Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

Welcome December.  I think I went the opposite the movement to write daily in November.  I think I'm back into a blogging groove now though.

El Presidante has been having some "issues" (cough,coughlosingthingscough) at school.  In fact, at one point I saw a D on his report card.  He's pulling it together now and he only gets 1/2 hour of computer every day even if it's school work.  I think it's helping him to focus on what he really needs to do.  He and Drew are now also doing trumpet lessons, so we're hoping to kick that up a notch too (which, gives me one less kid to teach piano to).

Mr Middle is pretty funny.  With our new family bank system he's en massed a ton of money.  Seriously, I'm gonna have to take a loan from him one of these days.  he's all about his funds.  He loves counting it and caressing it gently... :)

Maybe I used November to get my groove on with Princess P.  We have lessons almost daily, and she's learned the sounds of about 8 letters.  We're going to start putting the sounds together soon.  She's also all about colors and shapes and reading library books together.  How did my baby get so big?  I do notice when I spend that extra time with her I'm rewarded with much less whining.  Lucky me!  Here she is with the Christmas charm bracelet my mom gave her.  She ADORES it.  I see more charm bracelets in her future....

The director is gearing up for holiday concerts and did a great job decorating our house for Christmas.

I'm just plugging along and happy to not be working night shift.  Trying to reform my workout/eating routines.  And that is all. :)

Princess P is currently talking to her bacon, introducing herself before she chews it.  She's so proper that way. :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Cards

Last year's card.  You don't think I'd spoil this year's card by
putting it on my blog already, do you? :)
I LOVE Chrismas cards.  There's just nothing happier then opening that mailbox, only to have an old friend greet you.  What a lovely feeling.

Hence, I send out my own.  Frankly, I love going through my list of old friends, and thinking happy thoughts about each of them as I go through the list.  I feel really blessed to have had SO many friends in my lifetime.

BUT, not all of them are on my list.  I categorize them....

1.  People who don't send cards.  These people will find themselves off my list soon.  Sometimes they hang on, if they're related to me... but frankly, if you don't give, you don't get... and my cards are worth sending me one.  :)

2.  People who just send a photo.  Really?  No message?  I mean, I like it...  I just don't LOVE it.  Worse then these are people who just send a card and sign their name.  Sure, I get a little warm fuzzy.  Like wrapping your body in thread instead of yarn. :)

3.  People who send a photo and a letter.  I like this, it's nice.

4.  People who send a photo and a funny letter. :)  I REALLY like this.  I like funny.

5.  And the best group of all, a photo, a letter AND a personalized message.  I really try and do these on all my cards.  Just seems a waste of a stamp if I don't at least say that I miss you or I hope to get together soon, etc. :)  Of course, our Christmas list got a whole lot larger this year, so we'll see how I do on this one.

Anyway, I adore Christmas cards.  I wish stamps were cheaper, but I wish a lot of things were cheaper.  Off to lick away....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sister Wives: Kody Becomes a Midwife

Last night was the season finale of Sister Wives.

And it hit me.  Kody really just wants to be an OBGYN.  End of story.  He just wants to practice his love of women (still one of my favorite clips of ALL TIME).

Admit it, it's really, really funny.  No?

After watching the episode I think I realized that I love those ladies.  I like each one, just like I like my own friends, but Kody is a piece of work.  He's SO into his own personal reproduction and in this show his own personal PROduction it may literally be killing his family.  I rarely see dads all "down in the business" when their wife is having a baby.  I find it creepy at work and I somehow find it EXTRA creepy with him.  It's like he forgets the wife and just wants that little piece of HIM out in the world.  Ew.

SPOILERS OF THE SHOW -- read below only if you don't want to be surprised in the show, nothing earth shattering, just thought I'd tell you. :)

So, Robin has little Solomon (didn't Solomon have a lot of wives in the bible?... am I remembering that right?).  I also think it's weird that her dad is so "there" for the delivery.  I think my dad is pretty pleased that he's a state or two away when that blessed event happens. :)  Is he a polyg?  Is he Kody?  Is Kody going to be this dad when his daughters have babies?  Frankly, I find it weird.  Rare is the dad that wants to be there at the delivery. 

She's bugged that Hunter hasn't embraced her as his mom from day one.  HELLO, she needs to think of herself as a "step mom" to a lot of those kids.  It's gonna take time.

