It’s Crazy Being a Mormon

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So, I guess Newt won S.C. — crazy.

I just don’t think I could vote for him.  I literally would have to vote for Obama. 

Today, Drew opened my eyes to the fact that Newt is JUST as bad as John Edwards — he had an affair while his wife had cancer.  I despise John Edwards.  I think he’s as low as they get.  And yes, I am judging him.  Shame on me.

I also think it’s insane that the evangelical right can call him their Christian choice because Romney’s LDS, although has had a VERY strong family life and so far seems extremely upright and honest.

And honestly, I don’t think he’ll ever win.  I don’t know if I want him to.  I just don’t know.

What I do know is that Drew and I went off to get Spencer’s baptism present today.  There’s a little Mormon row area by the temple that has all your basic LDS shops nearby.  We went to the distribution center, and Seagull and Deseret Book and then Food Storage place.  It was nice.  We even picked up the little AZ LDS paper and I cackled the whole ride home at it (BTW, the DUTTONS have a theater here… hello, the Duttons… get excited, and then giggle).

And then we drove home.  To a place where we aren’t the norm. 

Gilbert and certain parts of Mesa are just like a little Utah.  It’s like going home, and then coming to our REAL home where I feel just fine.  In fact, sometimes when I’m in a space with too many mormons I get Mormon-phobia.  Like I don’t fit in.  I get nervous that I don’t have a denim dress on…

And this is a pretty random blog post, but, it’s Saturday and we gardened and I’m tired.  And it’s girls night.

Give it up for girls night, Mormon style. :)

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  1. Burns Family says

    I just don’t understand why people don’t hold their President to a higher standard. The man cheated twice, left a wife while she was suffering cancer. How can anyone think that he is someone we can trust to be our president. Yes I have strong opinions on this!

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