The Abudant Life

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I saw this month in the Ensign they were talking about having an abundant life.

Don’t you love that word?  I’d love to live as though I had an abundant life.  Lots of friends, and love, and hope.  Note, I didn’t say a lot of money, because i don’t think of money when I think of abundance — I think of things that I really care about.

We had to put a new A/C / heat system into our house over Christmas.  Yay!  As if we haven’t had enough fun this year…  But, I hope it will make the summers a bit more tolerable, and cheaper in the long run.  I think it showed that it’d save us like 20k in 20 years.  Whatever, it’s done.  BTW our old system was only 4 ton and it should be a 5 ton system… what on earth were they thinking here in AZ?

Our plan was to beg my parents for a loan, or finance it through the heating company, or get a home equity line for it.  I just didn’t think we’d be able to foot the bill on our own. 

But, after talking to my dad and getting some estimates, it turns out we did have enough cash to pay for it outright.  While I get nervous with the thought of less savings in our savings account my dad made me realize it’s smarter to get a home equity loan for backup and just have less in our savings.  So, that’s what we did.  But money is now officially tight.  Me working more just isn’t really an option.  I try to sign up for as many shifts as I can, but that comes and goes.  Drew is still 80% through the rest of the year (but is on tract to go full time next year — crossing fingers). 

As a side note, I just compiled for our taxes how much the job hunt and move ended up costing us.  It was about 10k.  Ouch.  That doesn’t include the money we lost on our house or the “moving” costs — like needing new shower curtains, etc.  Ouch.  What a pain!

Anyway, I was thinking how I still want to have an abundant life, without having to feel strapped by cash.  Frankly, I think we’ve gotten pretty good about this.  Having a few kids makes it so you’d prefer to just stay home and do something fun, rather then go to a place constrained by manners.  Manners, what are those?

So, that’s my word for 2012.  I told my kids my word is “fun” but I think I’m switching it to abundance.  I want to feel like my life has room for a lot of everything.  A lot of fun, friends, love and of course laughter.  Because what else does a person really need?

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    Love your word, Hil! I was sitting in church on Sunday and someone made a random comment about the lesson and all of a sudden one word hit me as my word for the year….CONNECT. I love how one word can say it all in your mind and help you focus on what you want to make more of a reality in your life. I’d been thinking of DELIBERATE, but now I’ve switched! Hope you feel the abundance right away! I bet you will since you’ll be looking for it! ūüėČ

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    Ugh. Moving really is so expensive…Abundant is a great word and it is so easy to think of things we don’t have, when really there is so much abundance in our lives.

  3. says

    You’ll have to tell me how this word went for you. :) Now that it’s my 2013 word, and I didn’t even remember it was your word last year!

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