Why I Am Going to be Happy Today

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Yesterday our appraisal for our home refi came back at 15% less then the appraisal that we had less then a month ago, which was just about the same as the one we got 7 months ago — which seems appropriate for market.  This appraisal did ALL repossessed properties and one short sale listing.  I really think it’s unfair and I am now out 460 for it with no lower mortgage payments.  We are going to try to fight it, but I don’t have high hopes.  It seems unfair that the bank gets to pick someone they want that can just pick a low number to make the bank happy and use them again.

And I wanted to rip heads off.  Between that and my leaky toilet, and not working (they did want me to work this morning, RIGHT when Drew is gone… nice)  I’m just not my chipper self.

But I decided that this is just part of life, and 500 bucks isn’t worth a ruined day.

And I made myself be happy.

I mean, I wanted to SCA-REEM at my kids, but I didn’t.  I held it together, and sang opera when they were tattling so I couldn’t hear them (taking a page from Lara).  They all thought that was hilarious.

We got through cleaning the house, we even washed the car and we’ll be off to the park at some point.

Because we are meant to have joy.  Stupid toilets, appraisals and work set totally aside.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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