Bye-Bye Netflix?

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I’m starting to get my heart set on leaving netflix.

And getting amazon prime.

Anyone here have thoughts on that?  I noticed Amazon doesn’t have Fineas and Pherb… which would be a downgrade from the younger male sector in our abode.


Seriously.  Thoughts?

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    We left Netflix when they changed their pricing and never looked back. We have DirecTv though, but with as little tv as we let them watch, they are actually behind on watching their favorited DVRd shows. They’re LOVING the new Ninjago show. Each kid has two or three favorite shows they record. It works well for us.

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    We love our Netflix! Between that and free Redbox codes we see all the movies and shows we want. The only ones I am missing are Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney channel and Sister Wives. And we watch a TON of tv with no cable. Between Netflix, Hulu, and another site we like to watch shows on, all hooked up to our tv through a laptop, we’re pretty set.

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    We just got a great deal on prime since we are students so I have been thinking about the same thing. You can put your account at Netflix on hold. We just did that for 2 months. If we find we miss it then we can come back but if we dont then we will cancel it completely.

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