Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

How do the weeks just fly by?  Each 29th'ish of the month we go out to dinner at one of the first restaurants we ate at in lovely Arizona and talk about how the month's gone and if we want to go back ... living our dreams. :)  Anyway this was our third trip.  Three months here, who knew?  I'm slowly starting to feel like I've lived here forever. 

Anyway, what's up with ME is an obsession over our garden.  For a while I really wanted raised boxes, but when we realized it'd be like 600 bucks to build all the boxes we want we decided to go with something else.

I came up with the idea for pavers as rows and then just make the soil really good with amending it with a modified Mel's mix.  Right now I'm concerned about the drip system.  I think they did some REALLY funky stuff with it (like, that it travels under the sidwalk... of course).  Anyway, trying to figure out how to feed our plants best.  It'll happen.  I guess here in AZ we plant a lot in the fall and then again in January'ish.  I'm only going to put row's in about 1/2 of the garden, as of now.  Excited to get stuff growing. :)  We have a lot more room then we did in CA.  You can't really tell from this photo but we have red pavers and red/purple lava rock and I'm alternating that with some white rock -- just to make it snazzy (and we have about a million white rocks already in that plot of land).  Snazzy, that's me.

P has been sick, but is on the mend.  We went to the park today, it's covered, which is really cool.  {get it, cool?}  Anyway, she won't leave my side and I am getting tired of my little shadow.  I think we need to branch out more often.

El Presidante is actually doing better in the mornings.  I've mostly left it to him (as it's a great time to garden, so he's on his own and P is asleep at that point anyway).  Maybe I just needed to pull back a bit... imagine.

Mr Middle is reading Harry Potter.  He read book #2 in about a day.  And then he re-read both 1 and 2 because I wouldn't let him take #3 to school.  It's nice to know my obsessive personality is carrying on without me. :)

Mr. E is busy, busy, busy.  Now we're adding field shop competitions to our already packed schedule.  I'm off all next week because of all that he has going on.  So. So. Fun. :D  At least it will give me plenty of time to work in the garden, right?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quote At the Top of the Stairs

I have to say that I LOVE my little quote board at the top of the stairs.  I have time to reminice about it each time I "scamper" up them. :) 

Wow, this is a really bad picture.  Here's last week's quote:

Not for that we have dominion over yor faith but are helpers of your joy: For by faith ye stand -- 2 Corinthians 1:26

And this week's is

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~William James

We made the little quote boards last year at Super Saturday -- it's just a picture frame with fabric behind it.  But it hopefully makes my kids think, and I know it makes me think too. 

Thoughtful Tuesday: Bullying

This morning while cuddling my healing 2 year old (I hate it when they have high fevers, even though I know it's not a big deal... I still know they're so uncomfortable -- but I do think she's on the mend now). I saw this story on the today show.  It is an awful story, and any story that ends in someone taking their own life is always an unhappy thing, but i had SO many thoughts whizzing through my head when I was watching it.  Let me see if I can enumerate:

1.  Kids shouldn't bully.  That's the truth.  But, newsflash -- I got bullied.  Did you?  Wasn't it a part of growing up?  Sure, no one called me a fag, but they were mean about my hair, my glasses, the clothes I wore.  They were mean.  And my mom told me that there are mean girls and it's a part of life to learn how to stand up to people like that around you.  And I think it made me a stronger person.  2nd newflash, I still get kind of bullied today.  The night shift girls at the new job are less then, well, nice.  Ok, only a few of them,  But SHEESH I'm bending over backward to be nice to these ladies.  And I get flack and crap from them.  Again, it's part of life and you learn to accommodate.

2.  Where are the parents of these awful kids?  I am NOT OK with my kids bullying.  When/if my kids have facebook accounts, I will have their password and I will also be their friend.  I will check it frequently.  I will also talk to them, about their day and things they're doing.  I do it now.  Yeesh. I'm just tired of kids cyber lives being private from their parents.  My kids have no privacy.  Deal with it youngsters. :)

3.  It's our job to set our kids up with good friends and with self esteem to carry them through certain moments.  It's our job to surround them with adults that they can talk to if they can't talk to us -- teachers, people from church, family friends.  Lots of involvement.  Just like my mom said, it's part of life -- girls are mean.

4.  We need to stop talking so much about the sexuality of our kids.  You're in high school, concentrate on math and science and not who lights your fire.  And parents need to make it clear that if it's a boy or a girl that doesn't need to be your focus -- school and making FRIENDSHIPS needs to be your focus.  Keep your pants zipped. 

