I hate it. :)

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I’m perusing my blog today and so many things are just bugging me.  I had to get it off my chest:

1.  I hate packets of FHE stuff.  I mean, if you can’t figure out SOMETHING your family needs help with, maybe you don’t need FHE.  I mean, we could hold a weekly one about not lying, but I try to branch out.  I sometimes post our FHE’s here, but I hope people aren’t following them word for word — just sparking ideas of their own. 

2.  I also hate things that try to make money off the church.  Like family home evening packets.  Is anyone sensing a theme here?  We, on the other hand, are doing a heart attack like I saw on 71 toes…  Drew is also teaching a lesson on the 2nd article of faith.  Lucky him.

3.  Turns out, asparagus takes like twelve million years to actually grow.  Ok, like 3 or 4 years.  And it also turns out that I may have planted mine upside down.  I totally read the directions and followed them.  I am bitter.  I need ot figure out somewhere I can plant them, that it won’t take up precious squre foot garden space….

4.  I hate it when people don’t show remorse.  Like you’re ruining something you’ve done for them, and the’yre like — huh.  Not even a sorry.  I MEAN, HOW HARD IS IT TO BE SORRY?  not that hard, especially you can even just say it and not really mean it.  Not that I’d ever do that…. but you can. :)

Ok, I’m back to being peppy and positive.  Just had to get those off my chest.

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    I hate the whole won’t say sorry thing, too. Do some people actually think they’re always right? That’s what I want to know!!! (Not that it’s been bugging me lately. . . )

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