Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Day in the Life of April

How is April almost over?  I feel like I was just in Utah in March.  I hate how time marches faster each year.

I read a great piece over at the Power of Moms this morning and was reminded that I haven't done it "What's Up" piece for the blog, and I am sure once I am super old and blogs are holographic I will miss those pieces....  I doubt you will, but sometimes I enjoy reading other people's lives, just finding out that my kids are normal or remembering things my kids did when they were a certain age....

Princess P is going to be 3 any day now.  HOW ON EARTH DID THAT HAPPEN?  It seems like just yesterday I was writing about how we couldn't get pregnant, mostly to stop the questions.  Here my little bundle of joy is no longer a baby.  She holds on to her crib with a fierceness to rival Tyra Banks.  I'm telling her that once she's three she's going to need to sleep in her big girl bed.  We'll see if that works out.  I probably love her crib as much as she does.  And then, what to do with the crib when she's out of it?  She is truly amazing.  She loves her fashion, she LOVES to dress up lately.  Yesterday she went from a fairy to an elephant in a blink of an eye.  She loves her "square crackers" (wheat thins) and does NOT want any circle crackers (ritz).  She still loves to cuddle and watch TV and drink milk when she wakes up.  She loves her fairy pullups from Walmart.  She loves to tell you what store she bought things at, as if it was Nordstroms.  Just yesterday I got her a puzzle while we were at Goodwill and she came in the house screaming she "GOT A PUZZLE FROM GOODWILL".  I love that she loves Goodwill.  Think that will last?  I have been sick all week and she's been missing her lessons.  I love that little bundle of curls.  I wish I could freeze her.

Mr Middle is the biggest whiny-bo-baggins I've ever seen lately.  I wish I could rip out his tonsils every time I hear "CONNER" come out of his mouth.  There is constant fighting, mostly on his end.  He's choosing to be bugged by EVERYTHING.  P touched his toy, C is whistling, or humming, or breathing to loud.  I sent in his "environmental" form for school last week.  This forced me to sit and think about him.  I realized that maybe I don't think ENOUGH about him.  I worry about the Marsha, Marsha, Marsha syndrome.  Maybe he needs to spend more time with me.  But, back to school -- I basically asked for a super fun class.  I need him to break out of his shell a bit, grow up a bit.  I can't believe he's going into 3rd grade, he's still so little.  Still a money grubber, he wouldn't spend more then 5 bucks on Princess P's present, even though he has over 20 available.  Maybe he's saving it all for my birthday. :)  Still, he found her something great.  He sure does love her.  They have been playing together a lot lately, feeding off of each other's baby talk.  Blech, so tired of baby talk.  I wish I could stop it.

El Presidante is the lucky owner of a new bike.  One of our ward members/blog readers read that we were looking for a new one for him, so we could upgrade everyone's bike status's.  They were sweet enough to offer a REALLY GREAT bike at an amazing price.  It's his early birthday present, and he is ecstatic.  It's just a bit too big but I see him growing into it in a blink of an eye.  We have a ton of great bike trails around here.  Excited for him.  Any idea how he could strap his trumpet to his bike for a ride to school?  School is actually {phewsh} going much, much better.  He toys with all A's, often being .4% away in one or more classes.  He is intrinsically thrilled with the changes.  As am I.  I'm glad that he's found inner motivation for this.  I thought about paying for grades, but he didn't need that.  He was almost as disappointed in himself as I was at the beginning of the year.

Life goes on around here.  I still think, many times daily, of the turmoil I was going through last year.  I'm amazed that things happened so fast.  It seemed to be in slow motion at the time, but life is so terribly perfect, even with all of the craziness and imperfections of it all.  April, I sure have enjoyed your brief stay!

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