Saturday, April 30, 2011

Naps: Not Helpful

During my stint of postpartum depression after P, I noticed that on the days that I took a nap I was a mess.  My depression would get out of hand.  Everything looks worse. Anxiety would consume me to the point I coudln't breathe.

Today I took a nap.

Mistake.  I mean, I took a nap a couple of days ago and it was alright, so I thought what the heck... let's try it again. 


It's funny about how things strike you. It's funny what I'm depressed about at certain times.  I'll be driving down the street and all the sudden start to cry.  Just for random things.  People I will miss, people who have done nice things, people who ask me a lot of questions.

Today I just feel like there aren't options.  I feel like maybe God's plan is for me to be the breadwinner.  Which doesn't thrill me to my toes.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job.  I love my job SO. MUCH. but I don't work full time, I don't even work part time.  I work a Hilary schedule, and it's fairly lovely and random.

It's just one of those days.  Even girls night couldn't remove my funk.

We are so lucky.  SO very lucky.  Just need to focus on that.  Right?

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Little Miracle, turns 2.

Some of you who aren't long time blog readers might not know that we tried a long time for Miss P.  Spencer was about 18 months when we started trying.  P was born when he was just over five years old.  I never felt like we needed to do invitro or anything, I always questioned if maybe 2 kids was plenty for us.  I often felt like I was losing my mind with just 2.

I was actually starting to look for a "real" job and kind of coming to terms with the fact that it just wasn't going to happen.  And I was starting to be OK with it.  I also told God that the baby factory would be shutting down at the end of the summer.  We found out we were pregnant on our 11th wedding anniversary -- August 15th of 2008.

And the pregnancy was horrid.  I learned that I couldn't have done it with an 18 month Spencer.  My pelvis separated, I had kidney stones, I was on a gestational diabetic diet for 32 weeks.  I had some weird right sided pain they could never figure out what it was but they thought it had to do with scoliosis.  Not to mention I went 12 days overdue.  I mean, seriously.  It just wasn't something I could do.

And that is my testimony of today.  God has a plan, he has a time for everything, and that timing is absolutely perfect.  I am SO lucky that I get reminded of that each time this adorable little face says "I luvva you."

Happy Birthday Miss P.  I must say that she truly is the cherry on our little family sundae.  We are so lucky to have her. 
I have some adorable pictures from Easter, but I was busy watching the royal wedding today, didn't get into photo editing.  Hope to show them soon.

In other news, Drew visited AZ and CO the past 2 days.  Nothing in particular came of it, except good experiences.  Drew really liked AZ but the job isn't full time {surprise. yay.}... we (Hilary is a broken record) really feel like there is something out there for us... just trying to use our patience in a productive way.  Because God's time is the right time.  Am I right? :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ann and the King

Anna and the KingTo keep my mind off other matters today, I have been watching Anna and the King in my spare time.  I'm only in the first hour.  So far I kind of miss the singing.  I definitely miss the part where the girls all bow and show off their un-clothed behinds.  Awh, the King and I.  I could write all night.

But then my mind wandered.  I was just so impressed with Anna's attitude as she moved to a new land.  I was impressed how she was so willing to stay true to herself and if people liked it, they were lucky, and if they didn't they might kill her.

I know when I moved here I took some serious beatings to my personality.  There was quite a long time that I'm not sure who I was.  But, I can verify that I have changed, a lot.  I am sure a lot of it was from that period of my life.'

Problem is, I REALLY like who I am now.  I believe I have an Anna type personality.  I believe I am strong and likeable and right. :)  I don't want to change that just to make friends, and influence people.

As much as the concerns about other aspects of this move bother me, I can't help but hear the little bird in the back of my brain saying, "but you will have no friends...."  And while I shoo it out every now and the reminding it that I will always have the internet, I worry.

But I can always Netflix Anna and remind myself that being yourself is what people need and want.  She has also taught me to be incredibly open minded, and that many things can be solved with love.  Oh Anna, you are amazing -- and how you do your hair every day is still my biggest amazement. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I was reading something from the Power of Moms.  April kind of simplified her whole Mind Organization thing with a post she put up.

In the end she has an "idea binder" -- which I just love.  I kind of have one in my office, where i just tack things I think would be fun to do with the kids.  But, now that dreams may become reality, maybe I need to be more organized, or dream more.

Do you guys do anything like this?

If You Think it, Say it!

Anyone remember when I wrote the CW asking them to stop those silly models from smoking so much, and at LEAST don't show it!  Well, the next season, they banned smoking in the house.  True story.  I'm sure it was all me.

But, I did email the library.  I was going to stop one of my favorite librarians, but I chickened out.  I just think it's wrong to have toys in the library.  Especially in an area where hopefully people are concentrating on learning.

So, if you think it's wrong too you can easily find a "comments suggestions" through the contact link of our library (I'd give the link here, but that gives far too much away about where we live).  BUT, if you think something is wrong, SAY something.  Utilizing your filter, also -- of course. :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Loud Library

The Most Beautiful Libraries in the WorldSo, I'm strolling through the library with just the boys today, when I realize the kids section sounds like freaking chuck-e-cheese!  Turns out they took the sedate reading area out of the kids section, and instead they filled it with toys.


I know, I sound like the old miser, but aren't there plenty of places that kids can be loud.  Especially here where the weather most often accomodates playing outside.

I always appreciated that the library taught my kids how to be quiet.

But no more.

It can teach them how to get crap out and scream with other kids.

That's just what I needed.


Thoughts?  Does your library have a "playplace?"

Tuesday Tidbits on Our Life

Well, we're onto step #2, sort of. The interviews are coming in.  2 for the end of this week, which just happens to be P's birthday so I'm going to have to postpone that.  Perhaps me and the boys can just sit around and watch the royal wedding.

Chances? :)

Does my husaband know how lucky he is to be married to a job recruiter/travel agent/daycare/maid/cook?  It's hard not to feel a little taken for granted of when you're the entire support system.  Luckily, I worked last night, so he got to call some other people for opinions.  Lots of opinions make a healthy soup, right? :)

Problem is, I can't really fall in love with either job.  Not sure why.

Is it because I fell so hard for another job that isn't ours?  And I don't want to get my heart broken?

Or, are they just not the right jobs?

Main problem, this is mostly Drew's choice.  Drew will be off sharing his talents and skills as I sit here on Thursday night biting my nails.

Lucky me.

Still kind of feel like there's something else out there for us.

But I am glad to finally be getting some call backs.

In other news, I saw this video on one of those popular mormon mommy blogs and I just had to buy it.  I guess because I feel like a little girl with big plans right now.  Just wish my plans coincided with what was actually happening.

