Current Favorite Things About Little Girls

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Some people might not know this, but I used to be an ENTIRELY boy mom.  I did trucks, dinosaurs, the whole nine yards.  I got nervous around pink…

I know, that was so 3 years ago. :)

Anyway, my current favorite thing about having a little girl is reading with her.  My boys wouldn’t read a Laura Ingalls Wilder book if I bribed them with chocolate, but last night I read Madeline with princess P.  She loved it.  I loved it.

There’s so many great little girl books.

Do you have a favorite?

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    Oh, I have too many! But, the first ones that come to mind are Heckedy Peg, Miss Rumphius, Olivia, and A Bad Case of Stripes. I could go one, but have you read any of those? They are favorites in our family.

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    Umm, well, I do like them alot. Especially Joel & Lara’s. Your’s is particularly adorable too. And I love to buy girl gift’s for baby showers. other than that-I’m clueless!

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    These are too old for your Miss P. But I was soo excited when we were able to enter the world of Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume. We’ve read and enjoyed several of the Ramona books. Now we are on to Fudge books – so funny! We also do American girl books – we like the girl of the year, modern day tales. I like them as much as my seven year old! (Maybe more..)

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