Photo Friday: Religious

Guess who’s turning eight.  And no, it’s not me.  I’m practically devastated that Mr Spencer is up for baptism next month.  I’m having a harder time with it then I thought.  I guess I had imagined it all out in California, but it’s here… just like the rest of our life.  I had to take him out for a little photo shoot so we could make invitaitons…  Wonder if I can find Conner’s…. Ahh, yes, here it is — during my scrapbooking time.  Does this mean I need to do something similar for Spencer?

Anyway, we’d LOVE to have a ton of attendance at Spencer’s baptism.  I haven’t gotten Spencer’s finished or the final approval, but I’ll post it when it’s done.  We’re really excited for our big kid.  Here’s one of my favorite photos:

BUT, the big finish is our scripture from this week’s FHE.  Drew and I decided, since we’re studying the Book of Mormon this year in church that we’d have a lesson each month about one of the stories in the Book of Mormon, really bring it to life.  So, without further adieu.  Here is Nephi getting the brass plates.  Note:  No fathers were harmed in the making of this video presentation.

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    Cute video. I can’t believe Spencer is getting baptized! He’s sure grown up since we met, but somehow I still picture him about three years old.

    I like the end of the video where it look like Ms. P is going to try and mimic Spencers walk, but then gives up :-)

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