It does make me happy though.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Musings on Mawidge....

Mawidge is what brings us togeda today....

Don't you love the Princess Bride?

I am ashamed to admit it, but I am SO excited for the royal wedding on Friday.

I think just the idea that someone can be made a princess, and that there will be a HUGE amount of pomp and circumstance.  It's just exciting.  I think I'd have a princess party, except it's also P's birthday and I need to get on a cake....

I think it's just what the world needs too -- a little pomp and circumstance.  A wedding of two people who seem to have thought it out and are excited to be together.  A happily ever after ending.

After all, I am strongly rooting for my own happily ever after ending, and I don't believe there's just so many of them out there.  I think God wants each of us to have a happily ever after.

So, are you excited for the wedding?  I'm setting my DVR right now!

Friday, April 22, 2011

We All Need a Little Help

Today I was walking my kids into school, and of the other moms, who I admire a lot, was showing her little girl (who's just about P's age) how to correctly use the crosswalk.  I just had a little heart melt as I thought about all the moms out there who have inspired me to be a better mom. 

It's actually a large part of why I read blogs.  Especially mommy blogs.  I just like reading positive interactions of moms and kids, and even hearing what moms struggle with.

Just recently I feel like the Power of Moms is turning into what I hoped it to be.  I just subscribed (could you do that before?  I mean, I guess I never found their feed reader) and I'm just enjoying reading through the posts about being more thoughtful in how you parent. 

Anyway, just a little plug for them.  I'm hoping to highlight some of my favorite reads during the week.  Because hello, inspiration is inspirational. :)

Photo Friday

Well, after the billions of pictures I had last week.  I have very little this week.  I vow to change that though, I really want to capture our house as it is right now, as it's likely it won't be this way too much longer.  Or, things we do here.  Whatever.  I need to bottle up this California that's ours right now.

BUT, I do have one I literally took in Sunday school this week {fires of hell licking at my shoes}":

I got this little fish necklace right after I graduated from high school.  I still wear it all the time.  I was fingering it on Sunday though, and kind of getting emotional about how I got it and what it means to me.

Our YW leaders took us up to a condo they had in Snowbird.  We all felt so grown up going on a trip together and we adored our leaders.  We had an AMAZING weekend together.  Such a good time.  We had all grown up together and I was moving out of the ward and we were each headed to college.  Just a really great time together.

Towards the end they gave each of us this necklace.  It's pretty glamrous, no?  But they told us that it was now our turn to be fishers of men.  When you're a youth in our church you tend to have so many people pulling for you, helping you -- all that jazz.  But now it was our turn.  Now was our turn to help others.  It was a welcome into being an adult.  It was a welcome to relief society, and I haven't forgotten it.  It's one of the times I remember the most in my life.  I have such feelings of love for those YW leaders.  They were so accepting and loving.  I hope I was half of the leader they were.

But, now is the time.  Now is the time to help others.  Isn't that a great sediment?  I love that necklace so.

And in an effort to win cute points here is Miss P doing her flashcards with me this past week.  I love her little voice.  I love how she has words.  Love that girl.  Far too much. :)


I Am Free

Uh, these last few weeks.  Just insane.  I can't believe it's been as little time as it has, since I feel like it's been forever.

But yesterday I somehow thought something would come through.  It didn't.  But so many tender mercies were extended,  I got a sweet card from a woman in the ward saying that we're in her prayers.  Another friend offered to give us some moving boxes (I have been worried about procuring some boxes quickly after he gets an offer).  I  somehow found myself tearing up during an episode of "Parenthood"... I just enjoyed the episode.  Wonderful things DID happen.  Just not the wonderful thing I hoped would happen.

The truth is, I somehow get in my mind that a CERTAIN day will be THE day that we finally get a response.  And while we haven't ever gotten the response we wanted, I have always had a tender mercy extended.  A friend calling telling me how much they think of Drew and my family, another friend brings something by, etc.  God is SO mindful of us.

Lamb of God: a sacred work for choir, orchestra and soloistsAnd then I started to actually SIT and just listen to this AMAZING CD my friend Maryanne was prompted to bring over (seriously, what a good friend).  I have been mulling through it during my cleaning time.  I've thought so much about how difficult it must've been for the people to wait after Jesus died.  I've thought about what it was like to be Mary, or Jesus and how those trials really make mine seem like silly putty.

But, yesterday as I sat quietly and just listened to it, I realized that I haven't really given this problem to God.  So many of my friends have said to "Let Go and Let God".  In my mind I felt like this was a simplistic answer, as I do believe we need to be doing a lot of legwork on this end, and that God expects that.  But last night when I listened that although I have complete faith that God has a plan for our family.  He loves us so very much.  I know that.  But I couldn't quite wrap my head around giving this problem to God.

But last night I did.  As I said my nighttime prayers I told God that I needed to have more faith.  I apologized for having my own time tables, when they may not really be correct.  There are SO many blocks that need to fall into place in order for us to be where God wants us, and I really need to let God build the tower.  I think I may be standing in the way sometime.

And, last night for the first night in I don't know HOW long, I slept the whole night.  I woke up refreshed, I even did a Jillian workout.  I feel happy.  Like, really fabulous like I always say.  I feel like I want to feel.

And now I kind of feel like an employee of God.  I am still working diligently.  I do about 1/2 to 1 hour of job searching each morning.  But now I kind of feel like I'm doing that and then just passing the info onto God.  I have a prayer in my heart that I will find the right position for us (or, someone else will, and they will pass it onto us, as so many friends have).  But, God is in charge.  Like a manager (a really great manager, btw) he is the one who makes the final choices, he makes the timelines and he will bless us along the way.  Just like a manger gives an employee a paycheck. 

Anyway, that's how I feel like today. 

I am so glad to have a testimony of how God has a plan for each of us.  I never thought we'd have P.  I never thought we'd be able to buy a house here.  I never thought I'd have friends here.  Each time God has provided me and our family what we needed, just when we need it.  And He will do it this time, as He in charge.

Traveling with Kids: Favorites

So, for my final day I'd like everyone to come up with their 5 favorite places to visit with their kids.  So, get your thinking cap on.  Here are my 5.

1.  Disneyland.  There, I said it.  It's just nice for THEM to come up with all the excitement for the week.  And excitement abounds.  I love that place. 

2.  Yellowstone.  My kids LOVE this place, and the Tetons (which is just south of Yellowstone) included.  Sometimes national parks tend to bore kids with all their information about rocks and trees, but give a kid a hole that shoots water 50 feet in the air and they're pretty happy.  It is a HUGE stress to get to this place, and I know a lot of my friends don't like to drive in the car but it's worth it.  Families I know that have gone there, adore it!

