What Would You Do Wednesday: Cell Phones

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Ok, this is where you help me with my life.  It’s been a long year and now I’m just trying to get around to a few things that could use some fixing or updating.

Today’s question

There are a few times where I think it would be REALLY helpful for my oldest to have a cell phone, or at least have an “extra” phone that we can hand out in those cases.  I just think cell phones have so many negatives to them…. what can I do?  Conner is 11, he’s in 6th grade and has a moderate amount of “extra” activities.

What have you done, or seen others doe that was smart, or have you seen/done something that didn’t work?

Give me the skinny.

oh, and before you don’t notice it, and I forget — I wrote about a good Today Show segment on willpower on my workout blog.

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    My friend, the mother of Bria’s best friend, has an extra phone that her kids use when they are going to be at an extracurricular or a friend’s house.

    A TON of Bria’s friends have had cell phones since 4th grade. I don’t love the texting stuff that goes on that I have heard about.

    I’ve thought about this a bit, and I think we might get a go phone soon that we can just put minutes on as needed and only give it to her when we need her to have it. And block texting.

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    My kids seem to always be the last one of their friends to get a cell phone, and mean mom that I am, I was just fine with that.

    My older girls didn’t get a phone until they started driving, and we thought we would do the same with my son. However, when he started borrowing friends’ phones to call us to come pick him up from band practice and/or basketball practice, we realized that he needed his own.

    It has been great for both him and us. He knows it is our prerogative to have full access to his phone, so he is really good at not abusing the privilege of having one.

    My 13-year old daughter would LOVE a phone, but, in reality, she has no need for one other than to socialize, and for that she can pick up our home phone or talk to them in person. :)

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    Allie is younger than Mr. C, but we’re starting to talk about the same thing. Adding a phone to a family plan is usually pretty cheap, and there are ways to limit or remove texting from an individual line. I think we’ll end up getting one that we can pass out when the kids are away at play dates or extracurricular stuff and otherwise keep locked up. Knowing my little ones, we’ll need to put it on a string around their neck so it doesn’t get lost. We don’t have a land line, so if I ever want to leave Allie at home while I run a quick errand, I need to have a phone for her to use in an emergency.

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