I think it all boils down to the fact that parents need to be involved.  I love how Lady GaGa went to the president to talk about how we should make a law against bullying.  Can't we make it a law that stupid people can't have kids?  Of course, I'd be out of a job...

I'm just saying.

I will also say that I think raising your kids with some religious faith in a God who loves them and has put them here with a purpose can really help out.  On both ends. 

Really sorry for his family though, that is a hard, hard thing that will be with them forever.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Miracle Monday

Today's miracle is again one of the heart.

My calling is in primary (in the LDS church, you receive a "calling" -- an area that you are asked to serve in for whatever period they see fit).  Frankly, I'm not all that jazzed.  I have 3 small children, and I'm constantly with them and then I go to church and WOW I get to be with other people's kids.  Yay.  It just makes me tired.  I'm with the 4 year olds.  I'm just having a hard time with it as I am no longer meeting people, or having a moment to breathe on Sundays.  It's all kids.  All the time.

I'm wondering what on earth this could be for me.  Why on earth would they give me this calling.

And as I sat yesterday during the primary program, God smacked me over the head and reminded me that life isn't all about me.  Maybe this calling is for them.  It's no secret that I'm good with learning the skills you need to go to school.  These kids are just starting kindergarten.  Maybe they need something from ME.  Already they think they're all readers because they can all read I and A and a few other short words. :)

Anyway, it's something I needed.  Life isn't about me.  It's been about me for a few months, but it's time to share myself.  Time to be the giver.

Also, does anyone remember this day that I had my very own theme song.  Funky coincidence that I had to give the fourth article of faith yesterday in the primary program?  I doubt it.  I'd call it a miracle.  God bringing me full circle.  That if I just have faith, things WILL turn out.

This was all good, because I had a really hard weekend.  Just missed my peeps so much and the fun things we used to do after women's conference.  Sometimes I think this move is harder then I ever thought it would be... at least emotionally. :)

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have some miracles in your own life!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sharing my love of being anal...

I have a post up at Power of Moms with my cleaning routine condensed.
Check it out. :)

My Second Thoughts on Vaccines

Just some further thoughts about vaccines.

I think my post was a little rash, but I'm tired of people making ignorant comments about vaccines and sex, so both of those things just got me riled up.

First off.  I am fine with parents who are making their informed choice about vaccines.  I'm fine with it, as long as they're doing their own research, etc.  BUT, they can't expect for the general population to applaud it, or pediatricians to open their doors to them.  I made a decision to vaccinate for the health of my kids.  Kids who aren't vaccinated put newborns at risk, because they can not be vaccinated.  They put immune-compromised kids at risk.  End of story.  Everyone makes their own choices.  Don't be ignorant.  Blah, blah. :)

The same thing with the HPV vaccine though, and I do think that much of the hoopla is the fact that "Christians" plan for their children to stay virtuous up until marriage.  And that's great, that's what I want for my kids too.  There's just SO many ways for your mucous membranes to get messed up by someone else's.... to put it lightly.  I just think if THAT is your reason for not doing it, I would re-think it.  Just like women who don't get tested for STD's at pregnancy because they're in a monogamous relationship.  It's a health thing, not a trust thing at that point. 

Sorry if I was offensive.  I was bugged. :)   Keep up the good work parents. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Friday: Fantastic.

I have vowed to take more pictures.
Problem is, our life is insanely boring around here.  It's me on the couch, or me cleaning, or P, ok -- she is adorable.  But, yeah.

Anyway, here's what I have to offer. :) 

Look at the adorable little face that greets me every morning.  I love her curly bedhead.

And something less adorable.  Someone's hair is not liking the hot AZ sun, and had decided to turn into a nest for wayward birds.  I, however, am not a fan of wayward birds... so I tried a Yogurt/Mayo/Olive oil conditioning treatment for my hair.  And, voila.  did it work?  No.  Now I'm using black women's hair care.  Yo, sista'... whatup.

P is LOVING her lessons lately.  Not a fan that her mom doesn't often have time for them, but when we do sometimes we get extra perks like adorable puffy stickers.

CONFESSION:  I think I may have given my love for stickers onto another generation.  Man, that girl loves her stickers.  And I, perhaps, find a little too much joy in buying them for her.

P likes this particular look when we go to football games at the high school.  Maybe she needs some black women's hair care.  She's all gangsta with her baggy pants (aka, easy to get on and off to go potty) pants.

