Saturday, April 21, 2012

Are you Christian: Neil L Anderson

This week's talk was entitled "What Thinks Christ of Me?" -- but I'm entitling it, "am I christian?"

Because, as I've suspected all along, the fact of if you ARE or are NOT a Christian comes from one person, and one person alone.  You're self.  Your true self, the one that knows your heart and what you're REALLY thinking.  Well, that and Christ... but I think we all know when we're being Christian.

It was a good week for that.  I had all sorts of negative thoughts and feelings about people.  None of you, just people in general.  Like, Kate Gosselien, and Dooce... just me judging people, or being so glad I wasn't them because I made SUCH better life decisions.

But, frankly -- that's not Christian.  Christ wouldn't do that, would he?  I bet it was perpetual loving thoughts about people.  That's what made him Christ.

The truth is, some days, in fact -- most days, I am very Christian.  And the sad truth is that some days I am not, and I need to work on that.

What about you, are you Christian?

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