Boys Adrift, how my kids are all different….

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I think what I mainly learned from Boys Adrift (which I finished last night, that’s right ANOTHER book!) was that each child is different, and as much as our society wants to pretend that boys and girls are just the same they aren’t.  They just are not.

I’m really happiest when our schools diversify their learning techniques, or skill levels.

Because EVERY child is different, which is why they EACH have their own parents.

And yes, this is a turn that finger right around from the schools.  It’s YOUR job to raise your child.

And mine.  I mean, it’s  my job to raise my kids.

I do think my boys need to get outdoors more.  I really need to get on getting them new bikes.  I need to get on Craigslist….

I think healthy competition is good.  As much as Siblings without Rivalry steered me against competition, I think that competition on things that are more quantitative might be good for them.  Or even competition against themselves.  I’ve been doing that with Conner, us checking his scores each week and seeing if he “beat” them from the last week.  It seems to help.

But, the morale of this story is to read the book, to parent EACH child how they need to be parented and then try your hardest.

Also, don’t give them plastic water bottles. :)

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    I am always trying to tone down competition in my house too but I like the idea of competing against yourself! I think, for me, I really decided to repent and be more supportive of things like scouting. Places where they get to be with boys and feel like they are accomplishing something important and making a bigger deal of the things they do well since it seems to be important to boys. I am also even more thankful for the priesthood and how it works now. I am glad they all meet together as “men” at the beginning and have men leaders and do “men” things like forgetting everything and waiting till the last minute to plan everything :) My oldest just turned 12 and he really thinks he is “not a kid anymore.” I can totally see some of the things he talked about with boys becoming men by behavior and not physical maturity.

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    I think that the book emphasizes that team competition is what is good and makes you work harder. He also says individual competition (one on one) is not healthy. So team sports is good. But competing against yourself is definitely good too.

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    Hey Hilary!
    I’ve been thinking about you, because I’m planning Shawn and Emily’s wedding shower at school. We are doing a Cinco de Mayo theme. : )

    Also, I’m doing an Easter Basket link-up on my blog this week. I hope you’ll join in!!

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