Thursday, March 01, 2012

Happy, Happy, Happy

Well, as I near the end to QUITE a crapola day I was given this question to blog about:

How do you teach the children in your life happiness?

I had a nice giggle at that question's expense.  Sorry question.

But, true happiness is all I want for my kids.  I mean, if my kids end up really, and truly happy I think I will have done my job.  So, how do I teach them to find that happiness?  I guess, in a few ways.

1.  Happiness is something you decide.  I think that's something they learned on this little move.  We could've easily been really depressed and sad about our move, but we jumped right into the new ward and the new school.  That is something we decided.  So far, they all are pretty good about deciding to be happy, but we haven't hit puberty yet.  I'm banking on the teach them while they're young philosophy.

2.  Teach them true happiness.  I think a lot of kids think happiness is doughnuts or playing wii -- but I want my kids to know that actual happiness is a lot more.  A WHOLE lot more.  I try and point it out when we're doing something that really makes us all happy. 

3.  Wickedness never was happiness.  If they're really unhappy, they need to figure out why.  A lot of that comes through soul searching, and I believe in talking with God.  You sometimes need a course correction to find real happiness.  Or sometimes you need to eliminate things that are tying you to saddness.

So, I guess that's how we get happy around here.  What do you do at your house?

You can read more of the happy discussion at, or even enter the sweepstakes.

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