The Biggest Losers are Losers

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Sure, they probably meant the title to be funny, but in reality this year THEY ARE LOSERS.  With a big ol’ capital L on their foreheads. 


SPOILER, if you didn’t watch this week’s yet (and I haven’t watched it all I have only watched the first 1/2 an hour), and don’t want to know what happens — stop reading!

So, they all get mad and say “it isn’t fair” that they’re pulling the “curve” that former contestants can come back and win a spot to be in the finals.  Maybe they didn’t see ALL THE OTHER SEASONS WHEN THEY DID THE EXACT SAME FREAKING THING?  I mean, there was that one guy who got engaged with that one girl.  Uh huh, you all know who I’m talking about.

But, then I started to think about all the things I learned about gratitude a few weeks ago.  And these are truly the most un-gracious contestants I’ve ever seen.  I mean, they’ve been to Hawaii and the white house, they fed and clothed them for weeks on end, not to mention all the equipment and trainers.  Yup, your life is pretty darn awful.

I loved it when they brought in the lawyer, and helped us all to see how ludicrous these people are being.

It’s the perfect example of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

I think I’m gonna have my kids watch it.

See their tantrums live, right there on national TV. :)

I’ve hated the whole season.  It seems, after I posted something on facebook, that most people do too.

What do you guys think?  I mean, I hate getting yanked around my “curves” but it comes with show, but also with life.  Does make me wonder if these 2 will gain it all back (I am also surprised Conda didn’t go with them, because I really dislike her… but felt a little more love towards her when she stayed).  Who do you want to win?

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    I was also surprised Conda didn’t go, but I think she’s just a follower and stayed cuz her brother did. I’ve wanted Kim to win for a long time. Her ‘before’ video stuff last night blew me away! She has busted her buns while being on the “outs” with the cool kids all season. I think it was o.k. for them to freak out a little….like we all do when life throws us something we don’t like…but in the end only three could see their way through their tunnel vision. Fair? Sure it was! Outlined in their contract, common practice for all past seasons….they just didn’t LIKE their circumstances, and like you said, threw a tantrum. Stupid and totally ungrateful and selfish.

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