Not a fan of how she entwined her faith with her decision to have a baby at home.  I have nothing personally wrong with home births.  I have some women/babies who would've died if they'd chosen that path... so it just doesn't work for me.  However, a lot of things at the hospital don't really work for me either, but that's a blog entry for another day (I'm anti pitocin, there, I said it). 

Let's see.... what else happened.  Oh, Christine (wife #3) was talking about how she hasn't fully embraced Robin, and that's something she's working on.  I'm pretty sure it's normal for the last wife to have a hard time when the new wife comes -- seems kinda natural to me.  Seems like they should have a support group for them. :)

I do think it's weird how Meri kept saying that she's never had a deep relationship with her other sister wives but she'd found it in Robyn.  I thought they were all fairly friendly....

So, in the end Robyn says that she wants to be Meri's surrogate.  And honestly, I think this is a time where a sister wife would be perfect for that.  Robyn still gets to be the mom, but Meri gets to have it as "hers".  I hope she does it.  I am normally ANTI-surrogate just because there's SO many emotions... but again, in this situation it just seems perfect!

Anyway, I love the show.  Sad that the season is over.  I hope they take their hiatus to heal their family.  I hope they come back living next to each other and with things on a good course. 

Did you watch the last few episodes?  Thoughts?  Do you think Kody should be an OBGYN? :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I'm feeling a bit ungrateful, especially with my own personal unwillingness to mention all of my blessings on Facebook.  Honestly, Facebook just isn't big enough to hold all the things that I am blessed with.

It would be easy to sit back and look at a year that has ruined us.  Our life is so different then it was last Thanksgiving, and yet eerily similar.  Just a state away.

Different: New jobs, for both of us.  What a blessing.  After taking a step back I'm amazed that both of us were able to find employment in such a recession.  Huge blessing.  Drew laid off on March 15th and we both had jobs within 3 months in a new home.

Same:  Friends from church are coming for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  We haven't lived by family in years and it's always nice to know that there is "family" wherever you go.  Love learning from the different ladies cooking styles...

Different:  Drew just killed a scorpion that was on the screen outside.  Ew.  Blessed to have an amazing husband.  Scorpions are just something I'm living with.

Same:  I'm working.  I always work Thanksgiving.  This year I'm working night shift and I'm kind of in a panic about how that will all work out, but I am grateful for a job that I've been able to slip easily into.

Different: Home.  Hi, I won't have to balance the turkey on the sink while I try to get it onto a carvings board.  Excited about the kitchen.  Also the fact that we can house all of us.  The house is a huge blessing.  The location, the layout, the fact that it's all ours (well, 21% ours and 79% the bank's, but I digress).  Lovely.  The house.

Same: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I just love how technology makes some things just the same.  For instance, my blog hasn't changed location. :) 

Different: Weather.  I just put holiday music on my phone and was listening to it on a walk today.  Hard to get in the festive mood when it's 80 degrees outside, but hey, it's only 80 degrees. :)

Same:  We are amazingly blessed.  We were blessed last year, and we are this year.  Joy overfills our cups and we aren't sure how we got so lucky.  Same as every year.

Different:  I think this year we just have a little bit more knowledge of how lucky we are.  It puts me in a mood to be REALLY thankful.  Also different, I've decided not to use a Reynolds Oven Bag, and instead use the Alton Brown turkey recipe.  Wish me luck. :)

I hope you ponder how God changes your life for the good this weekend.  I know I'll have a lot of quality time to do that as I am working night shift tomorrow.  Life goes on, and isn't it grand?  I'm so glad I didn't jump off the plane.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Modest is the Hottest

Ever wish your sleeves were a little longer, or the hemline longer?

Me too.

Maybe you're a sister wife and you can only wear 3/4 length sleeves, but don't want to wear a tank top over all your shirts.

Go shop at Ehsakti. :)

It's the perfect blend of modesty and cute current styles.

If you're looking for a party dress or just something festive it's the place to shop.  If you've got a daughter in need of a cute formal, search no more.

Anyway, I did get a free dress sent to me about a year ago, but I love it.  I love how I could make it fit ME.

And it does. :)

Plus, here's a code for 20$ off your order FBESHAKTI.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Doing What You Can

During our whole "mess" I had such a strong feeling that people beyond the veil were with us.  Rooting, comforting, coordinating our future life. 

Sometimes when people die we think of all the things they didn't do.  Maybe how I'd wished they were better to me or to my family.

Last night I was reading the conference talk about the spirit of Elijah.  I've never been one to get crazy into genealogy.  I am a believer of there being a time and a place for everything, and that's just not my place right now.

