Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo Friday: Religious

Guess who's turning eight.  And no, it's not me.  I'm practically devastated that Mr Spencer is up for baptism next month.  I'm having a harder time with it then I thought.  I guess I had imagined it all out in California, but it's here... just like the rest of our life.  I had to take him out for a little photo shoot so we could make invitaitons...  Wonder if I can find Conner's.... Ahh, yes, here it is -- during my scrapbooking time.  Does this mean I need to do something similar for Spencer?

Anyway, we'd LOVE to have a ton of attendance at Spencer's baptism.  I haven't gotten Spencer's finished or the final approval, but I'll post it when it's done.  We're really excited for our big kid.  Here's one of my favorite photos:

BUT, the big finish is our scripture from this week's FHE.  Drew and I decided, since we're studying the Book of Mormon this year in church that we'd have a lesson each month about one of the stories in the Book of Mormon, really bring it to life.  So, without further adieu.  Here is Nephi getting the brass plates.  Note:  No fathers were harmed in the making of this video presentation.


  1. So darn cute! Jane kept saying she is so cute! Can we come to your house for FHE?

  2. Cute video. I can't believe Spencer is getting baptized! He's sure grown up since we met, but somehow I still picture him about three years old.

    I like the end of the video where it look like Ms. P is going to try and mimic Spencers walk, but then gives up :-)


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