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As I was reading my journals and seeing what a GREAT year 2010 was for our family.  We had a Disney trip and we did all sorts of fun stuff in the Bay Area.  We had our visit to Utah and we got a new TV.  We just had a great year.  I felt like finally, maybe, we were going to stabilize a bit financially.  I loved it.

And then came 2011 and our own little financial crash called our move and job hunt.

And looking back, I know God gave us that year of financial prosperity in preparation for 2011.  We were careful, it’s not like we spent our last dime, but we proportionately built savings, as well as funding some fun things for our family.

And we had the money to endure what we had to, along with having built our family ties with some of our previous spending to withstand what came.

Anyway, just wanted to add that.  Our prosperity came at a price later down the road, and I’d rather be poor (or, maybe less rich is a good word, we are by no means poor) and settled. :)

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  1. says

    I feel much the same way about lessons.

    I think that I always have the amount of students I can handle, and sometimes it feels like it isn’t going to be enough financially, but somehow it always works out. And not always how I think.

    But you’re right…once we realize God takes care of us, it is so much easier to have the faith that He will continue to take care of us. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a little freak out session before I remember that I have faith. :)

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