But I do believe that the spirit of Elijah can just help to remind you that people are just doing the best they can on this earth.  Just like when you're a teenager you just don't get how your parents are, and then you have one of your own, and just realize it's a miracle you're still alive. 

My grandpa was kind of a gruff guy.  He rubbed some people the wrong way.  Yet, on Saturday I had the strongest feeling from him that he's happy and that he hopes that I am happy too.  Random, out of the blue.  Do you ever get that?  Am I crazy?  I did vomit about 12 hours later... so it's possible. :)

Anyway, I'm grateful for the spirit of Elijah and how it can help you remember hard things ancestors have been through, or how they still love you just like when they were here on earth.  I think it's more then just looking up names, although that's important too...

Just not now. :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Photo friday

Happy 11/11/11 at 11:11. We're all super excited, can't you tell? Proud of our veterans.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Fall Fashion

I just got my live well question:

What are your Fall must-have fashion picks?

Couldn't have been a better day to type this.  I went to Kols, with a 30% coupon in hand and 30 bucks of blogher money and I couldn't find a thing.  I'm not really sure what I want.  I know I still want to lose weight, so pants were out of the picture.

I really want shoes.  Although I found a pair at goodwill.  I really want some heeled loafers....

That cool wave thing is kinda weird.... but I do love a wedge, makes me feel more supported.

Because our weather is still schizophrenic, I really like cardigans.  Like this one from Kohls.  I went in search of some at Goodwill the other day and came away with a few.  I need to spend a little more time at the Goodwill.... 

I really think it's classy to do a cardigan with a belt or something.  I just can't seem to find anyhing screaming my name.

So, what are your fall fashion must have's?  There's lots of great stuff over at the Life Well Lifed link.  Check it out!

Honestly, I think my must have is to lose some weight...  Too bad I can't buy that at Kohls.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday

Absolutely nothing to do with the entry, this is Spencer's Thank You
card for us coming to Parent teacher conference.  It's amusing, no?
Hold on Tight.  I've got a lot of thoughts, especially since P was pretty sick yesterday and I was able to read a lot of news on my phone.

Put your seatbelts on. :)

The Duggars:  AHHH, they're having another one!  This makes 20.  I admire their faith, and I truly believe that her job as a mom is less strenuous as mine, becuase she has those amazing older girls (who can come nanny for me any time).  However, I know it took a lot of patience to train those girls up right, so whatever.  BUT, if I was a nurse at their hospital I'd be ducking if I saw them walk in.  That is a uterine nightmare waiting to happen.  She does look really fit and skinny, but that uterus has got to be tired.  Methergine, misoprostil, hemabate stat.  Good luck to them, I hope it goes great. 

Dr Conrad Murry:  Ok, I really think the guy was just in it for some good money, and Michael was in it for his personal prescription and administering assistant. Michael wanted sleep.  He was willing pressure him to do it.  The beauty of a practice is that you usually have a team of people who are willing to stand firm.  When it's just you... I can see how it'd happen.  I mean, doctors aren't used to being the bad guys, that's nurses! :)  I feel bad for him, but I hope it's a lesson to all other personal physicians out there.  And I wish Jackson's family wouldn't pretend like none of it was his fault.  We need to take personal responsibility for our health decisions.  Michael was a sick man. If you need propofol to sleep, most likely you're going to die soon either way.  End of the story. 

Sister Wives: This week's episode was at least interesting.  I think the teenagers might be coming around to the idea of staying in LV.  I think it's interesting to learn more about their church, but every time I see "Mormon" stuff at their house (Hymn books, proclamation on the family, Jesus the Christ) I shudder.  Yikes.  A friend brought up the idea that we think maybe they aren't supposed to show their arms.  The women, most times, are all wearing long sleeves.  But seriously, the layering, it has to stop.  I did see Janelle showing her forearms once though, so, who knows.  Anyone have info on that?

Ruby:  Ok, I've had a little spare time lately to watch this show.  I'm just not sure how I feel about it.  I'm bugged by how little she thinks she can do herself.  I remember being like that though.  I finally decided that I was going to have to do a lot of the household work (aka, putting in the drip system) etc.  I think when I was fat I just thought I couldn't do stuff... but once I started doing more I wanted to lose more weight.  I think she's heavily assisted in being so heavy, and I'm bugged when she's not following the diet, but wonders why she's not losing.  I'm not sure how much more I can watch.  How judgemental am I?  :) 

Life at Fertilization:  Some state is trying to pass a law that starts life at fertilization.  I'm just not sure how I feel about this one.  Honestly, I'm not sure that life does start at fertilization.  I mean, the uterus is really what gives it life.... {sigh}.  I just think there's too many weird ramifications.  I mean, if I do something to harm a fetus but to save a mom, could I be liable?  It's a whole other bag of chips.

