9 pound bundle of love and joy turn into the boy called Spencer?  I must admit that Spencer's birth is the least clear in my mind.  Perhaps it's the middle child syndrome.  I remember Conner puking right before we left for the hospital.  I remember pushing for far longer than I thought was necessary.  I remember wondering who'd plopped a fat little baby on my chest... surely that couldn't be ours.  I'm guessing I had some diabetes in my system because the boy we know today is in the 3rd percentile on weight.  Here he is at his check up yesterday at the doctor's.  Check out those legs!  He hit the big 40 pounds yetserday, allowing home to ride in a regular booster, no questions asked.  We're so proud. 

So, without further adieu, 7 things I love about Spencer:

1.  His laugh.  When he finds something funny he has the loudest laugh.  It just makes you laugh to hear it, it's especially funny to hear a big belly laugh from someone who doesn't have a belly.  He does have ribs though, you can see them all. :)

2.  Easy to please.  He has simple needs, and of course he wants them met, but the fact that he wants pizza and bundt cake is easy on the mom.  Thanks dude.

3.  He's a smarty, and he knows it.  Ok, I don't love that he knows it and I will admit I am the mom who will point out his faults if necessary.  The kid is pretty smart though, he knows most of what's being taught in first grade but still takes it all in stride.  I'm glad his teacher his willing to challenge him, but he does well in the times he's not challenged and is a good sport about helping others.  This is his science fair project about how many drops of water would fit on a coin.
4.  He still loves to cuddle.  Not only because it totally ticks off P either (but, it does).  I wonder how long that will last...  A benefit to him only being 40 pounds, I can still carry him around if necessary.  He finds that highly amusing.

5.  The kid has always been a great sleeper.  I love that about him.  Conner's an early riser, but Spencer's willing to make it past 7:30 if we'll let him.  I appreciate this even more since we've had P.  I remember very few nights getting up with him in the night.  THANK YOU SPENCER!

6.  He's really into the pantomime or charades.  Oh my goodness, just have a conversation!  I guess it's midly endearing that he doesn't say numbers but just shows them to you or just says the first letter of something and expects you to guess the rest.  I'm not amused, but I know it's an endearing phase I'll miss someday.

7.  He's a great brother.  He sure loves his baby P and he tries so hard to stay up with Conner.  He really works hard to maintain peace in our family. 

I'm so glad he's mine.  Happy Seventh Birthday Spencer!!!!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Why Are All the Good Teachers Crazy?I've been seeing a lot of blogs who are participating in some sort of gratitude posting to increase the gratitude in our world... part of me just thinks that's silly.  I would hope that my gratitude for my blessings just oozes from my blog... and I'm really being serious.  I am so consistently amazed at all the things God has given me.  I feel so very blessed.

But I was watching our family movie on Sunday and I was thinking about all the amazing teachers that Conner has had.  He's approaching the end of his days of elementary school.  I remember being SO GLAD to be done with elementary school.  I wasn't particularly enamored with my 6th grade teacher and I was ready to MOVE. ON.  I'm not sure that Conner feels that way.  I know he knows that all of the teacher he has had truly care SO much about him and what goes on his life.  What a great feeling to know so many people are pulling for him.  I know that if he ever had a problem there are several teachers at the school that he could easily go to talk through a problem with.  It's so nice that so many people are vested in him.

I don't really remember that feeling.  I remember it more in high school with a few really great teachers there... but elementary, I never really felt like my teachers loved me and were attached to how I was growing up.

Anyway, I feel REALLY blessed with the people who have put so much time and effort into my kids lives.  Spencer also has an A-amazing teacher this year.  Last year's teacher was great, but I can tell he is more attached to this teacher, as I hear her quoted a lot around my hose.  He even invited her to his birthday party, and while she does have a prior commitment, she's going to come for dinner.

Heaven help her.

Anyway, are teachers just better then they used to be?  Am I just getting the cream of the crop somehow?  I do feel exceedingly lucky in this area.  I hope you have amazing teachers too. :)

What's Up Wednesday

Uh, what a week.  I've been so focused on getting through the whole work thing I've kind of had blinders on to ALL that has been going on!  Science fair and pinewood derby... January is always a really busy time, I'm glad it's over. 

Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets: Design and Build the Ultimate CarConner went to the district pinewood derby last weekend and had a nice showing.  He even won for craftsmanship.  It was crazy to look around the gym and see all the geeky dads there with their slicked-out cars and their sons.  The enormity of them tracking the MPH of each car just seemed a little much...

Mr. Chatterbox (Mr. Men and Little Miss)Spencer has a birthday this week and is practically counting the seconds.  I love that he's so excited.  He's turned into a giant chatterbox lately... I can't seem to shut him up!  It used to be that he'd hide behind me if someone said hello, but now he's going out of his way to talk to people.  When that person is me I sometimes just have to tune him out to keep my sanity.

P has done so well being dragged to all these events.  There was a time I was worried she wouldn't be my stroller child that I so desperately need in able to accomplish all the things I hope for myself... but she's slowly being beaten into submission by the stroller straps. :)  I'm telling you, having kids who will entertain themselves is something you teach, not something they master on their own. :)  She had everyone wrapped around her little finger when I went to go bid for my job yesterday.  I'm fairly sure she woo'd my director into loving us both... that can only be a good thing, right?

Although I haven't actually worked for about a week it's been really nice to catch-up on things here at home.  It's always nice when I get a little breather to really attack what's most important to me... my home and my family.  And yes, I attacked them. :)  They love it when I do that.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Holy Good Peanut Butter Bars!

They are possibly holy.... all I can say is I had a spiritual experience once I tasted them.... SO good, just THAT good. :)

I was looking around for a good recipe.  I wanted to make some for a dear teacher that is getting up there in years who our family just thinks is snazzy...

I googled "Peanut Butter Bars" and I saw that Deals to Meals has a recipe, they're always the best... and they were.  Here's the link.

Work Drama, Over. :)

Job Description Nurse T-ShirtAs if all the drama is over, I doubt it... I do work with all women...
but today I did sign for the same job I have. 
It's super annoying I went through all this just to end up exactly the same... but it is done. 
And done is happy.

TMI Tuesdays: Earaches Re-Run

So, last TMI tuesday I had the hope of an earache entry.  And excitingly enough I had one that I already ran, here it is -- I will put a few more of my more-recent thoughts at the bottom:

Earache entry originally published on 11/10/09

Ahhh, the one thing that brings me into the doctor with my kids (besides well-checks) the ear-ache.

Actually, only one of my kids has ever had an ear infection -- Conner, and his lasted well into 3 months courtesy of mis-shapen ear tubes, most likely. He had tubes placed when he was 1 and he had a couple of infections after that and then we had to have them manually pulled when he was 4 (they never fell-out).

Signs of ear infections
  • For babies it tends to be crying while they're eating their bottle (they'll suck for a minute, and then the pressure changes in their ears so it's painful, esp. if they're more flat)
  • Crying after you lay them down (like they're hurting, not just like they're tired)
  • Pulling at their ears (my kids do this all the time anyway, so that doesn't help)
  • Runny nose, boogery eyes.
  • In older children it's obviously them saying their ears hurt.

 Ears tend to hurt a lot at bedtime, as the temperature is getting colder and as that changes the pressure on their ear drum hurts as well. My ears often will hurt after dinner when I have a cold, and then they'll go away. You can always lay on a hot pad and that will help stabilize the temperature changes.  Also, gland pain can kind of push up into your jaw and kids may SAY it's ear pain just because that's the closest thing.

If it's more than just at bedtime I usually take them into the doctor. Back in "my day" they used to give antibiotics for any ear infection, but they are finding that more and more are viruses and they want to wait it out and see if it gets worse or gets better.

For me, the need for antibiotics would depend on a few factors:

1. How painful it is, if they aren't willing to give antibiotics, can you get a drop for pain in the ear? If the child's screaming in pain I would most likely just start an antibiotic.  If you really want an antibiotic, let your doctor know... but be prepared to hear him/her out... antibiotics are not a cure all.

2. Have they had them often before? If it's kink in the ear tube, it's likely that fluid builds-up and gets gross in there. Discuss the history with your doctor (or remind them of it).

