Nut Allergy?

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I know what you’re all saying — Hilary, you ARE a nut… how can you be allergic to them?

Here’s the deal.  I try to eat nuts and some fruit most nights at about 8 pm.  I know a lot of people have a non bedtime snack ritual which they swear helps with weight loss, but when I was pregnant with P, I took the 3 hours glucose and my last one was like 31.  The dietitian said that I should NOT go more then 4 hours without eating, ever and she was appalled by the fact that I would eat at 5:30’ish and then nothing til’ 7 am.  She said it wasn’t good for my body.

I’d always felt SICK in the AM when I would eat sugar.  I mean, pregnancy throw up in the sink kind of sick.  I don’t really mean “sugar” but I mean high sugar foods.  Yogurt, grapes, oranges.  Blech!  I’d just want to die.  Now that I eat a later snack, I don’t.  I think it just helps even out the blood sugar.

Fast forward like 3 years later.  I go in stints where I’m really good with my fruit and nut snack, and then times I’m not.  It’s not something I normally do, so I actually have my alarm set on my phone to remind me to have a snack.  But, for much of December I didn’t do it.  If I overeat I don’t do it.  It just seems like overkill.

Anyway, I get canker sores like crazy when I do it.  I keep them at bay with vitamin C but they’re all over my mouth, and when I go “off” it they stop.  So, I did what all natural people do, I googled canker sores with nuts.  I used to think it was just walnuts, so I stopped eating those, but now I’ve been doing both raw almonds and pecans and it’s all just as bad.  With my google results I mostly got back that it’s from an allergy to something you’re eating.  Which, must obviously be nuts.  Actually, I also get really dry spots on my neck where I REALLY itch sometimes, drives me crazy and it’s been happening lately also.  Much more then it was before.

Anyway, does anyone have thoughts on my allergy consideration?

And then the big question, what do I fill that tiny bit of protein with that will still provide me with a healthy snack before bed?  I don’t have a problem with peanut butter, so I could do that.  Just a teaspoon full or something?  I need something small.  I was only having 6 nuts and some fruit which is only a point, so I’d like to keep it in the 1-2 point range.


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    Maybe try peanuts instead? Peanuts and tree nuts are two separate things, and the allergies are different. I’m sure lots of people are allergic to both…

    I am allergic to citrus, I only just found out last year when I was tested for food allergies. It definitely explained all the canker sores when I would drink orange juice. That is my main symptom with citrus and pineapple. So I bet it’s that, especially if they were gone when you weren’t eating the nuts. Too bad, I love almonds. :)

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    I got allergic to shrimp while I was pregnant with Blade. It was a sad time because I went back to Hawai’i for a visit and had to watch as my family ate raw fish (poke) and shrimp in front of me. Sad day.

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    Maybe a protein powder that you could just mix into a yogurt or glass of milk? You could eat a Greek yogurt, since they have a lot of protein (but the tasty ones are usually high on sugar too.) There’s always bacon :-)

    Our little Forrest was just diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy, so we’re going nut free. I indulged in peanut butter with apple slices for the last time two nights ago. I’m gonna miss my nuts, just like I miss you!

    Good luck!

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