And someone got a haircut when Grandma was here.  Just a trim.  This was seriously only her second, ever.  I lopped off a bit on the top right as we were moving because it was ridiculous.  She LOVED getting her hair cut (which is a HUGE change from the boys, S cried until he was 5, at least!).  We just sat her cross legged on my vanity.  My mom though it'd never work, but she sat there like a dream!

While my parents were here, we did a little shopping.  P wouldn't stand next to the Indian if we paid her.  Maybe if the Indian offered to cut her hair....

I must admit one of my favorite times is walking S to the school bus int he morning.  Look how lovely it is.  Less lovely at pickup when it's still over 100!  HELLO FALL SOLSTICE.  We WELCOME YOU TO ARIZONA WITH OPEN ARMS.  :)

S wanted in on the gangsta' look.  They think the marimba feet are their own personal benches.  Who knew?

S did some amazing artwork at school.  Love him.

Anyway, that's our week in a nutshell.  A boring, and tasteless nut shell.  But, boring is good.  Heavens knows I like boring. :)  Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a GREAT weekend!

A Belated What's Up Wednesday

Seriously, have to stop working so much.  Have to stop doing night and then days.  Ruining me.  Luckily, I'm off for a few days.  Horray!

I know, you're all dying to know how potty training is going and I'm happy to report we're back on track.  I'm now giving jelly beans out when she goes potty by herself and that's been an incentive to not just stand in front of me and pee because she doesn't want to pull her pants down.  We are nowhere near dry on most naps and not at night, but I'm happy with the progress she's making.  She daily asks to go to her 2 babysitters who watch her when I go to work.  Sadly, I am nowhere near as fun.  Bad news. :)

Mr Middle  is slowly being taken to the dark side by his brother.  For most of the year he gets up and is super responsible on his own, but Conner is bugging him to NO end in the mornings.  Maybe I need to make Conner stay in bed longer... of course, he also broke his clock....  In other news, I spied in S's class this week and he is doing absolutely great.  All is well in the land of S. :)

El Presidante has a Star Wars film festival this week at school.  It's like Christmas for him.  He is thoroughly forming great bonds with friends and I like that.  His Jr. High is also all about being in a club or extra-curricular activity.  Conner's in some sort of engineering thing-a-ma-jig.  He's problem solving the world's problems for his extracurricular activity.  His accountability is getting better... slowly....

Poor Drew.  His work schedule is insanity.  He left this AM at like 5:30, he may come home for a lunch hour but then it's back to school and he may get home at like midnight tonight.  He also has something tomorrow.  And while I also feel extraordinarily sorry for myself, he has got to be tired from being worked like a dog.  Funny how he's part time, no? :)

I'm just plugging along.  I have yet to get crafty besides a little jar I made for family home evening.  I was inspired by a friends little girl bows though, I think I need to get out my box of ribbon one of these days.  I also have some scout patches screaming at me.  Man, those patches are loud little buggers.... :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday: HPV

Here I dive into the world of current events.

Take a deep breath.

I have so many thoughts on this story about Michelle Bauchman and HPV.  Let me try and organize them.

1.  First off.  HPV.  Li'l Miss P will be getting it, I guess there's even a chance my boys might get it, although that seems a bit overboard.  You just never know, and if your daughter makes one mistake and then dies of cervical cancer... I mean, just get it.  HPV's really real, there's lots of good Christian women out there wtih it.  It's an STD and it can kill you, and at best it can make you get biopsies of your cervix which can cause a c-section.

2.  WHAT THE HECK?  She talked to ONE woman who said her daughter became retarded AFTER getting the vaccine.  I mean, you don't get it til' you're like a tween.!  The girl was perfectly normal and then whamo, she was retarded?  Plus, it's one person, and then she decides to spew it in a debate?  I'm just so tired of this.  I can't tell you how many phone calls I got from worried moms thinking their kids were going to get Autism since they got the MMR.  And now to find out it was all really poorly done and not true in the SLIGHTEST?  Grrr.... and to think of the kids that have died because they didn't get it.  Plus, that whole pertussis outbreak.  I don't think people get the whole heard immunity thing.  Anyway, I just get really bugged when people talk about vaccines with absolutely no knowledge.  I'm interested in these doctors offices that say if your child isn't getting shots you'll need to find a new pediatrician.  Hmm, I can't find a link to it.  But some pediatric offices are saying that if your child isn't immunized, you'll need to find a new provider.  It truly does put the rest of the population (especially newborns) at risk.  Also, if you strongly believe your child shouldn't get shots, you probably do need to find a pediatrician that agrees with you.  And those are getting more and more rare....

