My Thoughts on Old Republic Home Warranties

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Just a little PSA about home warranties.  I’ve always been really pro-home warranties, but lately I’m just not.  I felt like it would protect you from the little things that might crop up around your home, but it won’t, and here’s why.

We have a toilet, that had a crack in it — didn’t leak, so no big deal.  But, lately it’s started to be a little damp in the area.  I figure we should replace it before it starts getting damp down by the playroom.

So, I call my home warranty.  Slam dunk, right?  They’ll replace the toilet.

Turns out they won’t, AND it cost me 55 bucks to find out that they won’t.  The toilet itself will be under 100 to fix (plus the cost of Drew’s back being thrown out as he hauls it up the stairs).  The plumber came and said I had to give him the 55$ before he even called them, so I did.  They denied it.  They said the toilet had been cracked due to an installation error, so they won’t cover it.

And that’s where I am 55 dollars later.

I have talked to more and more people who have just had their claims denied, or told they won’t cover it.  So far we’ve replaced an air conditioning unit, and a water softener of our own pockets.  The people they usually send out are just their puppets to make sure they pay as little as possible.  I had people to fix our AC at least 6 times before I finally threw in the towel and bought a new one.

Anyway, I’m filing this under the categories that warranties just aren’t worth it.  Ever.  Are they?  Am I wrong here?

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    We did it once, wreak ever again. If you read the fine print there are huge categories of stuff they don’t cover and they try to find every way possible to deny your claim.

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