3.  Family.  It's always nice to go somewhere that cousins await.  My kids love playing with other kids.  Period. :)

4.  Ok, my last 2 are going to be places that I really liked as a child.  I LOVED going to visit the native american ruins in Mesa Verde.  One of my friends just took a trip here and I was so jealous.  There's ladders, and lots to run around and do.  We had a great time.  It is also the only time I ever saw my mom on a ladder.  Bonus.

5.  Washington DC.  This one isn't so great for tiny kids, but my older two would have a GREAT time there.  The free museums, and the monuments.  Plus, there's lots of open space to run around.  I'd love to visit there sometime soon.

And one final question.  When you're driving, how far out of your way will you go to see something that's REALLY cool?  Or even just sort of cool.  Do you think that detours are worth it?

So, top 5, and thoughts of detours.  Happy traveling everyone, and happy commenting. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pulling My Curls

I did want to mention that I specifically started blogging because writing down my feelings really helps me to sort them out.  Also, I am a really fast typer so I'm much better at typing it all out then WRITING it all out.

This blog is a place to get out feelings.  It's also a place to have fun, but as of late I just want to get my mental state down on the screen.  I've been reading the process of or last move with a great deal of interest in my old journals.  I figure this might be helpful to someone else, even me or my kids some day as they're making big decisions into things that seem insurmountable.

Anyway, I just thought I'd mention that.  Don't think I'm a total basket case all the time.  I mean, I might be, but I hide it. :)

To Be Clear

There is Power in a Union: The Epic Story of Labor in AmericaI've had a lot of people REALLY surprised that the union has these types of rules, ones that can really hurt YOUR children.

And I'd just like to clarify.  The teacher's union is about TEACHERS.  It's not about your children, it's not about my children, it's about teachers.  And more specifically it's about the union.  Unions protect their own interests which sometimes don't align with any one's, even the teachers sometimes. :)

I think the union has brainwashed many people to think that they are helping your children.  But they're not.  They're helping the union.

Just so's you know.

AND, in case you care, Drew has paid about 10k to our union.  And the lawyer they got for him hasn't a clue about how a teacher who's been there 10 years can be laid off.  Uh huh, money well spent people.

Traveling with Kids: Car.

Ok, so as I've mentioned before we don't have a DVD player or playerS in our car.  It's a conscious decision I've made to make car time one of imagination and family time.  At least, I am fairly sure I was conscious when I came up with it.  :)

But, that doesn't mean that I am not trying to entertain my kids like a seal at Sea World. :)  Here's what we've done in the past

  • A trip to the dollar store for tiny things that I wrap in newspaper.  It's just so gosh darn exciting to unwrap a present.
  • We have 100 mile prizes.  Each morning, Drew will reset his odometer and we give out a prize each 100 miles that we travel.  Sometimes it's a treat, sometimes it's a game we all play, or sometimes it's a toy.  I have actually done 100 mile tickets, but it's a LOT of work and while the kids adore them, I think that's something I could only do back when I had just 2 kids.  :)
  • Music.  I try and vary the music so everyone's happy.  Also, I try and make it set the mood.  Like Enya when I want some REST from those people in the back.  It usually works. :)
  • We play the ABC game -- where you find the letters of the alphabet in order.  This is a really fun one, less fun going through Nevada where your only choice is lisence plates of passing cars, but it's still good.  Sometimes we play where we find someTHING that starts with those letters instead of the actual letters.
  • Car BINGO.  I've found some good game boards for those online.  Kids love them.  Again, not so great in Nevada.  Did I mention most everything isn't so great in NEvada.  Except, of course the brothel coffee houses? :)
  • P has a little "car purse" that I give her that has a few toys in it.  She loves having her own little bag and it helps keeps things a little more organized then chucking a toy at her every 10 minutes. :)
Anyway, that's all I can think of right now, but of course I'd LOVE to hear any other tips.  I will say that once a kid can read it's a whole new world in the backseat.  Yay for literacy!

Do They Sell Patience at Amazon?

I've really started to study my "trial". I mean, I kind of feel like I'm in the "when it rains it pours" area of my life as of late.  My dad was diagnosed with cancer near Thanksgiving, I was told I was going to lose my job at Christmas, only to have that stretch til' Valentines day.  Then, Drew's in March.  Not to mention our computer, dishwasher, washing machine and stereo all going on the fritz at certain points during this time frame.

I'm just trying to keep up.

And I'm wondering what this all is for.

I've thought it was to build patience, and I think it may still be.  I honestly do think I'm worse at patience then most people.  I just don't tolerate waiting, for most anything.  That's why I'm up at 5:30 to just get stuff done, including my workout, but also scripture study.  I'm just an early bird kind of a gal.

Then, my friend wrote me an email about not stressing out.

And it kind of clicked.  While I think patience is still something I need to work on, I think perhaps living life without stressing out might be even more important.

There are days where I am literally just willing my muscles to move through the motions.  I sit and stare at our walls anxiously.  As if that will solve anything.  If only I could paint the walls that way...

This week I have vowed to get back to normal, and I think I've done fairly good at it.  I'm trying to plan an activity every day that helps me either serve others or enjoy my friends.  I'm trying to do lessons with P.  I'm devoting a full hour of P's nap to actual work.  Just trying to get stuff done.  Stuff I've kind of put off lately that could really use getting done, and I'm devoting the other hour of her nap to enjoying a TV show and my lunch. 

That isn't to say that I don't peruse a band director job board for a few minutes every day.

Because I think that fear and stress are sort of linked.  I've been trying REALLY hard not to be afraid of what lies ahead for our family.  Of course, sometimes I have visions/nightmares of what this could all come to.  However, if I have faith I shouldn't fear.  Hence, I shouldn't really be stressed.  Sure, nerves will come as job deadlines approach but the stress that consumes my body needs to go. 

And somehow, I am hoping if I learn how to do that the right job will come.  Or at least I'll be happier during the search.  Either way it's a win-win.  Or a Nguyen-Nguyen.... if you're here. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

Back into the full swing of school we are all doin' our own things around here.

I am trying to be more consistent with P's lessons now that she's nearing two.  It's just a little coloring, some flash cards (just to say the word), and puzzles.  Then we read a book and sing a couple of songs.  I find that on the days I do it she's less needy of me the rest of the day, and heavens knows I can use less people needing me. :)

I am cracking down on me having to ask 5 million times for things to get done around here.  I have some basic necessities the boys get, but after that they're going to need to earn it by being on top of their lives.  I really need them to step up lately and it seems like they're all stepping back.  BUT, since I've started my little "I'm sorry, if you were going the extra mile or doing your jobs without being asked, I'm sure you COULD do that fun thing"... S is up early, dressed and happy to start the day.  Really, is that so much to ask?