Soapbox done. :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Miracle Monday

The only miracle is that I made it through last week. :)

Sometimes you have to take what you can get.  Also, my patients on Saturday were SO insane it did make me very grateful for my own life.

It takes a lot to shock me anymore.

They worked their magic. :)

Anyway, it's another week around here, and I'm not working the weekend so I feel like maybe I can make it through.  I'm also really trying to focus on getting into a routine here.

I need to focus on some things that I really like to do.  I like to be crafty, and I like designing things.  I just need to do something that makes ME happy each day.

So, some things I'm hoping to add to my plate this week:

  • I have some adorable bows to make Miss P, and her hair is getting longer and it'd be fun to put something in it.  I got these cute buttons I'm going to make into clips.
  • I would like to scrapbook up through 2010.  I think starting with 2011 I plan to do digital books.  Scrapbooks have a place, but as the kids are getting bigger, it's time to make the transition.  Plus, it'll be easy to make a copy for the grandparents.  Anyone have a digital book service they like (and is well-priced).
  • I still have a bunch of fabric to make some cute bags out of.  I love a bag.  I also enjoy sewing.  Not a huge fan of cutting out, but I do like seeing how the little stitches can make a big thing.  It is a bit of a miracle.
  • I'd like to take at least one picture every day.  I know, it sounds sad that I NEVER have the good camera out, but I love documenting what's going on.  I need to be better about it.
  • I was going to make square foot garden boxes, but I've decided that's too expensive for us right now, and we'd have to fill them with soil anyway.  SO, I'm going to just use the plot of land we were going to use and just amend the soil to make it more willing to have plants in it.  I need to do another post on this, but I also need to do some research about what grows when here.  Stupid new climate. :)
  • I would also like to set up a playdate every week.  Just some time to see another adult.  I like adults, they tend to not whine as much and speak in terms that I can almost always understand.

Anyway, just wanting to put something fun on my plate every day.  The dessert of life, if you will.  What do you do that you enjoy?

Friday, September 16, 2011

The One Where I Whine.


Every time I think about this blog all I want to do is whine.

I'm REALLY trying to put myself in a place where I am happy.

I just can't do it.

Most of it is the fact that I signed up for about 50% more shifts then I actually wanted to work because I heard they cancelled a lot, but then they don't cancel.... so I'm working like a crazy woman.

Three shifts this week, almost 30 hours.  Plus, I'm grocery shopping, making bread, and all my usual stuff.

I'm expecting a little much out of myself.

Plus, my cigarette lighter in the Subaru stopped working, and that bugs me, and our water softener is filling up too much, and that's bugging me.

I wish the weekend was time for some rest, but I work a 12 hour shift tomorrow, and then it's the primary program practice in Sunday in which I may see some kids eyeballs roll on to the ground if they have to sit nicely much longer.

I need to put myself into the happy place.  Maybe I need a crane....

Thursday, September 15, 2011


My kids span 8 years.  Somehow I didn't think that would be that big of a deal.  I didn't pick it (we took a while to get pregnant with Spencer, and a REALLY long while to get pregnant with P, not by choice -- I actually wanted her and S to be about 2 years apart, in my mind)... but it is what it is.

I often talk to moms about this at work.  There are so many pros and cons from both areas.  I see them...

The con's of having kids spread out:
  • I will be in elementary school forever
  • I feel like a bipolar mom dealing with tween angst and potty training
  • We have toys for all ages, it makes for a LOT of toys
  • Sometimes I look at the other moms with kids the same age as P and I don't feel like I really fit in.  Sometimes I have too much of the big picture...
  • My "career" is getting held off for a LONG time.  Not sure what/if I want to do when my kids are all in school, but it's not something I have to worry about in a while.

The pro's of having kids spread out:
  • The older ones are SUPER helpful
  • Each child has had a TON of one on one time with me, I don't think Spencer felt too slighted when I had P because he was already old enough to have his "own" thing.  It's like he had Kindergarten, and I had a baby.
  • We have toys of all ages, and sometimes each age enjoys the other age. 
  • I can relate to moms with kids of a lot of ages.

Sometimes I just want to SCREAM because I feel like I'm going to be a mom of littles forever.  Mostly it's the things lately where Conner has those hormones changing who he is, and P deciding to break me on the potty training.