3. Your doctor's willingness to give you the prescription and let you make the call. A lot of times they'll give an RX so you can fill it if you feel like it's necessary. Maybe also get some pain drops as well. I appreciate it when my doctor allows me to "make the call".


I would like to make a plug here for how important it is to NOT over-use antibiotics. There are super bugs out there, and the time for child to build-up an immune system and immunity is while they're young. If you keep them in a bacteria-free environment it's going to be difficult for them to do that. Treat symptoms, give love -- but re-think yourself when you're wanting antibiotics.


BUT, in some cases they're totally necessary, and ears can definitely be one of them. I think most doctors are willing to talk this out with you. I think that many parents go in insisting that he provide them with a prescription for relief, when that may only come from kleenex and love. Just let him know you want a well-thought out decision, and that you're fine to wait a bit and see.


*** Thoughts for today:
P has had a couple of ear infections.  My doctor actually said that she always gives antibiotics if they're under 2.  This seems like a smart rule of thumb.  Those ear canals are small things when they're tiny.  Also, recently it was right before Christmas and P had been sick for a while and she did let me make the call.  She told me to go get the antibiotics and have them in case it got worse over Christmas.  Turns out, she did and I used them.  I love my pediatrician. :)
I do think if your child is over 2 that ear pain comes and goes.  I would increase their fluid intake and maybe give them a warm pad to lay their head on.  And, of course I'd give them some pain reliever, because I'm like that.  If the ear pain is incessant and they are crying because of the pain I might take them in, just so the doctor can assess what's best to do.
Also, P has had a burst eardrum once.  So, just a reminder that if blood is coming from the ear canal and there is no sign of obvious injury (aka, if they're just bleeding because they accidentally stuck something in their ear) then take them to the doctor.
NEW Pro QUALITY 3.2V HALOGEN OTOSCOPE SET includes DISPOSABLE SPECULA ADAPTOR and 3 sizes of reuseable specula plus Zippered Leatherette Case!As far as assessing them on your own at home you can get an otoscope and check a lot of normal ears, that way when one is infected you'll have a better idea.  Sadly P turns into a deamon of speed and will when people are probing any of her bodily openings.  I thought for SURE she had one about a month ago, only to go in and the doctor said no.  I am officially a bad ear-looker.  I'm just happy that soon she'll be able to verbalize stuff... at least I hope.

If you want to do it yourself, you can look here for my favorite otoscope.
Hilary is an RN, BSN who has worked in various medical fields for the past 14 years, however, none of the information on this blog, should be substituted for the care of a physician. The information provided on this blog is informational only and shouldn't be taken as medical advice. You have instinct, use it -- and use it wisely. If you have questions, please ask your doctor. If you think you have a medical or psychiatric emergency, please call 911. Also, please don't delay contacting a physician due to something you have read on here. Pulling Curls doesn't take responsibility for your health. That's your job. We're just a nice read. 

Monday, February 07, 2011

Pandora Station of the Week

Sesame Street: Old School, Vol. 1 (1969-1974)I've found that Pandora can be just the thing to suit my mood... and not just MY mood.

My Pandora station of the week is Sesame Street (just type in Sesame Street where it says to create a new channel).

P's vocabulary isn't everything I wish it would be, so I try and sing a lot so she'll get some words in here and there.  Sadly, I run out of songs.... no need when Sesame Street Pandora is on my side, there's lots of great kids songs that are usually not overly-annoying.  Sometimes they are, but that's why we have a skip button, am I right?

What's your favorite Pandora button?

Words of the week: New Wine -- Scatter Sunshine

Vino Italiano 4 Week Wine Kit, Moscato, 15.5-Pound BoxNo, I'm not planning on getting drunk.  At least not that I know of. 

I did, however read my scriptures this morning.  I was reading Luke 5.  The final verse says:
39 No man also having drunk old wine straightway desireth new: for he saith, The old is better.
Honestly, I'm not totally sure what this parable was talking about -- the whole new wine has to go in new bottles... but this verse really spoke to me.

You always want to stay the same, you want the wine to be the same, you want your family to be the same, your job to be the same, etc.  I'm such a lover of structure and schedule that I especially crave this.  I hate having my life thrown off... and shockingly live itself not to mention having 3 kids just does that!

