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Sure, my post from Saturday was all sunshine and roses about moving.  But, as I hear about people thinking of quitting their current job and moving I almost go into convulsions.  There is a lot at stake…

1.  Job finding expenses.  On our tax returns it shows that it cost over 3,000 dollars to look for a new job.  That’s a lot of last minute plane fare, both for myself and Drew.  Lisencing in a few states, to show that you are serious, hotels, rental cars… the whole nine yards.

2.  Moving.  It was just about 6k for the whole move.  That includes the movers (and frankly, we thought about getting Uhaul, but when you’re adults with 3 kids Uhauls just aren’t big enough, and even if they were they get to be SO expensive you’re not saving enough to really make it worth it), the cost of gas to get here, having a hotel for a few nights.  That doesn’t even include all the house selling and buying issues.  RE-diculous

**I have a firm testimony that God gave us many years of prosperity to get us ready for this move.  We had a good 3 months savings (and in CA that is a fair amount) with even some wiggle room.  Let’s just say we don’t now. :)  God prepares many things, and I think that was one of them.

3.  Schools.  There’s just a lot to getting your kids in the school you want, and the right classes and all that jazz.  I don’t think I was adequately prepared for ALL that schools would entail.  Being gifted, getting in the right programs.  It was a lot, and thankfully it all just kind of fell into place, but it could have gone terribly wrong. It’s just not something you can find out on Great Schools…

I don’t think that anyone jumps into moving lightly.  I am sure that most people understand that it will be really painful and full of heart-ache, but I don’t think I really had my head around ALL that would happen in 4 months.  How much money we would lose (we also lost about 13k on our house, plus paying the realtors and inspections, etc), how it would hurt to think of California even MONTHS after the move.  All those things.

This was obviously something we were forced into.  I doubt it would’ve happened if we didn’t have the driving force of Drew not having a job.  People who do it just based on a feeling probably have more willpower then I do.

And life goes on, even in the dessert. :)

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    Yes, there are so many things at stake in moving. For me, in moving, we should consider many factors such as the environment and the comfort where we are settling. We need to thing hundred of times before moving…

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