But I know God gave us each child at the point that we needed them. and that's always a good feeling. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

Ok, first, the bad news.  I went from a fully potty trained little girl, to one that won't even go to the bathroom herself.  I know she's workin' me hard, but I'm not having it.  I remember that Spencer did this same thing.  I'm just staying firm with her cleaning it up and potty practice, but I'm losing my mind.   I'm sure other people have had this problem?  Thoughts?  anyone? {help me....}

I worked til' 2 am yesterday.  It probably wasn't my smartest move.  It was also with night shift so I hardly know any of them, it made me tired.

Conner did this cool cave art thing at school.  His teacher covered an entire room with paper and drew on it.  Pretty need.

Spencer is so self sufficient.  I could kiss him, and I do.

Drew and I never see each other.  I have no idea what's up with him.  Sometimes I get a text.  I've told him to come home early today so I can nap.

We shall see.  I hope I remember what he looks like.

Ok, back to potty training.  Advice?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Late Miracle Monday: Mindframe

Things just haven't been peachy lately.  I am overwhelmed by my children, one in particular... although, the little Miss has forgotten how to be potty trained, and that isn't my favorite thing in the world.  I felt depressed that my life was spiraling downward.  Last night as I wrote in the kids journals, and thought about how things were going I was feeling the giant weight of parenthood as I am shaping these little lives into what I want them to be.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how people depend on someone else to change their life.  Or someTHING else.  They'll win the lottery, or they presidential change will mix it up for them.  The reality that YOU are in charge of your OWN life is a harsh reality that I think some people just can't accept.

And, as I was thinking about the both of these things they slowly congealed into my mind.  It's up to me to change my life.  I can't be upset that my husband isn't home.  I can't be upset that we live in a new place and I feel VERY alone a lot of the time.  I can't just wallow in it -- in the same way I couldn't wallow in the fact that he lost his job.  I needed to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

And then it clicked.

I need to make myself happy.  I had this same brain shift last year.

Also, I need to tackle this problem with el Presidante in the same way that I tackled having to get a new job/sell my house.  Etc.  I'm a smart girl that can change my life. 

I was really hoping my husband could be my more helpful, and that would change my life.  But I can't plan on that.  You'll notice that the brain shift has to be in the fall, often.  The man is never home and him going to graduate school has just made things SO much more fun.  Plus, him only working 80%, although it seems like he's definitely doing full time... but either way it's my job to make up the difference with adding shifts like a french whore. :)

Anyway, back to the problem at hand.  It's my job to change it -- not anyone else's.

So, I'm reading my standby parenting books, but I'm up for some more teenager-y type ones if anyone has a favorite. 

Do you have a problem you're just hoping the problem fairy will come along and fix?  :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Faith as Life

Here I sit, 10 years later.  In an obviously similar situation.  I've moved to a new town, I have a new job and things are very much in flux.  It's the same place I sat as I fed Conner a bottle (and yes, Conner did drink a bottle til he was like 18 months old) on the couch and watched the 2nd tower fall just minutes after rubbing the sleep out of my eyes (I'd worked til' 11 pm the night before, of course).

I wonder how my life is different since that day.  I'm not really sure that it is.  I still strongly believe that God loves us and he loves our country, my friends, my neighbors.  I believe that those terrorists were also sons of God.  I can only imagine the disappointment that Heavenly Father has in his children sometimes.

Perhaps, even in me.

But I know that happiness isn't a job, or a town or a friend.  It's found through Christ.  I think a lot of people realized it that day.  I hope they'll realize it again today.

Happy patriot day.  I hope we all remember what's really important today.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ventalicious Thursdays

I'm really not complaining and being judgemental enough on this blog. 
It's true.

So, today is the day where it all spills out.

Has everyone heard about how Kate's show has been cancelled?  I have been the author of a few snarky tales about Kate prior to now, but this one has left me dumbfounded.  Did she literally think that her kids would be on TV until they went to college?  She had no idea that the public would tire of them?  She had no fall-back plan.  WHAT KIND OF A NURSE IS SHE?  I am interested to see what she makes of herself.  Maybe she'll realize how posh those kids have had it, and maybe that TV really isn't the hardest job in life.  Once the nannies, and the trips, and the fabulous lifestyle are gone, I'd like a little peek into her life.  Of course, I don't have cable... so what do I care? :)

Good luck to Kate, she has a lot of people riding on her decisions.  It's interesting when reality hits reality stars, no?

