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Well, on my trip that never ends (which, has sadly ended) I read a book.

I’m fairly sure you’ve all read it.

You all loved it.

And I did too.

But I had a few minutes where my eardrum was exploding on the plane to really think about what I’d read.  To really think about why I loved it, and how it changed me.

I think it made me think about how I feel at work sometimes.  I definitely feel like “The Help” at work sometimes.  It’s annoying, as I’m there in an entirely professional duty, but they want their juice NOW, and with no ice.  Little do they know all the thoughts about their and their baby’s health that swim in my head.

But it was no different for Aibileen.  She was a professional raiser.  She knew how to raise children, and did it with such pi-zazz.  Made me want to be a better child raiser myself!

So, in the end I had two thoughts.

1.  I need to be nicer to everyone.  Be it the waiter, or the nurse, or the person attending me at the store.  I actually pride myself on feeling like we are all on a pretty even level — all of us, and I am grateful for anything you do for me, be it bag my groceries or check my cervix or wipe my crumbs.  Thank goodness, I didn’t have to do it myself.  I think it truly “told” about those women.  How some truly did treat their “help” like family.  I loved the heart warming ones of how they REALLY helped him, and how the help really helped the white women. 

2.  I need to realize that what I am doing IS a job.  Me, teaching P to be good and kind is a job.  I can’t, nor do I want to, turn that onto someone else.  I just loved how she loved that age of children.  I do too… but I think all mothers everywhere could take a note from her on this one.

I loved the book, I haven’t seen the movie but I hope to.  If you haven’t read it I can’t recommend it more.  It will catch you in the first page.  It’s great.

It sure did make me want to read more.  Next on the docket is Vodnik.

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