Friday, March 09, 2012

Poor Parenting: Wrap-Up

Here's the sad news. I think most of us have a hard time giving our best efforts all the time.  I guess I'd be happy if he gave like 90% most of the time.

Not sure how to do that.

I doubt I'll not be yelling, or still planning my life to every inch'ish.

So, what I try to remind myself is that these kids came to me for a reason.  There is something specific I can do for these 3 that other kids don't need as much of.  Which, means I am likely to be doing some things right...

Here's a few of those things, possibly...

1.  Involved.  You can't say I'm not involved in their lives.  I help in the classrooms, I work in primary, I am always around.  I try not to helicopter.  I think I am slowly getting better at that.
2.  They're hard workers.  I'm always impressed, when we are at a service project, how my kids work.  They do a great job.  At home, maybe not so much -- but they know how to get stuff done.
3.  They have an appreciation for a lot of things.  I try to delve into a lot of issues, social, humanities, humanitarian.  I talk a fair amount about the people I meet at work and the situations they get into.  Even though we, personally, don't live in those situations I think they have an understanding of how choices get you places.  I'm rambling....
4.  They know how to make a plan.  I think my kids, by watching me, really know how to plan something out -- if they get the notion to do it.

But, who would want to?

I will say that I had a REALLY gross room growing up.  It was my thing.  I didn't do drugs or get pregnant, I just had a messy room, which in the grand scheme of things isn't so bad....

So, what do you do great as a parent?  I challenge you to name 5 things on your blog.
And be sure to stay tuned for our big SCU Liberation day celebration tomorrow on Pulling Curls! :)

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