I am so freakishly sore.  I mean, at what point will I stop being sore?  I guess my problem is that I switch up my routines daily so my body is always getting something "new"... and when I over-do it I pay.  Big fun.  It also makes me weigh more.  Booo....

We are slowly getting over the sad news earlier in the week.  Drew has like 10 applications out there.  We appreciate all the prayers and we find ourselves providing fervent ones several times a day for this to end soon.  Or, begin.  Is it the end or the beginning.  I guess it's both. :)

Traveling with Kids: Sleep

Ok, get your rotten tomatoes out, because I have a confession.

Sometimes I spend more, OK a lot more, to get a door that separates me from my children.  If we're going somewhere for more than a couple of nights I work hard to find a suite at a decent price.  My baby just doesn't sleep well knowing that we're right there!  Plus, I like to lay her down early and watch a little TV on my own.

This time, price was king (holy crap, you wouldn't BELIEVE how expensive it is for a room in the park!) so we had a regular hotel room (btw, we stayed at the Yosemite View Lodge, it wasn't anything fancy but it was a decent price and the rooms were fairly large).  The first night we tried to lay her down at 7:30 and just watch a little TV all together.  She was just whoopin' it up in the playpen.  Louder then I could imagine.  Finally, by the end we put her in at 8 and watched TV til' 8:30 when we all went to sleep.  The girl can't go to sleep with the TV on.  And frankly, neither can the boys.

I will admit that I bribed the boys with candy to sleep nicely together.  They were in a queen size bed, and often we hear a lot of cries of covers stealing, or being on the wrong side.  One 58 cent candy bar later things were quiet and blissful, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be doing that again.

So, do you guys have tips with sleeping with your kids in a hotel?  Or, perhaps sleep in general?  I love sleep.  Let's talk more about it. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Call for Help

You all think I want a job.

Oh, how wrong you are.

I mean, we DO want a job but we've had a lot of help with that.  We're so lucky.  Keep the prayers coming people....

BUT, I have a pressing matter.

I, my people, am no good at girls hair.
My little boys had curls til about 18 months and then we chopped them off and turned them into men.

Of course, we'd never put clips in their hair anyway... although, I may or may not have toyed with the idea.  They did have beautiful hair. :)
Miss P is finally getting some curls (YAY, seriously those curls are bringing me so much joy lately, it's just sad) and her hair is kind of a skeewampus mess... lots of differing lengths and as long as it's curly, it doesn't really look like she's homeless...

So, now I'm putting a clip in or a piggie tail daily.  At least that's my plan.

Problem is, I'm awful at it.

I even looked on youtube for videos on how to do girls hair.  Problem is, I don't need a french braid that wraps around her head and comes out her ear.  I just need to figure out the right kind of elastics, or clips or whatever.

I just need tips.  Basic, simple, tips.

I'm sure all of you started out as hair novices.  Tell me more. :)

Traveling with Kids: What to Eat

While I doubt this will help us too much on our cross country trip, I thought it'd be interesting to see what people do to save a little cash while they're traveling.

My sister in law is pretty amazing.  I mean, in general.  AND I have 6 of them.  But one of them (they are all amazing) takes her crock pot to Disneyland and heats up soup in her hotwired hotel room to save cash.  I had never thought of bringing my crock pot.

This time we did have a kitchenette, and we did a few things.

  • Chili chips and cheese -- you can even buy small bags of fritos and just eat it all in the bag, although we used some paper plates we bought.  Heat up a can of chili, and dump some shredded cheese on top.  I needed sour cream, but for most people it's not a necessity. :)
  • Soup -- sometimes I forget about the humble soup can, but it tasted so good and was nice and warm (wouldn't be as nice in the warmer months)... and was EASY.  We also bought some oyster crackers to go on top which P thought was pretty amazing!
  • Sandwiches -- the ol' traveling standby.  Just make sure your mayo doesn't go bad.  I tend to not buy it at all because Mayo sometimes scares me, but is awfully tasty.
  • For mornings we often get the tiny doughnuts and go-gurts, but I find this doesn't "last" us very long and we're all hungry a couple of hours later.
  • I did make some oatmeal packets with just quick oatmeal and a little sugar.  If I'd had the will to make it, I'm sure it would've "lasted" us longer.

Anyway, do you eat at sit down restaurants, do you go fast food all the way?  I think we try to have a "real" meal once a day at a sit down restaurant.  SO, if we're traveling the whole day we try and do one meal at someplace like that, and the other two either in the car or at a fast food place.  I always have snacks with me in the front seat in case we get to a mealtime and there's no restaurant in site.  I also try to have some cups with me so I can pass it back without too much mess.

So, tell me your tips or thoughts!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Not Today


The job, the job we thought brought all of this on because it was so terribly perfect... that job is going to someone else.

I'm not going to lie, I am devastated.

I really thought that was what God was doing... he had made this happen because of that job.

But it wasn't.  And the spirit works in weird and mysterious ways that we can't understand.

I guess.

Hot on the trail of any job that might speak his name Drew is back on the computer.  I am borrowing his laptop to share a bit of our drama.

I mostly am sad.  I'm sad that this isn't our opportunity. 

I do have faith that our opportunity is out there.  Just not sure where.... not particularly sure of anything right now.

Traveling with Kids: General Thoughts on being car sick....

The CarNow, I think I have traveled a lot with kids.  Usually by car.  If you're looking for air travel tips... well, not so much.  We usually do a trek every other summer to Utah by car which is monotonous and long and painful.  I have chosen not to have a DVD player which while possibly promotes family unity also promotes it being monotonous long and painful.

But I really have visions that it doesn't have to be.

I LOVE it when we play games together as a family.

I LOVE having shared experiences as a family, and I think that's what family vacations are all about.

But, while P was puking in the car and not falling asleep I thought I need some serious advice if we're hoping to get through a possible cross-country move this summer.

SO, it's time for another week long discussion about traveling with kids.

While driving home from Yosemite there is a long and windy road (and it did bring us back to our door, thank you very much).  P was dozing in and out.  She'd wake up and say "mom" and then kind of languish.  I just figured she didn't have enough sleep until I heard the telltale burp.  My head whipped around just in time to see it come up.

Now, none of my other kids have EVER been carsick!  We found a spot to pull over, cleaned it up with baby wipes and put a fresh outfit on her (because I DO always carry one of those for her), gave her a few sips of water, turned on some cold air on her and on our way we went.  She was fine the rest of the way.