I've thought a lot about how I'm an anticipatory stresser.  I rarely wait for the moment to really get stressed.  In fact, when I AM in the moment I tend to be a cool as a cucumber just prioritizing and getting things done kind of a person.  Instead, I'll look at a week ahead and just feel the week climbing up and choking me.

This isn't to say that it's not important to plan ahead.  Because it is.  I find that VERY important, but there's no reason to devote yourself to stressing over stuff that hasn't happened and may NOT even happen.

So this week my word of the wee (crap, it's 2 words... sue me) is "scatter sunshine"... I get the giggles every time I see it in my phone.  We had a lesson on it yesterday at church.  Just the idea that you can make everything brighter by your attitude.  But for me, it's more then an attitude it's living in the moment and really not worrying about what's coming next.

Anyway, last week's teeth thing did a wonder on P.  She loves to get her teeth brushed now.  She even gets bitter when I'm readying my own toothbrush, in hopes that it was for her.  I hope these thoughts can be similarly put to use. :)

Friday, February 04, 2011

Sealing Your Heart

This song got me again when I was in the car today.

My work situation is finally boiling down, people are picking their shifts and some people have left of their own accord...

It's all sad.  I worry a lot about my friends who are finding new jobs or new shifts or having their family lives turned upside down.  I am sad for them.

I worry about myself.  I have yet to pick my position, and while it seems like I will still have what I have now, I still worry.

I'm a worrier.

Last night I was IM'ing with a work friend and she said she needed to let go and let God.  That phrase... it's hard.  I think that a lot of the world forgets that sometimes God gives us lemons and we have to look to him on how to make lemonade.  It's not that he'll give us the lemonade or lemon bars for that matter.

Anyway, learning how to let God steer the ship is the hard part. 

Currently I'm just begging him to steer it my way but also all of my friends ways as well.  Sadly, the ship can't go in all those directions at once.  That's it, we all need our own ships.  Sadly having your own ship doesn't pay well...

Photo Friday: Crafty in My Own Way

Well, this week has been as boring as I would like it to be.  I'm often reminded that boring is MUCH better than less than boring, am I right?

Singer BrillianceTM Sewing 80 Stitch Patterns, Automatic Needle Threader and Computerized Push Button Stitch SelectionFirst off, if for some reason I don't write this blog anymore, you can be assured that I have been taken to haven due to my personal perfection.  The only thing keeping me on this earth, I am sure, prior to now was my swearing while sewing... but Drew fixed that all with my new sewing machine.  I finally got around to getting it out this week and I sewed me a beanbag.  Now, you're all laughing I'm sure.  Thinking I should have crafted something much more exciting, but a beanbag was the perfect thing to try it out on.  Now, get THIS... my needle didn't break, my bobbin thread didn't turn into a mass of knots, my fabric actually was pushed through instead of me pulling it through.  It was a miracle among miracles.  The machine actually works LIKE a machine, can you imagine?  Needless to say, my beanbag is amazing:

Don't you love the decorative stitching on the edges?  I was hesitant to try it, but the machine came out like a champ.  Excited to try the rest of the beanbags when I have a moment. :)  I'm hoping to sew some skirts too, when I have a few more free moments.  What's the chance I won't look like a stuffed pig in them?

Next, I actually took this picture to show my children that all of our toys could be arranged appropriately in the toy cabinet.  I'm going to print it out and tape it to the front of the toy cabinet.  I switched out the toys yesterday and it's always SO amazing that I'm able to fit every single toy in, but there is just no human way that THEY could do it.  Funny how that works, isn't it?

And finally, an AWFUL photo of the back of Miss P's head.  It was hard to take as she wanted to pose for me facing the camera in a delicate stance, but I really wanted the back of her head.  Do you see her little curled mullet?  It gives me joy each time I see it.  Her hair is still pretty random.  It has curl, but I think it's still so soft and so few that it doesn't really take shape, except on the back of her head, and then it's just plain adorable.

So, that's it for photo Friday this week.  I'm really hoping to get the real camera out more.  Mister S has a birthday coming up and he needs his own photo shoot.  I need to use my skills a little more too.

Happy weekend everyone!


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