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Hey, Carli Alice over at GG2Life tagged me in a little meme.

The rules:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself in the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you’ve tagged them. Here’s my answers to her great questions:

1. What would you dare to do if you knew you could not fail?  Hmm… probably write a book.  It’s obvious that I love to write.  I just worry about it taking my entire life and then being worthless.  So, I blog. :)

2. Is money really the answer? Money, in fact — is never the answer.  I have worked full time in my life with kids and it just makes things harder, not easier.  But, money is very nice.  Very VERY nice. :)

3. What was your first car?  I never had my own car.  I married into a blue Toyota Corolla that Drew had already rolled once.  Finally we bought a white Nissan Sentra together.  Man, that was a good car…

4. Who is your favorite cartoon character?  Hmmm, I guess little orphan Annie, although I loved the movie so much I wore out the tape when I was little.  I am not big on cartoons.  I like them when they occupy my kids though. :)

5. If your life was a book, what would it be called?  duh.  Pulling curls. :)

6. What is the most times you have watched a movie?  I have watched both Beaches and Steel Magnolias at least 10 times each.  I don’t like movies, much…. but those two are the perfect thing when I’m sick or in a mood.

7. What was your childhood nickname?  Hilly.  Sad, but true.

8. What is the one thing you can not live without?  My husband.  And my kids.  We toyed with the idea of Drew moving and me staying, but I think I would’ve died.

9. Would you rather be thin or rich? Oh man…. I guess rich.  Because it’s easier to get thin then rich.  I mean, how fat would I be… I need details on this one. :)

10. How many songs have you heard with your name in it? Umm.. None.  are there any?

11. What was your most memorable childhood birthday gift?  Hmm…. I can’t really remember anything big on birthdays.  I remember when we turned 18, we got 18 presents, and even though a lot of them were kinda crappy (like spoons and bowls to move out with) it was so fun to open all of them. :)

12. What excites you about 2012?  not moving. :)
Thanks Carli, that was fun!
Oh, I was supposed to do 12 random things too….
1.  I am starting up couponing again.  I am kind of mad at myself for doing it.
2.  My phone just rang saying it was time for me to have my snack.
3.  I still text my kids teachers from CA. 
4.  I am really mad at my home warranty company.  I feel like I got horn-swangled.
5.  I messed with my blog for a good hour today.  I still want to mess with it more.  i hate myself for doing that.
6.  I have been watching Teen Mom 3 lately.  Makes me worry about P.
7.  I made awful dinner tonight.
8.  Man, this is a loser of a post right now….
9.  I re-organized my pantry on Saturday.  I feel extreme joy every time I see it.
10.  I am still thinking about that skinny or rich part.  Hmm….
11.  Did I mention I hate my home warranty company?
12.  The big finish…. umm…. walmarts are much nicer here. :)
Anyway, here’s my questions for my tag-ee’s. :)  I am going to half it though, Carli is just better then me!
1.  how do you cope with the yucky season where you live (here it’s summer, there maybe it’s winter)?
2.  Tell me something you like about me or my blog?  (I need a little self esteem boost lately)
3.  Name a movie you can quote several lines from.
4.  Least thing you like about mothering.
5.  Favorite thing about being a wife (keep it G rated, people)
6.  If you could’ve majored in anything in college, without thought to what you’d do with it afterwards, what would it have been? (mine would’ve been humanities).
And I tag….
1.  The Amazing Lara at Overstuffed — Raise your hand if you think I’m weird for never having lived in the same state as my best friend… well, since we’ve known each other. :)
2.  The Amazing Jen at Life is What you Make It — Jen teaches at my old school.  That’s right, I have a hard time letting go. :)
3.  The Amazing Keri at Laughter and Tears — she just got off an LDS mission to Guatemala, she is my hero.  Keri, feel free to  fix those questions for a single gal, as you see fit – -like what you THINK your least favorite part of being a mom will be.  I will cackle at your answers… :)
4.  The Amazing Maryanne at Making it Up As I Go — Maryanne was in my CA ward.  I miss her.  She’s snazzy.
5.  The Amazing Aubrey at A Mother Heart — my new BFF here in AZ, even though I’ve now had 2 of her kids in primary.  Poor Aubrey.
6.  The Amazing Denise at Six Down, Six to Go — she just had surgery, what could be more fun then answering some questions while in severe pain.
No pressure though ladies — I know we’re busy people. :)    Be sure to post here when you post YOURS. :)

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    You should stop being mad at yourself for things like couponing. I mean, obviously, that’s how you get rich. Be happy! :)

    I will happily answer the questions, though I am bad at propagating tags…

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