So fine Pulling Curls Readers -- what do YOU do about carsickness?  Do your kids get it, can you teach a 2 year old how to throw up in a bag? Does anything help?  This road was PRETTY windy, more on the extreme edge, but I'd love to hear tips!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tender Mercies

I want to be more on the lookout for the tiny things that God shows he cares about me.

This one's pretty tiny... but it meant a lot.

So, we went to Yosemite. I thought I had everything packed. Nothing really "came" to me as something I forgot. However, as usual it was stressful getting on the road, & just living our life of waiting.

Anyway... I was laying in my bed, in the hotel, trying to get the will to get ready for bed. All of the sudden I have a "daydream" about forgetting my contacts case (I use clear care that has a special case). I, of couse thought that was ludicrous... because I was sure i had packed it.

Fast forward to me actually taking out my contacts, & voila, there is no case.

I just love how sometimes God gives you visions of things to lessen your stress.

He knew i was already on the edge... so, a little glimpse somehow made it easier.

In other news Drew sacrificed his contacts for me. He doesn't usually wear them.... & it all turned out fine.

Feeling lucky to have some guardian angels. :) has God given you a tender mercy lately? Write about it, or comment here. It's always nice to notice them!
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A Potato-y Saturday Tip

My MIL sent me a good video.  Of course, she's from Idaho so she must know ALL about potatoes.  Right dad?
And here we have I-da-hoe.....

Either way, it's a good tip.  Great for the summer and potato salads!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Photo Friday: Miracles Do Happen

Not only did the government not shut down.  Not only did we find a hotel near Yosemite for under 110 dollars.  Not only did that hotel have a kitchenette.  Not only did we make it all the way there without actually incinerating from all the stress... but all THREE of my children looked at the camera and smiled for two, count them TWO photos at TWO different times. 

People, it is most likely the second coming/Apocalypse/end of times.  Please, don't say I didn't prepare you because things like this are like the four horsemen.  Or is it 8.  Anyway... be warned.

And now, for your viewing pleasure -- photo Friday.

I took 200 photos while we were in Yosemite.  You can feel lucky that I am not going to show them all here today.  Like tithing, I have narrowed it 10%. :)

First off, this is the "tunnel view"... it made me feel so small and insignificant, and yet amazed that Heavenly Father created all of this just to enjoy.  And enjoy I did.  Did I mention 200 pictures.  Um, yeah.

So, I really wanted to hike, hike, hike, while we were there.  I looked at the little guide to day hikes and I found one that was like 2 miles and sure, it said "strenuous", but both Drew and I workout... right?  As we're gasping and clawing at the asphalt and screaming for our kids to stay back with us in case we die, so they can record our last words we thought maybe we weren't quite up to strenuous.  I almost kissed the ranger whole told us the hike was closed 1/2 way... we only saw the bottom of the falls, not the top.  What a shame.  But, here we are.  P is the one on Drew's back with the hat on.  She wasn't amused by the stranger taking our photo.  In other news, my face is a lot skinnier and hence has more wrinkles.  People, fatten up.

Spencer was Mr. "MOM, TAKE MY PICTURE" on this trip.  And while it's fairly hard to believe, I obliged.  Can you believe how big the rocks are in Yosemite?  They're pretty cool, and tiny Spencer showcases that nicely.

And here is little Miss Priss.  During the hike to hellish I mean, Vernal Falls she had a complete flip out, so we let her out to walk down the mountain.  She then found that that rocks lining the walkway were great for sitting.  Each. and. every. one.  BUT, isn't she adorable?  I love this girl.  Look at her little dainty hands on her knees.  Cutest thing ever.

And El Presidente apparently thought he was Nixon for the day.  Wait, the lying... the gates of water... I'm seeing parallels here.  Anyway, here he is. :)

And, for the first of the two photos.  Isn't it adorable?  Now, forget it, the likelihood of this being on my Christmas card is high.  Doubtful I'll be making amazing costumes this messed up year. :)

Here we are in front of Yosemite falls (upper is way at the top, and lower is further below). 

FYI, there was snow in Yosemite.  It. is. amazing.  Just ask my boys.

And the second of the every one's looking at the camera shots.  Our third day in the park was totally overcast.  Not so great to see El Capitan, great for taking pictures of your children.  Win-win. :)

Conner even got me and Drew.  People, I think I may have cancer... that weight is just peeling off {snort}

We ate at the AMAZING Ahwanee dining room.  Holy how was that place amazing!  And delicious.  Which was good after a few days of eating less than stellar food (ala, our cooktop in the kitchenette).

We had lots of talks about what a fancy restaurant it was and how we needed to use our manners....

Drew and Conner each seemed to act somewhat mature.... Conner even figured out how to hold a water glass appropriately...

And, some people were perhaps a little less mature.....

P dived into Drew's coulee (it was like a thinned out jelly) for his sandwich.  This was after making her first course ranch dressing.

And I was just happy not to be having hot tamales for dinner.  I got a delicious pork chop with some polenta.  Yum. yum.

And finally, check out our view while we at such a divine meal.  It's Yosemite falls.  No better spot in the world to eat, I must say. 

During that meal, what should appear, but a few flakes of snow... followed by sun, and then some snow, and then some sun, and then MORE snow.  And apparently it turned my kids insane.  They were SO excited to be out in a "snowstorm".  P was literally a blur in all of these photos.  Poor Californian kids.  I will admit it made the meal pretty magical to look outside and see flurries.

So, this is one other of my favorite water fall shots.  We were lucky to be able to go in the spring as the water was at a peak.   The falls were all amazing, and lots of other tiny falls were creeping up all over the place too.  We felt very blessed and inspired to take this trip when we did.

This is the last shot we took on our way out yesterday.  I literally can see a smile in it, like God is saying, every thing's going to be fine.... and it will. :)

So, spring break we have used you well.  Until next week.  Same bat time, same station.  Less photos.  I promise. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life in a National Park

I am typing this right now as we leave Yosemite. I made our reservations months ago, before all this mess that is our life. We like to leave for at least one of our breaks, & we haven't been here in ages.

We have had a great trip. Really good. I have million pictures to hopefully have tomorrow. We needed a good trip. A little peace. Just what the doctor ordered.

But as we've spent the last 3 days here I have seen so many parallels in nature to life.

Right now we are driving next to the Merced river. In some areas it is so peaceful, and deep. The water is so clear ad it's so nice to look at, but head just a few miles downstream and it is a raging mess bouncing off giant boulders.. & i actually like watching that even more. It's cool to see it pour out from behind all the boulders and slam onto other ones. I could watch it for quite a while.

The mountains are amazing here. I love how each national park has its own look. Zions with the red, yellowstone with the gysers, canyons of many colors, arches with the great rock formations. But, what creates all those things? Friction. Be it wind, water, glaciers... they were rubbed to the way they are today.

