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Everything can’t be roses, can it?

First off, I’m bugged by Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes.  I saw her and thought immediately of the sweet skeleton I fondled so often in my Freshman Anatomy class.  The dress was alright.  Mostly all I could think about is that she can’t have that big of boobs when you can see her entire arm join structures, and the fact that the white looked like bone.  Ew.  I guess I’m not bugged at HER per se… but I’m bugged at the “fashion” shows saying how AMAZING she looked.  I’m not saying they need to put her on the worst dressed, but maybe not saying anything at all would be best at this point.  I don’t want my little girl thinking that looking like this is pretty.  I’m grateful for my local news network who said she looked lovely, but the girl needs to EAT.  Can I get an amen?  At first glance I was worried that her calvical had sprung out of her skin and that was what the red spot was.  Phewsh, it didn’t.

Let’s see, what else has my goat….

Trying to refinance my mortgage.  Might I just say this is like the 4th time I’ve done in a mortgage in as many years.  First off I had to refi a 5 year interest only (with the same company, so that wasn’t a big deal but was still annoying, and shame on me for having an interest only loan), then I refi’d to a 30 year conventional loan, and then we moved and NOW rates are so low I’m doing it again.  I do like the money I’m going to save.  My loan payment will be under 1000 dollars.  I can’t even imagine.  Did I mention I love our loan lady, because I do.  She can do loans in many states. Call her. :)

And what else…

Oh yeah, I’m starting up a little joyshcool type dealio with some friends for our littles.  it’s always a hassle, but worth it in the end.  Honestly, it’s some of my favorite memories with my kids and I was always so glad to have gotten to know their little friends.  It’s also some of my less favorite memories, but I think I forget those parts.

So, what’s got your goat? 

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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  1. says

    In my sophomore (or junior…I can’t remember) year at UH we did a study at our school about the media’s affect on self-esteem/self-perception. It was based on both males and females and our conclusion (if it wasn’t obvious already) was that people were left feeling insecure after viewing “stars” in the media.

    I completely agree that this woman needs to eat. You look back a few decades and the women back then, i.e. Marilyn Monroe, were cruvy and beautiful. It’s the curves that is attractive…And I’m so glad my husband feels the same way ;D

  2. Burns Family says

    Not knowing how to use our snowblower, since my hubby is out of town and we finally got our first big snowstorm. It bugs me when I feel unprepared.

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