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

I had to giggle as I read all the people sending their kids off to school this week on Facebook.  We've been in school for a MONTH already (and I'd have to say, I'm GLAD we are).  And life rolls on!

Labor day brought our very first visitors, and I must say, that having visitors in a 2400 square foot house is easier then in a 1200 square foot one.  In case you couldn't figure that on your own previously.  My parents are here for the week... yay!

Drew continues the march of marching band.  The band is doing really well, and since we start so early they have lots of time to get ready for their competitions, starting in October.  Too bad it's still like 110, daily.  I see promises of cooler temperatures on the news.  He continues bi-nightly scorpion hunts.  He's not a fan of my scorpion fears.  That's just a shame....

Conner started jazz band before school this week.  I'm jazzed that he has a friend who can help us carpool to it.  He's really getting into the trumpet.  Not so into the family bank and the things that he needs to do.  He's also getting very empty pockets.  We've had a LOT of trials in the early morning.  Not sure how to fix it, but I'm slowly fading.  He just procrastinates.  Everything.  Did I mention I'm his mom?  The anti-procrastinator?  It makes for a lovely early morning mix....

I spend a few hours spying, I mean helping, in Spencer's class this week.  I was glad to see that things are VERY similar to our last school.  While his teacher may be best compared to Barbie, I think she has more brains then a plastic doll, make that MUCH more brains.  She seems really sweet and on top of discipline and challenging him.  What more do I want? :)

P has had a bit of regression on potty training.  I believe there were 5 wet pants yesterday and so far just one today.  I was expecting this though, and I'm just trying to take it in stride, and continue with potty practice when she makes no obvious efforts to even go.  Oh, to be 2.  She has tantrums and mixing emotions down to a science.  The little dear.

I have ACLS this week, and I'm super jazzed about taking tests on things I've never done/probably won't do.  It's the one where you learn to shock people.  Uh huh.... tell me when the baby's coming out, people.  It's my fifth time, and I am sad to say I'm not sure I'm much better now.  Thanks to my parents for coming out to help facilitate it this time.

Life goes on.  Our hot little life. :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tragic Tuesday: Acceptance

Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha{Sigh of relief}

This one sure is the point where you say, "it is what it is."

Isn't it?

I really could spend a LOT of time wallowing.  I could think about all the friends I don't have anymore, all the support that is lacking, the weather {UH the weather}, how I miss our old school, my old job, all the things that used to be.

I could miss it a lot.

But I wouldn't be happy.  Each time I dwell on any of those things, it's like picking at a healing scab.  And it just doesn't heal anything. You have to accept the new reality.

That isn't to say that it's not great to reminisce and realize what a GREAT part of your life that is, but I know that there are some videos I can't watch right now.  There are some photo albums I just can't flip through.  Or I flip back into the other stages.

I also know that if by some weird time change continuum I could go back to the old life, it wouldn't be the same.

Things just never are.

So, you have to accept it.

I guess last week's post sounded like I'm still really depressed about the move.  And while I do have my moments (and I think right now I need to realize the scab is still healing, and it's not time to pull out old movies or think about all the happenings at the other school right now), I am very happy here.  There were a lot of perks to this move, not the least of which is the fact that God wanted this to happen.  We were supposed to move here, and Drew getting laid off just lit a fire under us.

Sadly, that fire is in Arizona. :)  I wish he'd put an ice cube under us some days (although, I think I'd rather be hot then cold).

And life goes on, and it's great and we rebuild here. Because THIS is our life. {uh, that sounded too much like Kate from Jon and Kate.... }

Friday, September 02, 2011

Photo Friday: Scout it Out.

Is there anything scarier then a cub scout with a live arrow in his hands?  No.  I think it would make a great thriller.  The cub murders.  Ouch. 

BUT, Conner is moving on to boy scouts.  After much issue with the whole moving ward thing and our last ward being less then involved in the whole scout thing, Conner got his Arrow of Light this week.  We're super proud of him.

This ward's scout leader is ON the ball, and the primary presidency really backs him up (many of them were there, I was impressed).  Each time a scout advances they'd get to drink blood, or wrestle a bear.  It was really cool, and it kept the kids entertained in just the way that little boys love to be entertained.

BUT, it was a lot of work for El Presidante, and we are very proud.  Excited for the next chapter of scouting (and by excited I mean a little nervous, I remember all too well all the stupid things my brother did in scouting).

Happy Friday everyone.  Let's hope there's lots of reason to bring out the camera next week!


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