The vegetation here is amazing. These tall, tall trees. I love the lone giant trees on the top of the hill, or the ones on the very edge with roots dug so deep that it can withstand all the pressure to come down.

National parks were our thing growing up. I have been to SO many of them. Much of it asleep in the backseat, complaining that "if you've seen one tree, you've seen them all..." but could I see how mother nature was telling me my life might be both harder & more great then I had imagined.

We can learn so much from nature. & I am SO glad we were ale to come here & see all this. Just what we needed. :) now, back to reality, with the reminder that friction makes things interesting. I like how all the guidebooks here say that you need to be prepared for the weather to change at any time, & you should carry chains. You do need to be prepared for things to change @ any time. What are your "chains"? We saw this several times yesterday as we went from sun to snow within 20 minutes a few times. Are you prepared & are you ready for incoming "friction"? Am I? :)
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Importance of Breaks

I have a lot of friends who hate breaks in school.  They wish we could just go full steam ahead and finish the year.  I couldn't agree less.  Sure, I hate when a teacher prep day sneaks up on me... but breaks are so important.

1.  Teachers need a break.  I think it's SO nice when everyone comes back refreshed, especially the teachers!  I mean can any of you imagine teaching?  Just the idea of doing it day in and day out.  It's just important that they get some days off to breathe a little. :)

2. Variations in schedule.  I am SO excited not to pack lunches, not to have to prod everyone to get going.  It's so nice to just have a break from the regular.

3.  See things.  I do think that vacations are definitely God given.  It's so nice to get out of your regular realm and see things from a different viewpoint.  I wish we had more money to totally travel the world, but until then, we live in one of the best states to do some serious site seeing.  We feel very lucky that way.

Anyway, just so glad we have breaks in our school year.  So glad that my husband is off during those breaks.  Totally a perk.  And for now, we need all the perks we can get. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Musings on Miracles

I feel like I'm on the prowl for miracles lately.  I am really hoping for one of my own, so hearing about other people's, or seeing them first hand just buoys me up amazingly.  I'm so grateful for the small things in life that show me that God cares about each individual.

At church on Sunday I was caught by so many.

The missionary who used to be so on the wrong path, but went out and is now LOVING his mission, how it's changed his family, his life and the people he is serving.  It is hard to imagine it is the same person he was.  Amazing.  A true miracle.

The twins being carried by someone who had a hard time getting pregnant.  Actually, I do believe every baby is a miracle but the thought that modern medicine has made it possible is truly a miracle.

The fact that we can search on our own and receive answers.  What a wonderful feeling that is.

The fact that there was NO way I was going to go to church except the fact that I had agreed to sub in Primary on Sunday.  I thought my head was going to explode, but I knew there were people who needed me there, so I went.  It was a great experience and I really felt the spirit as I saw each of these miracles, making miraculous changes in each of those people's lives.

For the very fact is that when you look for miracles you find them.  Some people might call it science, or a coincidence or happenstance, but in truth it is God caring for each and everyone of His children, and I felt that love on Sunday, as I do most days. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sermon for Sunday

Yesterday, while the virus infected my very being I decided to skip the makeup videos on You Tube and I went to the Mormon Messages channel.

And this is what I came upon.  The church has uploaded the entire Joseph Smith video.  For those of you unfamiliar with my faith Joseph Smith was our first prophet.  I must admit I have always had a hard time with this story... but in the past year I have really realized that Joseph Smith recieved revelation, and like most of us it took a while for it to really sink it.  He took a while to be prepared.

If you've ever had questions about our church, this video answers so many of them.
  • Families will be together forever.
  • How the LDS church has the priesthood
  • How Joseph Smith learned about our church
It's a longy, but the first 10 minutes or so gives you a good idea of the beginnings of our church.  The rest of it reminds me how important trials can be in our lives, and in the lives of those around us.  I was really happy that I could watch it all on my phone as I blew my nose and cried a little.

I love Joseph Smith, I have a strong testimony of who he was on earth and who is now in Heaven.  I am thankful for what he and his family endured so that I could have my faith today.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Will I crumble, will I lay down and die? No, not I.

I Will Survive (Original Version 1982)*** Somehow this post didn't post on the day I had it set to post.  Boo blogger, but lucky you. :)

Thank you Gloria Gaynor.  I needed you this AM.
I just dropped Conner off for science camp.  I hadn't really felt any emotions about this.  I knew it'd be work to amp up to it, all the packing and talking it over... but it was harder then I imagined.  I worry about him.  I had serious homesickness even at slumber parties when I was little... I am sure that Conner is about 1,000 times more confident then I was, but still... I worry.

As I came home, I trapped P in her chair with a banana and tried to get a few things done.  I had my phone with me and Owl City came on and somehow it just made me cry.  Not as if I need a reason to cry anymore... but I just felt like there was just too much on me this morning.  I like getting people's input on our job situation, but sometimes it's just too much as I talk to them.  This job search, also, isn't my own so I feel extra angst about it -- somehow MORE angst, because I'm trying to be hands off as much as possible.

Anyway, then Gloria came on with her song of survival... and it's just what I needed.  As I wiped the counters to the upbeat tune I realized this isn't breaking me.  And I will survive whatever comes.  In retrospect Drew's job hunt would affect C the most of all the kids.  He listens with interest when we talk about places we might go.  Plus, how great to have a week with your friends before an impending departure? I'm excited for him.  I bet he will have a great time.

Plus, one less kid.  I mean, who will S fight with this week?  It will be interesting if he starts yelling at the furniture... :) 

I am actually glad that I have competencies at work this afternoon.  Something to take my mind off what's here with me.  I mean, who would've thought I'd ever say that?  Not I, not I at all.

In other news, I played personal responsibility jeopardy last night for FHE (btw, once we made flannel boards at RS and then I cut out a bunch of rectangles and sharpi-ed $ amounts on them to make a jeopardy game, it was genius of me, I need it use it more often, the kids love it!).  I guess I was feeling the weight of having him make his own choices this week.  The kid knows all the right answers.  He knows how to have a personal liahona.  I'm so proud of him.  Spencer too.  My kids know how to make good choices.  I just hope that knowledge helps out a bit... like, around the fire. :)

Just livn' on a prayer people. :)


How many days can kids be sick before the mom eventually gets it?

I mean, viruses are smart.  Infect the youngsters who wipe snot, cough, get up at night leaving the parents sleepless and for SURE you'll have another victim, am I right?

Just saying how smart viruses are. 

