Miracle Monday: A Year in Review

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Yesterday we watched our family movie.  I publish one every year, just using windows movie maker.  This year’s was a more emotional process then usual.  I was forced to look at our goodbye party, video of our old house.  Just a lot of stuff I was kind of trying to forget.  I had, also, already made the movie for the first part of the year before we moved (I try to stay caught up so I don’t have a ton to do at the end of the year).

As I watched I thought I’d be really sad at all the changes and things that had gone wrong, or right.  But instead I found myself realizing what a GREAT year 2011 was for our family.  In my head I’d chosen to focus on all the wrong things, when instead I should’ve realized everything that had gone RIGHT.

We had a GREAT mid-winter break, exploring some of our favorite things around the bay area.  During spring break we went to Yosemite and had a GREAT vacation.  It was SO well needed after stressing about the job hunt, we were cut off from electronics.

Sure, the next few months are a bit foggy, but I realized that I really tried to keep things as stable for the kids as possible.  I don’t think I really thought I was, at the time, but I did.  We did fun things for April Fools, they had a great end of school year and we did a few fun things before we left town.

Now they have a much bigger house. We saw pictures of their old bedroom, with all 3 crammed in there.  It’s a welcome relief to have P in her own room.

Then there was the trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon where we mixed old and new friends.  What a blessing.

So, what I’m trying to say is that we had an amazing year, full of SO many blessings. While I chose to focus on the parts that left me sad, I shouldn’t have. 

We are all so, so blessed.

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