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The video game thing is actually helping, I think.

My ban has pretty well electronics.  If they choose a program, that’s included in the time.  If Drew and I choose a program it is not included in that time.  Add to that the wii, their DS’s and the computer.  They get an hour.

I’ve actually seen toys and games played with.  It makes me happy.

Did I mention I have a whole room downstairs devoted to playing that didn’t get a whole lotta use before?  Besides P, that girl loves to P.  The boys even played Candyland with her last week.  Feel. the. joy.

I love the Boys Adrift book, I think I’m going to read the girls one as soon as I can.

Melissa had asked what I think about the whole hormone thing… and honestly, I think there’s something to it.  Water that’s been in plastic water bottles for a long time doesn’t taste right, and cooking things in plastic doesn’t taste right either…

Last year I bought all glass dishes to store our leftovers in, at least if they’re going to be microwaved.  I try to make sure that water bottles we use often are BPA free, and I certainly have bought less of the disposable water bottles.
I think about it before I microwave things, mostly about what type of plate it’s on, etc…. that’s about it.

I think more of it is poor parenting and not giving our kids some motivation, rather then blaming it on environmental things.  I’m sure the environment has had plenty of issues all through time, but the main thing I can change is my own behavior.

Has anyone else read the book, and have thoughts?

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    I haven’t read the book, but I completely agree with you! That’s how we’re raising our daughter and any other children we’re blessed with. Way to go!


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