And that is all.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Photo Friday: Campy

Photo Friday was apparently on hiatus for a bit... happy to see it make its return.  I got a nice big box of fruits and veggies from Farm Fresh To You... they are delicious and it's nice that they're all organic and delivered to  my door.  Still haven't used the swiss chard.  Ideas?

We had a teacher prep day last Friday.  We went to the park and I ran around for a while and the kids had a good time.  I couldn't help think that our days visiting ur little park are numbered.

P loves to go down the slide herself.  I mostly love how she screams WHEEE after she's done, and then runs around.  Funny little thing.

Here's el presidente on his way to science camp.  He went for 3 nights this week and just made it home today.  He is cleaner in this picture then how he came home, and I'm fairly sure that piece of luggage will never be the same, but he is otherwise entact.  He has a bit of an attitude right now though, so we'll see how we all fare during spring break. :)

I'm sad I never even posted these nice pictures of my parents when they were here.  We had such a good time, and I'm so glad they came while Drew was in Ireland.


And, that's that.  Huge props to the teachers who delt with science camp for real, and not just its aftermath.  {saluting great teachers everywhere}

Laser Guided

Aren't laser guided missiles amazing?  I mean, to think that it can LOCK onto a target and no matter how that target moves it can still blow the thing to smithereens.  I wish I could pick a laser guided missile when I play 007 with Drew on the wii. :)  I like the hand grenades that just tend to blow people up.  They're pretty fantastic too.

Anyone sensing some pent-up aggression?  Possibly....

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about how in someone's talk (was it Oaks?) he said that trials often seen "laser guided" to our weaknesses.  And MAN is that ever true for me.  Patience is entirely my weakness.  I hate waiting for things.  I hate waiting for things to be fixed, jobs to be done, information.  I HATE waiting.  I know, you're all saying that you're all impatient too.  But you're not.  I'm a ninja of needing things in the HERE and NOW.  It's a total weakness of mine. 

no bueno.

But our trial is laser guided to that weakness.  We are waiting, and I've pushed myself to the fact that we probably won't know anything at least until Kate and the future king get hitched.  {BTW, I am as giddy as a schoolgirl about that whole thing!}  I still have so many great feelings that things are going to turn out OK.  I'm fairly sure we have never had so many people sending prayers to heaven in our behalf... but it turns out that none of that is going to particularly speed the process along, even though I have PLEADED to have it fixed soon.  Soon may just be 3 weeks.  Or longer.  Hopefully just 3 weeks though.  I feel good about 3 weeks.  My other weakness is wanting to fix things MYSELF. Which I entirely can't do in this instance. The trial for me is sitting back and waiting. And, it's working. I am slowly self destructing. :)

In other news the government is totally putting a hitch in our lives.  In every facet.  Thinking of moving to a state that wants to suseed (sp?) from our nation.  Know any of those?

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rumor Mill

Rumors: A Luxe Novel (The Luxe)A couple of weeks ago at Conner's school they had to have a "talk" with the fifth graders about sexual harassment, rumors and... hmm... there was something else, but I'm drawing a blank.  I think the main problem was rumors.  Lots of people saying things about other people, possibly of a sexual nature.  Hello, we're in fifth grade.  Eww.... {does kind of make me want to move, I will admit}

But rumors are kind of a part of life.  I think the main point that a person can do is NOT live up to what the rumors say.  I mean, if a rumor said that I was an alien from another planet where they grind wheat and compost, people might believe that, right?  But if the rumor was that I was a lush, they might not.  Or would they... I guess that's a blog post for another day.

Of course, they shouldn't be spreading rumors or sexually harassing people, but the main thing I wanted to get into Conner is that if he is living right, and being a genuinely nice person maybe people won't want to do those kinds of things to him, or they wouldn't believe them if they heard them. 

And then I watched Donald Trump on the Today show.  Not a huge fan of his, but he's brought up this Obama controversy on if he was born in the US or not.  And while I think he was born in the US and I think all of this is a bunch of nothing I sure do wish the guy could provide some proof!  I mean, how hard is it to provide a birth certificate!?

So, anyway I guess the moral of this post is 1. Ewww, we had to talk about that in 5th grade? and   2. Be a person to whom rumors aren't an issue because you are good enough that people just don't believe them.   3. If you hear a rumor about yourself and you don't like it maybe you need to change who you are to really show it's not true.

In other news, I am most likely possessed by an alien the past few weeks.  Believe it. ;)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

Well, life keeps chugging along, doesn't it?  I need to stay busy, I have found.  And while watching Funny Girl on Netflix is "busy" it does allow for the mind to wander.  Trying to keep the docket  a little more full today. :)  Maybe....

I did see there's a Bethany Got Married on my hulu queue though.  Horray!

C is at science camp, and I must admit I am feeling a little bad that I'm not missing him more.  There IS less fighting, there's less work, there's less blaming... Huh, 2 kids... pretty easy. :)  I'm excited for him though, I hear they have a great time, and that's just what he could use!

S has a big play this evening.  Very excited for him.  He is feeling pretty much like the master of the house while Conner is away.  He thinks he's in charge of everything. Wonder where he got THAT from?  Funny dude.

P is learning to play by herself, at least that's my plan.  I've had a playpen up in the house to throw her in when things got ugly, but we decided to take that down since she's almost 2 (!)... and now I'm trying to get her to learn to play nicely alone.

What are the chances?

And no news on the job front.  Not without effort though. :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Good Things After Bad/Hard Things

I was thinking about yesterday's post about how good things come after periods of pain and trial. I was actually thumbing through my scrapbooks (there are 21 mind you) with P while trying to listen to conference and I was struck by how many hard things I had weathered that had equally amazing opposites at the other end.

1. Nursing school. Pure awful. There were particular teachers in which four letter words seemed to come to mind quite frequently... But also in myself. School doesn't come easy for me. Being corrected time and TIME again as I learned didn't come easy for me. But it is one of the most apparent decisions in my life that was SO right. I have had countless blessings come from it. I'm glad I had the fortitude to stand through it.

2. Having Conner. #1 and this one come as a tie to my worst life situations ever. I felt like I was adequately prepared to have a child, being that i had worked for a pediatrician for 3 years prior but boy, oh boy was I wrong. I was prepared in that I could tell myself what to do, but actually doing it and submitting to the will of this tiny piece of screaming.... Well, you get the idea. It was really hard. But it truly was a refiners fire for me. I needed to learn about someone else's needs, I needed to know how low a person could get before rising from the ashes. It created a whole new woman. A woman, who I usually tend to think is an amazing mother and is someone who that person prior to Conner, I could only dream about being.