In other news, my lettuce is growing like gangbusters, I need to get out there and trim it.  Anyone have any favorite arugula recipes?  Our family really likes arugula, so I hope we can eat it all (anyone local want a bag of it?).

Sunday, November 06, 2011

A Christmas Gift to YOU!

The LDS church went ALL OUT creating a big ol' set to film these amazing videos about Christ.
It's their Christmas gift to all of us!
Loving this one about the nativity this time of year.

If you believe in Christ, I think you'll find these videos perfect for what you'd like to share with your family about the true meaning of Christmas this year.

LOVE them. :)

Friday, November 04, 2011

Conner's PTC

I think that Conner has Laverne and Shirley for teachers.  That's all I'm going to say about that.  But one's totally the level headed even-keel one, and ones the artsy fartsy love your guts kind of a one.  I find it amusing.

And that is all.

 It's the same conference every year.  He's super bright (I'm talking crazy bright here... I don't talk much about it, but Conner tested REALLY REALLY high here.... I'm talking REALLY high, cough and choke on your gum while you're reading the results high), but he rushes to get through stuff and he's obsessed with the laptops.  Oh, and he's chatty.  He can still learn while chatting with a friend, but most people can't.  So, he needs to shut it.

Sometimes I feel like I'm living with Rain Man.

It doesn't help that P is Rain Toddler.

Anyway, after I came home I really need him to focus.  We came up with 5 goals that we're going to assess daily.  They are:
1.  Be organized -- No missing assignments and not lose our stuff (huge problem for him)
2.  Be a listener-- No talking when the teacher's talking -- they get detention if they do it too much so I put in there NO detention.
3.  Be Industrious --  1/2 hour of table homework and then 1/2 hour of computer (and that is all, for playing or homework, I'm stickin' to my guns on this one, a least for the next month)
4.  Be Smart -- Raise math grade to an A (he has a B, mostly because he sometimes forgets to do the back.  Seriously.  Also, he rushes through tests to get to play on the laptops)
5.  Be Focused -- Conner recently added some less then appropriate artwork to a power point presentation he was doing, it had nothing to do with it.  He also sometimes likes to add Justin Beiber.  Either way, no extra "stuff"

Anyway, I really need him to learn to buckle down.  I figure Jr High is a time to practice and learn to be on the ball.  He can do this.  I know he can.  I also think candy can be a good bribe. :)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays

Kim Kardashian.  I shake my head at you.  I really have no idea how someone of your age can make such a huge mistake and then pretend like it's not for money.  I boycott you.  Not like I watched you before, but now I REALLY won't.

Sister wives.  Your kids hate you, and this show is going to end soon if you don't figure out it.  It's depressing.  I'm sorry for your sore lot.  It sure doesn't look fun.

Herman Cain.  Not sure what I think about you, but I do think that sexual harassment has many forms.  You seem like this presidential thing took you by surprise... not a fan of the 9-9-9.

Occupy protesters.  Raise you're hand if you're surprised the Oakland protests got out of hand?  Huh, what a shocker.  I don't really get this movement.  Take my job.  We all, essentially do the same thing.  But, the techs get less then me, I make less then the doctors.  It seems fair because we all have different liability and different educational levels.  Frankly, I think they need to get jobs and stop camping out.  It's people like them that's killing us.  So what if some people are really rich.  Focus on YOU and YOUR problems.  Which, if you have time to camp, are probably numerous.

Michael Jackson's Doctor.  I think Michael did it, and this guy's an idiot.

Full of thoughts, aren't I?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

What's Up Wednesday: Post Star Wars

Halloween is over, and somehow my kids are insane?  I mean, I'm ready to throw the candy away.  I think that somehow, I didn't really notice it before, but it's pretty darn apparent now.  Crazy kidlets.

Anyway, P is still poopin' in the pants.  I went the crazy Medusa mom route, and it didn't work out so well.  So now I'm just playing it cool and having her clean it up.  I know, how did I get so Zen?  I have also offered a Halloween candy of choice when she poops.  Make that, if she poops.  Again, totally zen about it.  Can you tell?

