Mormon Health Code

The Ensign has a great article this week about the Word of Wisdom, which is an awkward way to say the health code that the Mormon church teaches us to live by.

For a long time I have felt that much of the no tea/coffee thing boiled down to the fact that we don’t want anything that gives us an addiction — something we can’t live without.

But this article had another good point:

Those who misuse legal or illegal drugs need to seek help so their bodies can become clean again and free from addiction. A clean body is more receptive to the Holy Ghost.

I think most people would agree with this.  I think people who are wrapped up in any type of addiction just have a MUCH harder time making good choices.  Period.

Just another little fact about Mormons.

Another fact is that Josh Powell left the church a long time ago, although I think his wife still practiced before she went missing/died.  I remind myself it’s not for me to judge or want to beat the tar out of him.  I’m fairly sure he will be living with his misery for a long time.  My hope is that his wife and his children have eternal happiness, to make up for what they lived through here on earth.

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I hate it. :)


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