3. Moving to CA. I've read my journal about making the decision to come here and how difficult it was to move here. It was gosh awful. And actually, it was fairly awful for about 2 years after it. I had a really hard time finding my groove. BUT, it has been an amazing and life-altering experience. I have learned so much about people, and how I can love people who are entirely different from me, and yet still the same. I am not kidding in the fact that I had a REALLY long time getting into the groove of moving here. People are going to have to check on me after I move somewhere else. I don't transplant well, apparently. :)

Anyway, there are plenty of smaller occurrences where pains allow us to grow. I think it's so important to look back and think about specific times that you were send through a finer and allowed to grow into a new person.

So, I'm challenging you to write down a time on YOUR blog in which you went through a hard time and were prepared to grow. Feel free to email me or put it in the link, or if I regularly read your blog I will probably see it anyway. Hopefully it will help me to realize that everyone else is "growing" too. :)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Monday Musings on Moving

Sometimes I step back and look at myself from afar and I can't believe this is happening.  I can't believe what I'm doing and thinking about.  I think back less then a month ago where we thought we'd be here forever.

And now we have just a black hole where our future used to be. :)

Not that it's a black hole, it's just that it's black.  We haven't a clue.

I have learned a couple of things from this process though.

I know who my friends are.  I have had some friends who have reached out.  I know it's uncomfortable to talk to me when I could get emotional or it's hard for them to think about me leaving too, but they don't know how much it has meant for them to just make that phone call, email, or whatever.  To know that people love us and are praying for us has been enough to keep us going lately.  I am so grateful for these amazing friends.

What we are doing sounds crazy.  Selling our house in a poor market, getting a job in a poor market, considering any of it.

And I know it.

But I have to listen to my heart at this point.  We're not sure who else to listen to.  I feel like we are the foolish man who built their house upon sand right now.  Everything else seems to be shifting, but we are lucky in that our "house" is dug quite deep and rests on bedrock... it's just everything else. 

Anyway, I am always a realist but I will admit hurt feelings when people remind me this is insane.  That there's just no WAY Drew will get another job, or we won't sell our house and surely Drew should just find a new career.  I get it.  I'm a smart girl.  It does sound crazy, but I think it may just work.  At least I hope it will. :)  It has reminded me to perhaps take my "keeping it real" comments to myself sometimes.  I have no idea what other people are going through, how their hearts might be hurting... and my "real" comments might put them over the edge.

In other news, there is no news.  Just applying, and getting generic responses to our queries on timelines.  And life goes on.  Oh, does it go on. :)

Things God Wanted Me To Learn

This weekend was our church's "General Conference" -- aka, we are able to go to church in our jammies in our living room and eat cinnamon rolls while they feed our souls.  It's entirely a win-win situation. :)

BUT, there were a few things that I specifically felt like God wanted me to know.  ME, the writer of this blog (who doesn't want her full name attached to said blog).  God wants ME to know some things.  So, here's what they were.

1.  Marriage is really important.  I really felt like they were dumping on single guys.  Good luck to you fella's.  But, for me it's that marriage is a refiner.  We'll just say that our little marriage has had a few bumps along the road as of late.  No shocker.  I think most marriages would.  Drew and I have obviously made the decision to fight for our marriage, but it's a hard battle meant to improve us.  Good news, we're in the battle together, folks.

2.  Women are really amazing.  It's hard, especially in a sitaution like this, to feel that I am a bit of a ragdoll being dragged along the path of my husband's life.  I want to assure you that on most days I do not feel like this.  But it's been hard, especially since I just went through the journey of saving my own job so recently to now be faced with finding a new job again.  No bueno... but I believe that God has a special place His heart for women who willingly are a helpmeet to their husband. 

3.  Good things come after painful things.  I liked the analogy that someone made today (he was a 70, I can't remember who) about labor.  I know, mock me all you want.  I've thought a lot about how labor makes a mother love that baby... but he mentioned that after labor you have SUCH A lovely thing as a baby.  And that good things come after hard things.

I think that last one was what I most needed to hear.  I heard it in a lot of talks.  Also that patience is important and realizing that God has his own timeline.  Drew has recently said that he feels like there are things happening right now that we are not aware of, but are working for our good and preparing the next part of our lives.

I like thinking like that.  I like that the world is revolving around me.  Because a girl can dream, right?

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Honest, True, Chaste, & Virtuous

I found a link to movie they showed at a recent church conference for the young women of the church.  Let's just say I didn't need any more reasons to cry this week.  I love the Young Women of our church.  They gave me a long of strength when I wasn't sure I had it.

At about 3:20 they say they believe in being honest, true, chaste and virtuous.  It struck me.  What could you want more in your daughter or son to be?  I mean, if they followed those few words they would be so on track....

Here's the link:

I will also say that I look at these girls and I want to tell them to SOAK it in right now.  I remember thinking life would be amazing and that I wouldn't fight with my husband, I would never have to work, my kids would be angels and I wouldn't have to live on a budget.  The church was so true because nothing tried it or me.  But, even with all those things totally crumbling around me as I got older {gasp, yes -- Drew and I do fight} I can still be honest, true, chaste and virtous.  And so can you.

Saturday, April 02, 2011


Isn't it funny how you can find so many answers to your problem, even when people aren't specifically speaking to YOUR problem?

Yesterday wasn't my best day.

Today is much better.

Today Drew and I were doing our interval running (grr, hate it!) and I have now added an 8th running interval, and increased the amount of time I am running.  Our last interval was a KILLER, it was on the uphill and I thought I was going to die.

While I was considering laying down on the concrete I realized that I didn't need to be a perfect runner, and I might be hating it, but the most important thing was to just finish it.

And sometimes life is like that. :)

And a happy Conference weekend to all my Latter Day Saint friends... eat up. :)

Friday, April 01, 2011

Letters of Recommendation

I was just sitting here reading Drew's letters of recommendation listening to Come thou Fount of Every Blessing, bawling my little eyes out.  Ok, just a few tears.  Really, I am not much of a crier... hard to believe if you've read this blog lately. :)

Anyway, I was perusing them and they are AMAZING.  One is from his former Principal who is now the assistant superintendent and one is from his current principal.  He's also getting a couple from teachers who also teach high school in the district.

I was thinking about how you'd all kind of like a letter of recommendation, but of course you'd rather remain employed then have to get them.  But how nice it is to read how someone really thinks about you.  I'm sure Drew's had glowing reviews before this but these are REALLY nice.  Makes you wonder why on earth they are letting him go... and let's just say I-doubt-that-the-letters-of-recommendation-for-some-other-teachers{coughcough}might-not-be-as-glowing, but I am trying to keep this positive. :)

Anyway, just glad my husband has done such a good job for them the past 10 years, hopefully it will reflect well on him when/if he ever gets an interview. :)


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