Mr Middle had a talent show at school today.  He did his magic show.  I wish i could magically make this video flip on its side but it's pretty well for the grandparents anyway.  Don't hurt yourself, it's not that exciting. :)  He just did a book report on who else, but Harry Potter.  What a surprise. :)  I do love that the school does talent shows.  I'm a fan of getting up and showing off. Can you tell?

Conner's parent teacher conference is today.  A little worried as to what I'll hear, since I'm not there to bug the teacher/spy all the time.  I hope for good things, and his grades were good, so cross your fingers. 

Mr. E is still killing scorpions in his spare time.  Just like once a week now.  Our neighbors told us we should get a blow torch, that's how all the cool kids do it.  I figure we can get one of those creme brule  ones and kill two birds.... and their scorpions....

I'm back on the weight watchers wagon.  I'll be updating my weight loss blog more frequently now, I think.  Turns out counting points is harder then not counting points.  Hoping to do it for at least a month.  Just to reset myself.

Anyone have a reset button handy that I could just use instead?  My measuring cups and scale are sure getting a workout. :)

Happy November everyone!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

How Much Fun We Had: The Star Wars Edition, take 2.

Oh man, do I love Halloween.  I just love how silly you can be, and pretend to be someone else.  There were lots of time this year that I wanted to BE someone else, but this time I got to be Princess Leia.  I was pretty distraught when I asked in my Primary class if anyone knew who she was, and they all had blank stares.  Maybe next year I should be Barbie. :)

So, here we are, ala my tripod in our front yard.

That one's the best shot, but Conner's eyes are closed.  I may see a little photoshop in my future...  He looks obviously thrilled in both of them.  Somehow I am soothing my mother feelings (being that his was the only costume I made this year) by him trying to be the stern teacher Obiwann.... right?

Our smallest Jedi sure raked in the candy.  She was adored by our neighbors (she's the smallest kid in our neighborhood right now, so it's great to be tiny, right?). 

 I must admit her enthusiasm only added to the effect.

Ok, just in case someone wants to copy me, although I wouldn't recommend it it.  Especially on this one, this sucker was hard.  I made her headpiece from a "cat" hood pattern.  I just elongated the ears, adding pipe cleaners so they'd stand out (but not hurt her if she fell).  It is lined, and I added a layer of really thick (may have used 2 layers) batting between so that I could sew in some wrinkles.  It's amazing. No?  Her robe is just a basic kids bathrobe.  Easy peasy.

Luke couldn't wipe his happy little face off.  At all....  I tried.

Spencer's outfit was a karate ghee (sp?) which I sewed.  I REALLY Wish I'd just gone to savers and gotten one, I see them there all the time, but live and learn (btw, all of these costumes, except for Conner's were sewn back in 2006, I think).  His leg wraps (which you can't really see in the photo above) are just strips of faux sued sewn together with a Velcro closure in the back and a boot cover on the bottom -- I have gotten very good at boot covers).

Ahh, Master Obiwan, you have us under your spell.... your grumpy little spell....

Conner's costume is a child's hooded robe pattern (it's a quick simplicity one) made out of a crushed velvet type material.  That material has a name, but I can't remember it.  I probably would've done something heavier, except we live in AZ... I think you could easily mistake him for a wizard with this fabric, but c'est la vie.  I made his tunic just by sewing a "sac" together, leaving holes for the arms, neck and legs and then cutting it to wrap in the front.  It was super easy and with the faux sued, it doesn't ravel so you don't have to worry about sewing hems.  Easy peasy!

Turns out, Leia just isn't a costume to look skinny in....

What is behind me?  How did my butt get so big?  Sorry for my use of butt, we don't say that at our house, but I thought it was necessary for this photo....  I lost 50 pounds since the last time I wore it.  Curses.  It's just a pattern.  I made it out of cotton.  Mistake.  That sucker wrinkles like nobody's business.  But it was cool.  Whats' done is done.

Drew could barely walk around without scaring the be-jeepers out of P.  It was kind of sad, and kind of funny.  I'd even watched a bunch of youtube clips about Darth Vader yesterday, to try to de-sensitize her.

We already had a Darth Vader voice changer, and then I made him a black cape.  I think this one's out of polyester, so I did have to hem it all.  Bother.

So, here's the yearly comparison.
Is it possible I look fatter now?  Anyway, it is amazing how the kids look like each other.  Fun how we cloned Drew like that.

Hope you all had a great Halloween!  We did, we had a great ward party, which took me almost away from the sadness of the old truck or treat and the Halloween Happening.  Life goes on, and I do believe it may get better. :) 

May the force be with you. :)


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