Tell You Tuesday: Fevers

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Ok, I swear I wrote a TMI Tuesday about fevers, but apparently I didin’t.  Or, I can’t find it.  And you know what they say in the medical profession, if it isn’t written down, and you can read it and find it, it’s not done. :)

Anywho, fevers are crazy in little kids.  Isn’t it funny how you can almost see STEAM coming off their cute little bodies.

And all that is good.

Does it FEEL good? no.

But fevers are great stuff.  They show you that their body is fighting the infection.  I really don’t care unless my kids fevers go over 104.  That’s right, people — 104. 

Symptoms are a whole other story.  Neck, ear, throat pain — that’s a whole other bag of chips… but fevers alone.

P loves to get fevers, and hold onto them for extended periods of time and I’ve just learned this.  A lot of time she has no other symptoms, but she must be fighting something.  I keep expecting a rash (a lot of times, kids will get a high fever and then break out in a viral rash the next couple of days later), but nothing appears.

Anyway, it’s my advice.  My kids are also addicted to tylenol and advil.  I mean, if they have a fever, give them something to make them feel better.  But, ask your pediatrician about dosing, etc.
In fact, if you have a question, as your pediatrician as I’m just a nurse. :)  I mean, nurses run the world — but I’m JUST a nurse. :)

I will say kids fevers and adult fevers are two different things.  Kids are so small their fevers get much higher, but if you — as an adult were to hit 103 or so I’d probably head in.  That’s a pretty high one.  And if you’re pregnant I’d even say 101 I’d call your doctor.  But, I rarely get fevers anymore, maybe my kids have just taken the fight out of me. :)

My two cents for the day.  Hope it helps someone. :)

ETA:  Newborns shouldn’t have fevers.  Ever.  Anything over 100 should be taken to the doctor until they’re at least 2 months.  Even up til’ about 4 months I get nervous.  Just FYI. :)

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  1. says

    Fevers, I’ve learned, are one thing that I can handle. My kids have a rare condition (which I can’t even name, because I can’t remember it.) where they can’t regulate their body temperatures. In the last two years, we’ve had TWO kids in the E.R. for temps over 106. Em was 106.5 and Allison was – for real – 107.2! The triage nurse thought her thermometer was broken. They packed Emily in ice packs for three hours to lower the temp since tylenol wouldn’t do it.

    Luckily though, they’ve never had any serious reactions to those fevers. No brain damage, no seizers, usually nothing else wrong that we could find. A virus that goes away on it’s own. At about 101 we have to start round-the-clock tylenol/advil for a few days. Somehow though, I never panic. Blood makes me panic, fevers make me hug them and feel bad :-(

    I learned when they were really little that a fever is the body’s way of cooking out the virus that’s causing an infection.

    BTW, you did do a fevers post. I remember it. I just don’t know how to search on your blog, but it was an in depth post with advice that was helpful to me then :-)

  2. Irene says

    I think way too many doctor visits are “caused” by fevers. Thank you for throwing out that 104 number, Hilary, because people trust you as the RN.

    Fevers can come from overstimulation or dehydration, or from simple colds, or serious illness. Fever in infants under 3 months, more caution, I’d call doctor. Three to six months, a bit more likely to call doctor. Older babies/kids/adults, I treat it.

    I avoid Tylenol, but use Advil if the person with the fever is too uncomfortable or can’t sleep. Usually I don’t want to quickly wipe out a fever because higher body temp increases effectiveness of white cells, which kill the viral and bacterial infections. I agree with Angie that the fever is “cooking out” the infection. I get concerned if fever rises rapidly, and if the accompanying symptoms are more serious.

    There are lots of gentle ways to decrease discomfort and slowly lower a fever. I typically use “Temp Assure” herbal tincture and a priesthood blessing. Easiest to use, since I can’t always talk my kids into a bath or herbal tea, or whatever. :) My favorite book since having kids: Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, by Zand, Rountree, and Walton. Lots of good info and tips for conventional, herbal, homeopathic, nutritional, and accupressure treatments.

    I could go on and on it seems, and I already did, so I won’t anymore. 😉

  3. Krista says

    YES YES, you helped me! I about DIED when Jaxon’s fever was 104, I thought for sure he had brain damage…
    seriously… I shouldn’t have 3 young kids, I have no idea what i’m doing. Your right, nurses do rule the world!!

  4. says

    Yes, I definitely need a little more spring in my life. :)

    I am using the light…I’d probably be dead if I didn’t. The sun actually came out an hour ago and it’s lovely. That boosts spirits, too.

    My kids don’t get fevers often. When they do, they have pneumonia. seriously. What is up with that?

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