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I’ve watched Rick Santorum with his loving homeschooling ways.  And frankly, I’m wondering who’s homeschooling his kids while his wife is out on the campaign.

Because, really — if you home school it can be completely perfect.  P and I had one such morning.  For, you see, I home school — but only until the state takes it over for me.  I am big on lessons.  There are so many fun things to do with preschoolers.  The thing is, most everything IS learning for them.  It’s not like I can take Conner and say, “this is a measuring cup, we’re going to get a cup of flour, look at the flour, isn’t it white and funny?”  He wouldn’t be amused, and he certainly wouldn’t be learning what he needs to learn.  But, with P, she totally IS!

We did her workbooks, we did flashcards and some sounding out.  She did a musical instrument puzzle, and then she did some Hello Kitty stickers we found at Walmart last week.  Then, we read a book together, she sounded out some words.  One of the big words in the book was Hippopotamus.  Try sounding THAT one out!  Then, I thought that she hasn’t really seen a hippo, at least not lately, so we found some great youtube clips about Hippo’s.  I liked this one about baby Trent, although P didn’t like the hippo opening his mouth so very wide.  My little girly girl.

Then, we went outside and did a little weeding.  P does great at picking up any leaves that fall off as I’m heaving the giant weeds out of our rocky soil (not a favorite about AZ).

Then, we played some cootie together.  I’m not particularly sure she “got” it — but she had fun building the little bug and learning how to roll the die.  I have a good friend who’s been pinning a ton of really cool preschool activities on her pintrist account.  Lots of cool ways to work on fine motor skills.  I’m excited to try some of them out.

Anyway, I sometimes stare at her and think, “what can I do” so I wanted to write down some of what we do.  To be clear, many days are NOT this fun.  I can, at max, only get lessons in about 3 times a week.  Of course, she’s always talking and learning, but sit down lessons are sometimes hard to fit around all the other stuff.

The thing is, she IS my job.  I’m home to be with HER, so I need to prioritize that over other things.  Like blog writing. :)

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